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Alpha versions of Custom Voiced Followers - This mod is Discontinued

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This was a a very long time coming. It began with a fully written quest in mind, which I still have.
The team displayed much dedication and talent as we worked towards the very
base version of the mod, custom voiced followers to build upon later.
Unfortunately, due to many real life events and other factors the development of this mod has been permanently ended.

We still wished to share what we had done so far and that's what this mod page is.
A showcase of the great potential we were striving for.

There are two files: Pre-Alpha & Alpha
These are only followers. No quests other than the courier giving you a note have been implemented.
Again, these are alpha and are only followers.
Make sure you read their file descriptions before you download them.
There are many bugs and unfinished quirks in both versions.

:Known Bugs:
- Intro quest begins after courier hands you a note but will not complete once read
- J'A, Iiz Ven Strun, Alduin & Jahkran immediately show up (or after you fast travel)
- Dismiss, Trade, Wait, & Do Something are not functioning on some followers

- Griff, Skjerin, Shadovalker & Sot Sil do not follow
- Skjerin hair is bugged
- Shadovalker is using placeholder body
- They talk A LOT
- Subtitles do not always match dialogue
- If encounter dark face bug, open console & select NPC then type setnpcweight 100

We know it's incomplete but we wanted to share it with you all in the end anyway.
Thank you for your interest!

About Companions
Voiced by Jonas Fresh

Iiz Ven Strun
Voice by Blue Jei 

Sot Sil
Voiced by Kerstyn Unger

Voiced by The Swiss

Jahkran / Alduin / Griif
Voiced by Mjanzic

Voiced by Hiashi Ryu &
Rabbitt Winri


Kerstyn Unger
Jonas Fresh
Blue Jei
The Swiss
Hungry Hound
Hiashi Ryu
Rabbitt Winri

Resources & Assets
Dragonic Textures | Monster Eyes | Born Dragon Skin | Miraak Race | TDN Horns | Vie Hairstyles
SC-The Witcher Hairdos | Eyes of Beauty | Kalilies Hairdos
New Mikan Eyes | Brows | Beards | Freckles and Rough Skin Complexion Retex
UNP | Sundracon HPM | Racemenu | SC - Hairstyles | Pure Skin | Vitruvia