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A Shadowmere replacer mod. This uses modified meshes and textures from the mod "Arvak Replace" by Chucacu (which used ported assest from TERA's Bone Shaker mount).
Shadowmere is now a skeletal horse with dark metal armor and red cloth accents. The mod also comes with optional orange flame effects for the main and tail.

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This mod is a mesh and texture replacer for Shadowmere.
The assets used are from the mod Arvak Replace by Chucacu (SE version: Arvak Replace SE by ff7legend).

Permission was given by Chucacu to upload this mod to Nexus.
I have modified the mesh from the original mod to remove some mesh shaped to keep Shadowmere slimmer than the previous Arvak mod,
as well as modified the textures to use dark metal with red cloth accents.
Finally, I have modified the main and tail flame effects to be orange fire.
I have also included an optional file that removes the flame effects entirely.

The Arvak Replace mod was based off ripped/ported assets from TERA, specifically the Bone Shaker mount, that was originally ripped by Enmasse.

Simply install the main file with a mod manager of your choice.
Then install the optional "No Flame" file if you want it, allowing it to overwrite the main files mesh.

This mod will conflict with any mods that alter Shadowmere's base NPC record or his Armor Addon skin record.
It should be fine to simply load this mod over top of any other mods that change horse meshes and textures (such as Realistic Horse Breeds),
However, horse management mods (such as convenient horses or immersive horses) will likely need a patch. If you have issues, leave a post and Ill see if a patch can be made.
In the meantime, those handy with XEdit, can probably make a patch themselves fairly easily, as the only edit required on the base Shadowmere NPC record is that the DEFAULT OUTFIT field needs to be cleared (EMPTY), this is because the armor and the body are already combined in to one mesh.
This will also mean that this mod will not let you utilise any features of horse management mods that allow you to swap horse saddles/armor for Shadowmere.

I have also intentionally left an ITM in here, it is simply the ARMO record that points to the ARMOR ADDON record, this is simply to ensure the mod loads the correct skin in the event of another mod altering this record.