Skyrim Special Edition
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Patches for CVO when using AI Overhaul and/or Cutting Room Floor.

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Resolves conflicts when using Cosmetic Vampire Overhaul alongside AI Overhaul or Cutting Room Floor.
ESPs flagged as ESLs, so won't contribute to the ESP limit. Requirements are in the respective file descriptions.

Pretty much just unfucked the face data, and carried over their respective AI packages. Only a few NPCs needed this.

Install & Uninstall

You can not install/uninstall this reliably mid-save, unless you NEVER met the NPCs!
If you don't use a new save, or one that never ever met the affected NPCs, then their faces won't work right.

Installs like any other mod. Use the mod manager of your choice or put it in the data folder, then activate the plugin. Load beneath it's dependencies.
Uninstalling is simple, too. Delete in your mod manager or from the load order. New game recommended, to avoid black face bugs.


These patches will be incompatible with mods that further edit the following NPC records:
  • Sybille Stentor (court mage in Solitude) [AIO Patch]
  • Hern (Heartwood Mill in Falkreath) [AIO Patch]
  • Hert (Heartwood Mill in Falkreath) [AIO Patch]
  • Malkus (Orc in Harkon's Court, Dawnguard DLC) [CRF Patch]