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A DLL plugin that fixes the vanilla game engine bug that NPCs AI process positions could not be updated after you waiting/ sleeping/ fast travel.

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For AE Users:

Version 4.02a - Completely Fix the Issues after Waiting and Sleeping!

Version 4.02a completely fix the issue that NPC AI process position not update after waiting and sleeping!
Read this article for detail :

Issue Descriptions:

Maybe you already find out an old issue in vanilla skyrim game which is always bothering you - Some NPCs daily life schedule positions could not be updated correctly once you make a waiting\ sleeping \ fast travel lasting longer than one hour.

That’s due to a skyrim’s game engine limitation which could only update a NPC’s AI process position for one hour at most if that NPC ‘s loaded in current loaded cells (a high AI Process one).

Therefore, you probably meet the issue that when you waiting or sleeping in an Inn all night, the NPCs won't go home, instead they still stay at the inn the next morning.

That may even cause the NPCs blocking the door when they leave the Inn if you have installed some AI Overhaul Mod. (“Immersive citizens”, for example) Because such mod will cause many NPCs visit the Inn at night.

Besides, the loaded NPCs in the fast travel destination will not update their daily life schedule positions due to the same reason.

Mod Features:

To this, I try to fix such game engine limitation in source code’s degree through a DLL plugin.

The plugin will detect every waiting\ sleeping \ fast travel in game, and calculate the lasting time of this waiting\ sleeping \ fast travel.

If the lasting time is longer than the Minimum Trigger Hours (2 hours by default, can modify in the INI File ), the updating position function will trigger and all the humandio character NPCs who matches the conditions will be updated the position by the mod's functions,sending them to the correct place in the correct time.

You Can Watch the Demo Video Below:  

How to Install and Use:


(1) SKSE for the correspond game version.

(2) Address Library for SKSE Plugins

How to Install:

(1) Download and Install the mod files with mod manager.

(2) Disable all the auto save options triggerd when sleep, wait, fasttravle in game, include auto save options that added by mods.
(Not necessary, but recommended)

INI Setting: 

Go to Data\SKSE\Plugins\MaxsuAIProcessFixFiles, check the INI file for in game setting modifications.

Compatibility Issues:

Compatible with:

Fully compatible with AI Overhaul SSE or any AI Overhaul Mod that doesn't include any AI Package added by "Quest Alias".

Require Compatibility Patch with:

Require Patch for Immersive Citizens - AI Overhaul SE or any AI Overhaul Mod that includes AI Package added by "Quest Alias".

Patch for  Immersive Citizens - AI Overhaul SE already included in the optional files.

To create a patch for your AI Overhaul Mod, see this article:

Incompatible with:

(1) Incompatible with Closing Time, my mod already did all the things instead of it.

(2) Incompatible with SOT CASM's "Save When Sleeping" and "Save When Fast Traveling" function.
You should turn these two option off in SOT CASM's MCM.
Also, Incompatible with any mod that trigger a game saving in the process of sleeping\waiting or fast travle.

Mod Limitations and Issues:

(1) NPCs may have a visibly “fade in” effect for a second when their positions got updating by the mod’s function. Some NPCs may teleport in front of you by coincidentally.

(2) Mod function only works and runs for humanoid character type NPCs, not works for animal or creatures NPCs.

(3) Not works for NPCs in scene (during dialogue, for example). Not works for NPC who has quest alias AI package (exclude AI Overhaul mod’s package). Not works for NPCs in combat.

(4) Sometime the updating positions of several NPCs may be fail, this may happen when you have too many NPCs stayed in a cell. It also relate to your CPU Performance, the higher the performance, the lower fail chance.


Would that mod cause NPC's Quest Process be Broken?
The mod's function will not runs on any NPC who in a quest AI Process, therefore you should not worry about it.

I have meet some issue in game need to report to you, what should I do?
Firstly, quit the game to the desktop and don't re-start it. Then, go to 
"C:\Users\Administrator\Documents\My Games\Skyrim Special Edition\SKSE" folder, find the log file "MaxsuAIProcessFix.log" and store it well.
When you come here to report your issues, please send me the log file at the same time. Since I can't collect the detail information withoout the log files.

If you meet CTD Issues, go there and post your issues follwing the instructions:


  • kassent for helping me find out the address of two pivotal function and show me have to use them.