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A weapon mod, which adds a real life, historical viking war axe to the game.

Permissions and credits
Here we are again, a new weapon mod, the first one, which isn't a sword by me. It's an existing, real life viking war axe now in Skyrim.

Features (same as before)
-a handmade 3d model
-4k textures (I'm not great at textures though)
-Temper and crafting recipe. The axe is not added to the leveled list. It is named as "Northern War Axe" for lore purposes.
-Base dmg is a little bit higher, than the Orcish War Axe.

-None. This one actually has working blood effects, as it can be seen in one of the screenshots.

Tools Used
Blender - to create to model
Mudbox - for texturing
GIMP - Converting the textures
Nifscope - edit the mesh for Skyrim
Creation Kit - to add the weapon to the game