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This is a much needed complete overhaul of all the glass Armor and Weapons.

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Finally have version 1.0 coming out and hope to have 2k, 4k, and uncompressed versions all out this week.

This is not a simple texture overhaul so if you try just the textures it wont work.

I have hated for a long time how the Glass Set has look and all the inconsistencies from the color to flat out the different cubemaps used in the meshes. My goal is to have a complete Glass Set overhaul that all matches and looks badass since this is the best normal material light armor in the game. I want to look at it and say "yeah, I want to wear that". This is made with Vanilla in mind.

Version 1.0 is now rolling out and with it a couple of changes. Will have a Weapons download and an Armor download to make updates and changes easier to handle going forward.

Armor is currently out and includes

Curiass, Helmet, Gauntlets, Boots, Shield, 1stperson versions, And ground/Inventory versions.

Every texture(including diffuse, _n, and envmask) is custom and new.
Meant to be used after Cathedral Armory and will fit in perfectly but can be used by itself. It is now self standing with everything included but can easily go with Cathedral Armory, just put after it and make sure nothing else is overwriting it.

FYI: Everything looks a lot better in game that in the pics when you can move around and see the glass and metal interact with the world, lighting, weather, etc.

Warning: Uncompressed is coming first and compressed 4k and 2k will become available. 

Feel free to let me know about any inconsistencies with lighting, shadows, or anything but make sure it is 100% from my mod before saying anything. I think I have everything done but I could have missed something.

Credits to MusicAndSilence creator of Refractive Stalhrim for help with getting base refraction stuff setup.
and the Cathedral Armory, the base mesh assets and cubemap are from the Armory.

I plan on doing alternate version at some point so suggestion are welcomed.