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Custom Voice Alkaia Follower for Skyrim Special Edition - Bodyslides included.

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 Shout out to Herrmannesque for Introducing me to this mod which in turn led to meeting the voice actress that I am hiring for the new Diana mod. thanks bud!

The following is from hyperspacekobold who is the original mod author, you can find his mod
here on the Nexus LE


This is a custom-voiced standalone follower mod. The mod adds my original PC turned follower to the game, giving you another choice for Skyrim's ever-growing list of followers.

As a follower, Alkaia has several dialogue options for anyone interested in her backstory. She is able to perform the basic functions that vanilla followers have, with the exception of the “I need you to do something.” command. I might add it back in the future along with some features.

Race: Nord
Essential: Yes
Marriageable: No
Body Type: CBBE
Combat Style: CombatRanger

Download it and open it with a mod manager of your liking.
toss the unzipped folder to Data folder in your Skyrim directory if you know what you are doing. 

1. What is her location in the game?
You can find her at the Temple of Dibella in Markarth. 

2. SE version?
Not currently as I’m using LE version. I don't know how to make SE mods.tehepero

Change Log:
v0.8 (31-8-20)
Original release

1v1 for special Edition only (Asherz port)

Improved tintmask from 256 to 2k
Removed outfit
optimized all textures and meshes for SE
Removed a form that was conflicting with Mjoll

Enhanced Character Edit
Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Edition(CBBE)
SG Hair Pack
SG Texture Renewal
Seductive Lips
Better Female Brows
Shiva Body
Common Clothes and Armors CBBE Bodyslide

SE Credits:
Skin Replacer NUM 25
Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Enhancer -CBBE-
BodySlide and Outfit Studio

Asherz Notes:

First thank you hyperspacekobold for open permissions and allowing this mod to be ported to SE. That was very kind of you!

This is a really cool follower mod, Kerstyn Unger has such a beautiful sounding voice you all are going to love it :) Don't forget to check out her link above.

That's about it for now, I will give an BHUNP option some time today.

thanks and happy modding :)