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This mod replaces Riften aspens with fall-colored versions that are more true to aspen morphology. These trees look a bit more like aspens found in a famous monoclonal stand in Idaho in the US. Ultra LOD resources included for DynDOLOD 2.xx (v1.0.0). For v2.0.0, DynDOLOD 3 is required for LOD. NOTE: Entirely re-imagined version is a WIP.

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I like vanilla trees and many of the tree replacers out there, but I have never seen an aspen replacer mod that actually produces aspen trees as I know them. In fact, even this mod can't do that, because aspen leaves 'flutter' in the wind. The shiny upper leaves flip back and forth with the frosted lower leaves to create a stunning, 'glittery' effect. I doubt such animations are possible in Skyrim. Regardless, these aspens are tall and skinny and are reminiscent of the real thing, IMHO.

This mod is fully compliant with DynDOLOD 2/3 requirements for LOD generation.

WIP: I am working on an entirely re-imagined version of this mod that will feature very realistic quaking aspens. It will take a while to complete, as I'm in the early stages of modeling. This will be eventually uploaded as a separate mod when finished (late 2022, I'm hoping).


Compatible with all tree mods that replace vanilla trees. Just ensure that Aspen Realism.esp loads last.

I can be reached on the STEP forums, so just PM me there if I don't respond in a timely fashion here.

Install like any other mod. Version 2.0.0 requires DynDOLOD 3. Version 1.0 is compatible with DynDOLOD 2.

Generate textures and run DynDOLOD:
  1. Do not use the "Tree Billboards" Optional File from the HLT main mod, as these can conflict or override TexGen output, which is required as a resource for DynDOLOD to do its work.
  2. Run TexGen 3 to generate tree and trunk billboards (see this guide step), install as a mod, and ENABLE this mod. This applies to both Quality and Performance versions.
  3. Run DynDOLOD 3 to generate trees in object LOD (see this guide step), install as a mod, and ENABLE this mnod.
  4. Sort with LOOT

Recommended DynDOLOD 'tree' mesh rules

  • Ultra: LOD4/Level0, LOD8/Level1, LOD16/Level2
  • Performance: LOD4/Billboard4, LOD8/Billboard4, LOD16/Billboard(1) (looks VERY good and may be optimal for many)
  • Optimal: LOD4/Level0, LOD8/Billboard4, LOD16/Billboard(1)


For more information about using DynDOLOD 3.xx and all other LODGen, check out the LOD instructions on the latest Step guide.

None of this would have been possible without sheson (DynDOLOD fork) and the xEdit developers (base application)