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poisu555 and Kaiserwill

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The ancient Minerfriends mod remastered with tons of new additions!

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To celebrate Steve getting in smash, i've ported and remastered Minerfriends by Poisu555. Minerfriends unfortunately being made in 2012 was a very dirty plugin, with many of it's cool features not being used to their full potential. I've fixed a multitude of problems with the original, introduced a few new features i think everyone will enjoy, and fleshed out the already created NPCs.

Here's a small list of the new features
  • Small dungeon with bossfight and minecrafty rewards
  • Improved steve and stevefan followers
  • Summonable skeletons and saddled pigs
  • A new Enderman mage companion
  • Villager with a robbable secret stash in Steve's home
  • Minecraft mobs located in a few vanilla dungeons
  • Mob masks with special effects
  • Iron, Gold, Diamond and Netherite swords & pickaxes
  • New easter eggs in steve's home
  • Steve is thicc
  • Funny dog (WIP)

    As of update 1.4
  • Two handed variants of all swords
  • 20 new types of minecraft cakes with unique effects can be baked in a hearthfire oven and found scattered across skyrim
  • Alex is now a follower, she uses the new two handed swords
  • A rouge gang of Herobrine's conspirators can be found in the ratway, led by an illager fence who will buy stolen goods
  • For a fresh install of the mod, there will be a new way to aquire the enderman companion
  • General texture improvements to Steve's House


Poisu555, for making the original mod
LoganZezima2, for the base sword and pickaxe mesh & textures i edited into my own
Ghos71y, for all around help working the ck and fixing various bugs during development
Predence00, for helping me get a certian smashing of brothers easter-egg working
Jorayd, for the froggy chair mesh
MinecraftEinstein, for the cake assets

Check out Minecraft moon for more minecraft themed content in skyrim, it works fine in the special edition