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Fortified Whiterun seeks to bring realistic and logical defenses to our most beloved city.

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Description: Fortified Whiterun seeks to bring realistic and logical defenses to our most beloved city. 

Changes include the following:
- Portcullises at each major archway and main gates, creating individually defensible sections.
- Stone walls with towers now surround the road up to the City.
- Medieval hoardings have been built over the first gate providing cover for archers and crossbow men.
- Wooden watchtowers provide additional elevation for defense and serve as look outs.
- Battlements now have crenellations for extra protection.

**New main file update as of 8/3/2023**

- The terrain issue by Dragonsreach / Cloud District has been fixed. You no longer need that separate mod. 
- Rob’s bug fixes is now included. You no longer need that separate mod. 
- Rob improved and reworked all navmesh, improving compatibility with all other mods. Thanks Rob! 

This mod now features guards that patrol and guard the new structures and battlements! HUGE thank you to Axis1211 for adding the guards and many thanks to RonnieMagnum for assisting him on a part of this addition (added in 2/16/21 update). This mod also includes distant building LODs (added in 11/9/20 update).

Compatibility: This mod was created with compatibility in mind and should be fully compatible with many overhauls with the applicable provided patch. Check out the Optional Files section to see which current patches are provided. 

Recommendations: I HIGHLY recommend using a shack texture replacer such as Skyland’s Ships and Shacks, etc. as the vanilla shacks are terrible. This is what the hoarding structures are made out of.

Bethesda did an incredible job on designing each of the 5 major cities by placing them in strategic locations with exceptional defensible city layouts. Bethesda came so close to having proper fortifications but each city has some very questionable and illogical design flaws in protection.

This mod is heavily inspired by YouTube’s Shadiversity, whom also has a passionate fondness for castles and realistic historical defenses. He’s done videos that detail each of Skyrim’s main cities’s weaknesses and pointed out simple ways to improve them. Using this guidance and with my own touch I plan to implement changes to each city. Link to Shad’s video down below.

I looked high and low for a mod like this but only found bits and pieces. Skyrim’s questionable city defenses always bothered me so I just started diving into modding to remedy this, so I am a total rookie, so please keep that in mind.

If you enjoy the mod, please rate it for others to see. Please let me know if you like it and if you’d like me to continue on fortifying the other main cities!

**This mod has been cleaned with zEdit**

- My first original mod made by me! :)
- Vermunds (on Nexus) for their Bell asset which has open permissions.
- Hype (here on Nexus) for graciously allowing me to use his Epic Whiterun gate door!
- Shad from Shadiversity for his enthusiasm for proper castle design and covering the Skyrim cities!
- Shad’s Whiterun analysis: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=GPULMBtfrl8&t=606s#