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Rebuild a farm, hire workers, grow crops, and earn gold!

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Heljarchen Farm (Revamped)

Rebuild a farm, hire workers, grow crops, and earn gold!

Heljarchen Farm is a player-owned farm that allows you to rebuild a once-abandoned property into a functional farming business. Restoring the farm to its former glory will reward the player with income every day and the ability to harvest crops grown on the farm fields. The farm can even be upgraded further with the construction of a small meadery and guardhouse, allowing you to earn gold from a meadery operation, with guards protecting your goods against thieves.

As the name suggests, the farm is located within The Pale next to Heljarchen Hall and the Loreius Farm.

Cleaned with SSEEdit.

New Features

New Structures

New buildings have been added to construct:

Stone Wall around the property
Alchemy Store (Earn gold or stockpile ingredients/potions)
Alchemy Greenhouse (Additional Planters)
Cavern (Additional planters and housing for a brewer, alchemist, maid, and two additional guards)
Manor (Housing for the Dragonborn)

Overhauled Construction System

The construction system used in Hearthfire (and Windstad Mine) has been implemented.  No longer will you have to deal with the clunky menu system with the old version of this mod.  Also includes a procurement system to obtain Hearthfire building materials (Sawn Log, Goat Horns, Glass, etc.)

Revamped Business System

Similar to Windstad Mine, a similar system has been implemented - you can now trade goods for gold, or stockpile goods for use in your adventures (food, alchemy ingredients, potions)


Collect materials gathered in the province of Skyrim to repair a derelict farm, or hire construction workers to do the job for you.

Grow plants and crops
Use the farmyard to grow food for your travels. This can be useful for mods such as Realistic Needs and Diseases - use grown food to . A repaired meadery meanwhile can provide a nice source for your own brewed mead as well.

Earn Gold or Stockpile Produce
Choose whether to profit from your farm, meadery, and alchemy store... or fuel your adventures with its produce.  Order your workers to trade produced goods for gold to fund your adventures, or stockpile grown ingredients for personal use.

Proudly show your affiliation with the Stormcloaks or Imperials around the farm, or fly a more simple banner around your farm for decoration.

Compatibility and Requirements

Requires Skyrim Special Edition.

This mod will not be compatible with any mod that alters the cell it is located in (the cell next to the Loreius farm and Heljarchen Hall). Because of this, it will also not work well with any mod that makes drastic changes to the Skyrim landscape such as Seasons of Skyrim, Tropical Skyrim, etc.

It also makes some very minor additions to a few inns across Skyrim (pamphlets posted inside inns advertising the sale of the farm), and a vendor inside the Drunken Huntsman who sells the deed to the farm.

Too many to list really, but to name a few:

Bethesda for making such a great game.
Darkfox127 for his awesome mods and extremely helpful Creation Kit videos.
Silentspike69 for helping me with the navmesh
draco1122 for helping resolve a navmesh CTD issue
CreationKit Wiki
Cipscis for his scripting guides and Light Switch scripts.
The Nexus site. Great place to find and download mods.
Brodual for the video.
jjb54 for helping test.
The modding community
h3h3Productions to help get me through the more tedious moments of making this mod.

Custom resources used:
Thank you  to everyone who creates and shares these resources!


Known Issues

Farm Income

For v1.45 and later:
1. Gold sometimes doesn't accumulate. This is generally caused whenever you use the 'wait' or 'sleep' feature through the time where gold and items are added to the chests (8:00 AM In-Game). However, playing through this time normally will add gold and items to the chests as normal.

For v1.4 and older:
There have been some reports of the income script not functioning properly, namely some players unable to collect gold earned from the farm. After some testing (Thanks jjb54) it is recommended that you do the following: 1. Back up your saves and make a clean save before installing this mod and repairing the farm (This should be performed whenever installing a new mod for your game). 2. Wait 8-12 in-game Skyrim hours after hiring workers before initializing the income script. 3. Take note of the coin sacks and gold coins around the business ledger. If they do not appear, gold income is not available yet. As a general rule, the coin purses on the lower left of the table indicate farm income. The bottom right indicates meadery income, and the top left portion of the table indicates bonus gold income.


Do not upload my mod to another site without my permission. If you are interested in doing a language translation, compatibility patch with another mod, etc., contact me. Preferably through private message.

Change Log
V2.00 - Update to include new features (Overhauled construction system, new buildings, income system, new NPC's)
V1.47 - Converted to SSE.
V1.45 - Switched to an alternate income system.
V1.40 - Replaced collision box with collision planes in the greenhouse - was causing the player to fall through the floor.
V1.35 - Added a debug menu to the business ledger that should hopefully resolve an income script related issue some people have been experiencing. Improved the greenhouse appearance (More hanging moss. Added ivy and spawning insects.) Grindstone added outside next to the wood chopping block.
V1.30 - Fixed deleted navmesh error. Thanks silentspike69!
Optional File uploaded - Added an optional version which adds a family room inside the cellar. Movement of spouse/family not natively supported. Use of a mod such as Custom Family Home is required in order to utilize it.
V1.25 - Fixed an error associated with the dragon's breath mead brew script.
V1.2 - Reduced the extreme amount of gold the farm vendors were carrying.
V1.15 - Added the deed to the deed vendor's (Selibrio) inventory, allowing acquisition of the deed via combat or pickpocketing.
V1.1 - Fixed AI Issue. Brewer and Guard were getting stuck in the farmhouse work area.
V1.05 - Included missing custom texture.
V1.0 - Initial Release.