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This fixes extreme fps drops introduced with "Distinct Interiors" by replacing the poorly optimized custom meshes with reworked models.

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The sudden, huge fps drops that come with Distinct Interiors are now gone.

Without this patch, almost all interiors touched by DI will be very laggy and extremely demanding for your system.
This effect is relatively independant from your specs. Even 2080ti users experienced heavy fps drops. So this fix is absolutely needed!

The new models added by DI are almost completely replaced with optimized meshes. In detail, the collusion boxes have been readjusted and reworked to ensure a smooth gameplay experience. That's necessary, because the collusion boxes from DI are insanely detailed – you can compare it to using 16k textures for a small object.
Well, you definitely don't want collision meshes with a resolution of individual atoms.

But how many fps do you win?
- You'll gain up to 50 fps! Yes, the drops were insane. This allows you to play a stable 60 fps again.

Optional SMIM barrel replacer addon:

Now these barrels aren't filled with tomatoes, potatoes and cabbages anymore, instead they share the beautiful & simple SMIM model.
The wood textures are of higher quality as well as the mesh. All in all you just win.

Installation and Load Order:
1. Original Mod is needed, feel free to give Sokkvabekk an endorsement if you like his awesome work!
2. Simply install this patch with your favorite mod manager and pick your options in the installer.
3. Sort your load order via LOOT.

4. Using a mod to fix all the other bugs in Distinct Interiors is highly recommended! Distinct Interiors - Fixes is the most popluar one.
    Alternatively, if you prefer a patch that removes less objects and stays closer to the original mod, you can use this patch (removed player homes &
    Thieves Guild) or that hotfix (everything included). But you still need this mod for the FPS fix.

Growl - Werebeasts of Skyrim potentiated these fps issues in combination with Distinct Interiors, due to an activate perk. 
--> Growl now received an update (v.2.1.0+) fixing incompatabilities that occur when using Distinct Interiors and Growl together!

The patches are compatible with everything.
The plugins are super lightweight and flagged as ESPFE. Enjoy!

SMIM and Noble Skyrim are strongly recommended.

If you have any suggestions or feedback please leave a comment!

My other mods:
Opulent Thieves Guild - FPS Fix
Armor Variants Expansion - Patch Collection

Thank you Sokkvabekk for Distinct Interiors
Thank you mnikjom for Distinct Interior - Fixes
Thank you LordKhaox123 for your amazing help!
Thank you TMushS for your brilliant work!
Thank you Bethesda for Skyrim SE