Skyrim Special Edition
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Adds smelters to blacksmith workshops throughout Skyrim

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  • French
There are plenty of mods that add smelters to various blacksmith workshops in vanilla Skyrim, though not yet for Skyrim SE. I aim to fix that.

Throughout my play-through, I have given smelters to every blacksmith that I have came across which was unfortunate enough to be without one.
You are a blacksmith, right? Do you seriously only buy ingots.. no ore? Wouldn't it be nice to be able to smelt down raw materials? 
I've expanded the scope of the mod to include additions of other smithing equipment, to even more places!

[/] Dawnstar
[x] Falkreath
[x] Markarth  
[x] Riften 
[x] Solitude
[x] Skyforge

[x] Riverwood 
[x] Largashbur

[x] Cracked Tusk Keep
[x] Fort Greenwall
[x] Fort Greymoor
[x] Fort Hraggstad
[x] Fort Neugrad
[x] Fort Snowhawk
[x] Fort Sungard

Details on exact modifications can be found in the change log.
Requests for new additions, or patches, are welcome!
Bugs encounteredplease let me know, preferably in the bugs tab. 
Endorsements are greatly appreciated, granted you enjoyed the mod. :)

Open Cities Skyrim (partial) - You'll get OCS smelters in the once-walled cities and WYS everywhere else.
JK's Riverwood and Whiterun - Use the patch.
Other mods which make changes (specifically additions) to the modified areas will conflict (i.e. duplicates) without a patch!

Quest: Glory of the Dead - In the Skyforge, during the funeral, some attendees stand on the newly placed equipment.

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