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Wearing a hood shouldn't mean a character's hair disappears, right? This simple mod replaces the Hood_0.nif and Hood_1.nif files to add similar hair to both variants of Pandorable's replacer under Serana's hood with adjustments to reduce clipping.

Permissions and credits
For a character that wears a hood about 50% of the time outdoors, that one better have hair under the hood.  +Immersion


For now at least, I'm just uploading them separately. Get the latest version of the variant you use or both and enable whichever you end up sticking with in Pandorable's mod. Swap which one is enabled when you change it in the Serana replacer.


This should load after Pandorable's Serana replacer and overwrite anything if asked except texture replacers. Add this to the Late Loaders group.

It should not matter when HoodPlusHairForSerana.esp is loaded.

Use a mod manager like Vortex.

The ESP is ESL flagged and modifies the hood item.


Each variant should work with any Serana replacer that does not modify the
DLC1SeranaHood item and uses the same hair. For Pandorable's Serana 1.0,
long hair is KS Snow and short is KS Soundwave.

For example, the short hair variant should work with this mod since both use KS Soundwave:


Hood Plus Hair for Seranaholics

Hood Plus Hair for HDT SMP Hair Physics Serana

Hood Plus Hair for Vanilla Dawnguard

Hood Plus Hair for High Poly Vanilla Hair Serana

Hood Plus Hair for VHR Serana

Hood Plus Hair for Serana Re-Imagined


Originally requested by lightsourced.
Thanks to Todd Howard and the Bethesda Crew,
Ousnius and crew for Outfit Studio,
NifScope team for
KS Hairdo team,
Pandorable for her mod and giving upload permissions for this one, &
Lord and Lady Immersion for every so often pulling me back into Skyrim mods.