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Adds a display to Dragonborn Hall for TomTersoro's The Brotherhood of Old.

Permissions and credits
At one point, the author of The Brotherhood of Old (TBO) wanted to create his own display patch for Legacy of the Dragonborn (LOTD), but didn't have the time to do so. I have been given approval to make one.

IMPORTANT. If you only read one thing in this description, read this: 

As of the time of posting, this patch is not officially endorsed. This will remain the case until a member of the LOTD staff has the time to vet the mod, by playing through it personally. I was, however, given a specific display space to work with, and the go-ahead to create the patch. The spot is tentatively reserved for the time being. 
As such, there might be a conflict in the future. You'll have to choose between TBO displays and that patch's displays to avoid issues. Thank you for understanding. When the verdict is in, I'll update this page accordingly. 

  • Display overlap between TBO and Midwood Isle unofficial displays. This should no longer be an issue, as the display for Midwood Isle has been moved as of the latest version of Midwood's unofficial Patch. Existing games will still have to choose between TBO and Midwood displays.
  • Snowy pillars used to display Gortwog's Armor set have weird-looking snow shader textures. I can't say for sure which snow-related mod causes it, but if you encounter this issue there is an alternate .esp file for both versions of the patch that sidesteps the issue. Should be safe to switch mid-game.  Switched out for a light-grey pillar with no snow shaders, should be compatible with your snow mod of choice. 

  • Display in Dragonborn Hall, utilizing assets from The Brotherhood of Old:
  • Over a dozen item displays!
  • Certain elements won't appear until you've progressed through TBO.
  • Replicas for everything. Some of them may not appear until certain quests are concluded!
  • MCM checklist entries. 

  • Duplicate item handling (no changes to other mods' relics):
  • Black Band replaced with a note hinting at the placement of the relic by LOTD. 
  • 'The Five Tenets' book altered to 'The Five Tenets (3E Hand-written)' for consistency.

  • New models/textures for items that were previously using vanilla assets (credits below!):
  • Gortwog's Armor (including a previously unused helmet)
  • Languourwine Antidote

  • For Oblivion Artifact Pack Users:
  • 'Shadowhunt' replaced with a note hinting at the placement of the relic by OAP. 
  • The display for TBO's Shadowhunt is likewise disabled in this version.

  • (v1.2+) Curator's Companion support, as version 5.0.0 of TCC allows custom patches to be created. As this is an unofficial patch, please do not pester Ic0nic0de with issues related to it. Leave a comment here and I'll do my best to help you. 
  • (v1.2+)Museum shipping create outside of the Inn of Lost Souls, which will enable with the rest of the inn crates.


Note about upgrading from v1.0 to v1.1: TomTesoro, the author of TBO, has recommended that version 1.1.0 of their mod only be used on a NEW game, or at least one that has not started the mod (see the sticky post here for the specifics). Updating this patch comes with similar risks if you do so mid-playthrough. I've been careful not to delete any records or shuffle anything important around in the update process, but I can't make any guarantees. The best practice is always to use as fresh a save as possible.  

INSTALLATION (don't alter your load order mid-save): 
  1. Choose ONE variant of the patch (Standard or the OAP version), not both. 
  2. Download and install with a mod manager of choice  
  3. (Optional) Download the TCC patch corresponding to the patch version you chose
  4. Ensure the patch is loaded after LOTD and TBO 
  5. Stay hydrated

Special thanks to:
TomTesoro - The Brotherhood of Old
LOTD team - Legacy of the Dragonborn, LOTD patch devkit
Ic0nic0de - Curator's Companion, TCC patch devkit

Resources used:
Expanded Jewelry Crafting SE by lautasantenni, converted to SSE by lordjoseph7 (version 1.0/1.0-OAP only!)
Unique Bows Collection by Artisanix (version 1.0/1.0-OAP only!)

Blooded Heavy Armor by GuitunScarfin, converted to SSE by Wahsinn08 and thunderweiner
Modder's Resource Pack - The Witcher Extension by Oaristys (with CD Projekt Red assets), converted one mesh to SSE myself using Cathedral Assets Optimizer

My stuff: 

That Guy#8995 on Discord, or Spacedroner just about anywhere else. If I missed anything, please tell me!

LOTD Volkihar Knight Patch
LOTD The Brotherhood of Old Patch (you're here)