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Adds a snow elf themed one-handed mace perfect for any paladin character that doesn't want to use the Dawnbreaker.

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Adds an ancient Snow Elven mace called Trinimac's Mercy and a short dungeon where you can get it. The weapon is made for Paladin-type characters who don't want to make any deals with Daedric princes. 
The mace is enchanted with a holy magic - each time you attack an undead enemy you have a 20% chance to unleash an explosion of Sun magic dealing 30 damage to every Undead around and casting Circle of Protection at your location for 10 seconds. It has 15 base damage (slightly more than a glass mace and slightly less than an ebony mace).

The mace is in ancient Nordic ruins located east of Windhelm. The entrance is next to the back door of Yngol's Barrow.

1.2.5 - made the mace upgradable, buffed it's damage
1.2 - remade scripts from scratch, changed the enchantment effect and updated the dungeon
1.1 - fixed a bug that caused NIFs to be unpacked into data/meshes instead of data/meshes/trinimacsmercy