Skyrim Special Edition
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This mod adds T'Challa and Okoye from Black Panther to the land of Skyrim. This is T'Challa from days long ago before he became the King of Wakanda in his time travelling the lands. Okoye will follow T'Challa throughout Skyrim and will protect him.

Permissions and credits
Black Panther Lives! - Wakanda Forever! (in Skyrim)

Many many many years an alternate dimension and another realm:

T'Challa and Okoye ventured to the land of Skyrim from Wakanda in search of adventure.  T'Challa has come to explore the strange land, hear the strange music and sample the unique food especially the cheese and sweet rolls.  Okoye is not interested in adventure but she is sworn to protect T'Challa so she has followed him to Skyrim.  Okoye is a fighter and will protect T'Challa until her last breath. 

Check out the original mod request by Panther619 here.

You can find Player armor and weapons in a chest behind the counter at the Bannered Mare in White Run.


What are the mod dependencies or conflicts?
There are no other mod dependencies or conflicts that I know of...

What voices do the characters have?
T'Challa uses Male Even Toned voice
Okoye uses Commander voice

Will they follow?
T'Challa is a potential follower and marriage partner
Okoye will follow  T'Challa but she is not currently a potential follower or marriage partner

Do they level with you?
T'Challa will level with you. 1:1
Okoye will level with you 1:1

Are they essential or protected?
T'Challa and Okoye are not essential or protected and are subject to the risks and the dangers of Skyrim 
Weapon information?
Okoye and T'Challa both have spears which are two handed weapons to fight their way through Skyrim's deadliest areas.

Armor information?
Okoye torso armor
Black Panther mask
Black Panther gloves
Black Panther torso armor
(Black Panther torso armor and gloves do not work for females and will show as Shrouded armor set instead)


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Black Panther Lives TChalla and Okoye Followers and Armor