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Miscellaneous small mods that I've made for myself and thought it would be nice to share.

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Miscellaneous small mods that I've made for myself and thought it would be nice to share.
I play a pretty vanilla-esque Skyrim so nothing too outlandish here. As such, none of them are really fancy enough for their own mod page.

These are offered pretty much as is but I'm willing to help folks out.
Making your own compatibility patches is pretty easy so please check out xEdit sometime. It's really great to know what you're doing!

I'll likely be adding more mods here over time.

Everything is ESL flagged.

Steam Driven Automatons
Dwarven Automatons
resistances have been swapped. 
  • Original resistances: 25% Resist Magic, 100% Resist Frost, 100% Resist Poison.
  • New resistances: 25% Resist Magic, 50% Weakness to Frost, 100% Resist Poison.
The book "Ruins of Kemel-Ze" implies they are weak to Frost. Just a simple, uncomplicated swap with no extra frills.

A food effect overhaul that's inspired by Elder Scrolls Online. 
All effects are a flat amount for 1 real-life hour:
  • Meats & Breads fortify Health.
  • Meads fortify Health Regen.
  • Fish & Sugary foods fortify Magicka.
  • Wines fortify Magicka Regen.
  • Cheeses & Vegetables fortify Stamina.
  • Ales fortify Stamina Regen.
These all stack with fortify potions of course. Prices raised for all foodstuffs. Prices and magnitude of effects are based around how difficult the food item is to cook. Something that takes 4+ ingredients to make should be worth the effort.
Raw Meats damage health.
Alcohol slows moment speed by 10% for 5 Minutes. It stacks, so watch your alcoholism.
Survival Mode compatible. With Survival mode, Alcohol with fortify warmth for 5 Minutes.
Salt can now occasionally be found when mining Stone Quarry nodes.

Average Alchemy
Reduces the overblown profit from crafted potions and poisons with the following valuable effects:
Fortify Carry Weight, Regenerate Health, Regenerate Magicka, Regenerate Stamina, Invisibility, Slow, Damage Magicka Regen, Damage Stamina Regen, and Paralysis, bringing their value down to be more in line with the rest of the potions and poisons.

Soul Cairn Summons
Changes the weaponry used by the three Soul Cairn Summons to match the Soul Cairn theme for me.
  • Mistman: Will now cast Lightning spells, instead of frost, to match the Lightning present in the Soul Cairn. He'll also use a Bound Sword if need be.
  • Boneman: Will now use a Bound Bow, instead of random leveled bows and arrows.
  • Wrathman: Will now use a Bound Battleaxe instead of random Dragonbone weapons.

Static Hjerim

Makes literally all the clutter in Hjerim static so it can't be knocked over or havoked around.
After furnishing the home, one of the cabinets by the front door will contain all the important clutter that was available (soul gems, potions, etc.).
I like the vanilla decorations, but I hate knocking things over. I can do other homes as well, if someone requests it.

Static Breezehome
Makes literally all the clutter in Breezehome static so it can't be knocked over or havoked around.
I like the vanilla decorations, but I hate knocking things over. I can do other homes as well, if someone requests it.

Understone Keep Swept
Cleans up a bit of the rubble around Understone Keep, the Jarl's palace in Markarth. Just to make it a bit less messy.

The Last Dragonborn Perk
After defeating Alduin, the player is given the following permanent perk:
The Last Dragonborn: Having defeated the renounced World Eater, your Thu'um is strengthened. Time between shouts is reduced by 20%.

The Great Collapse Was 79 Years Ago
Ridiculously simple repair of three of the four destroyed buildings in Winterhold. Two are small, cottage barracks' for the guards, and one is a little apothecary home and shop. Nothing amazing, nothing detailed, literally just thrown together in 20 minutes; just enough to fit in with the base game for me and I haven't had the will to make it any fancier. I removed the destroyed house by the college entrance. The area felt too enclosed with it repaired, and it made the fight with the magic anomalies more annoying.

Potent Ash Guardian
Changes up the Ash Guardian from the Dragonborn DLC to be a regular summon, not a rune, and flags him as an atronach to benefit from the atronach perks. No more heart stones. I use him as a way to have a high level fire atronach.

New Necromancer's Amulet
The Necromancer's Amulet from Blood on the Ice now lets you control an additional undead along with it's normal effects. Remember that you have to do the quest in a specific way to get the amulet.
This file can conflict with perk overhauls as I had to change the Twin Souls perk from: "Controlled count: Set 2", to "Controlled count: Add 1". You can simply put this file before your perk overhaul, as the perk overhaul likely changes Twin Souls to work the same way. Also, on unequipping the necklace, the player will be dispelled of all spells (Except Abilities, Diseases, worn or constant effect enchantments). This is to prevent cheating by putting the necklace on, summoning your additional undead, and unequipping the necklace. The necklace's description mentions this.

CC For Planting
Lets the following ingredients be planted in Hearthfire-type planters: Thorn Hook, Screaming Maw, and Rot Scale. They are technically base game ingredients so this file doesn't require any CC, but you'll either need the Rare Curious CC, Saints and Seducers CC, or a mod that makes the ingredients obtainable. This file will conflict with mods that make more things be plantable, but it's very easy to patch that in SSEEdit.

Under the Counter
Adds various clutters underneath store and inn counters that are completely barren for some reason. That's all. Check out images for an idea of what I mean. (I intentionally left "Arnleif and Sons" pretty barren since that's kind of the point of the quest there.)

Under the Store Counter
Same as above, but only for stores. Inn counters aren't touched.