Skyrim Special Edition

About this mod

Gives the adult humanoid NPCs added by various mods High Poly Head faces and KS Hairdos hair. See description for mods covered.

Permissions and credits
I am not maintaining this anymore.
If someone wants to take over, they are more than welcome to message me.
An overhaul of the adult humanoid NPCs added by a variety of mods so they have High Poly Head faces and KS Hairdos hair. Please note that I haven't specifically altered any faces themselves; the head parts are changed to high poly and hair to KS Hairdos but the underlying structure, tints, etc are as they are in the original mod.

All of the ESPs are flagged as ESL so they won't take up a slot in your load order. Please ensure that nothing is overwriting my plugins or the face meshes and textures that come with them, or you'll get the dark face bug.

Requirements: High Poly Head 1.4 and either KS Hairdos or the optional KS Hairdos textures file available here in Miscellaneous files.

Mods available:


Vanilla NPCs are covered by Zhalroth. Child NPCs are not compatible with High Poly Head. I highly recommend Realistic RS Children Overhaul by Muffloid.


Article with details of request process, current requests, etc available here.


Many thanks to all the authors who either had open permissions or granted permission for me to make these. Please endorse their mods! Huge thanks also to KouLeifoh for the xEdit script that swaps head parts and Herowynne for the KSHair FaceGen Export Rig which made this possible. Finally, big thanks to ElSopa for helping me with organising everything.