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Arweena with her sister Chelchee are ready this Halloween to peer into the future with you and give you your fortune. Celebrate Halloween with this fiendish future focused felines. You can also adopt a cuddly death hound, or a fire spider to bring home for the holiday season..

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Happy Halloween 2020!

Celebrate this Halloween season...So much fun to be had:

Have your fortune told - 
Visit Chelchee with her sister Arweena the Khajit Fotune Teller for Yes/No oracle answers and fortune telling cards. Arweena and her un-welcoming sister live in the cold region of Dawnstar Western Mine Exterior.  They celebrate Halloween every year and would love to celebrate with you by checking with the Skyrim spirits and telling you - what lies ahead in the future.

Bring along a Halloween pet companion -
This Halloween you can adopt a cute and cuddly death hound or a fire spider.  They are  hanging out waiting to accompany you on your adventures and can be found next to Dawnstar Windpeak Inn.

Decorate your homes, cities and towns -

Celebrate the Halloween season across Skyrim by decorating with pumpkins. These festive pumpkins, costumes and a monster doll can be purchased from Chelchee.

Dress up for Halloween -
Be the Great Pumpkin! Celebrate Halloween in true Halloween style with a pumpkin head or a witch hat (2 available with red or blue jewels) which can be purchased from Chelchee.


What are the mod dependencies or conflicts?
The only mod dependencies are base game and DLC.

What voices do the characters have?
Arweena and Chelchee use Khajit female voice

Will they follow?
Finis will follow using dog companion follower commands.
Creepy Crawly (CC) will follow but will need a follower or uninstall mod to dismiss. 

Do they level with you?
Finis will level with you. 1:1
CC will level with you 1:1

Can Arweena REALLY tell the future?
Arweena is only right half the time for Yes or No questions.
Arweena can only shuffle the cards; no Dragonborn's future is set in stone and ultimately the future is up to the Dovahkiin and what they TRULY believe will happen.

Are they essential or protected?
Arweena  and Chelchee are essential.
Finis the death hound and CC (Creepy Crawley) the spider are not essential or protected and are subject to the risks and the dangers of Skyrim and a very possible untimely sad-sad death. 

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