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Hello dear modding community! I decided to bring back my "old" fixing guide where I instructed beginners and experienced players to fix common problems related to Frostfall mod. There are people who got worried about me and wished me to bring my guide back for some reason, so here it is!

Permissions and credits

This is a modding guide meant to solve common installation and conflict problems regarding Frostfall - Hypothermia Camping Survival mod and its requirements. For a long time this mod has been plagued by problems where users have had troubles to install it correctly. This is frankly how I actually found out about the problem myself and decided to make further investigations and which gave me an idea to create this guide to help the community and to help mod authors to ease their work load.

Users reported problems ranging from errors with wearable lanterns and lack of correct warmth and cover indicators. The cause of such problems is still somewhat unknown among the modding community but I think it has something to do with wrong installation pathways, corrupted saves, lack of mods and bad mod overwrites. My idea was to create a detailed modding instruction for those who like these mods but have some problems with them, so my solution was to create a workaround mod file by fusing and integrating the main mod with its prerequisites and fixes.


You will create a workaround folder which will be archived as a mod and which can be installed as a normal mod using a mod manager. We shall use files from the original mods which will be installed from their original mod pages, so this modding guide won't include any files. As to why this installation path works better than others? The answer is quite simple, you are installing the correct mods in correct installation order and with correct files. The reason why many people struggle with the normal way is because they either install things in incorrect way or their mods overwrite wrong files braking some in-game functions.


  1. SKSE
  2. Campfire - Complete Camping System
  3. Frostfall - Hypothermia Camping Survival
  4. Campfire and Frostfall - Unofficial SSE Update
  5. PapyrusUtil SE - Modders Scripting Utility Functions


  1. Remove any mods and fixes that are related to the mods described in this modding guide (refer to "Mods" section). Those who are starting a new game save file can skip the next step.
  2. Go to your game, enter your save file and create a new hard save by going to the menu and saving the game manually. I recommend you to clean your current save file from unattached elements and instances (footprints that are left by a scripted mod upon uninstallation) that the Frostfall might have possibly created prior to this moment. Use ReSaver tool to do this.
  3. Install SKSE according to its own installation instructions.
  4. Download the mods described on this page's mods section (Campfire, Frostfall, Unofficial SSE Update and PapyrusUtil SE).
  5. Create an empty workaround folder on your desktop and name it as Frostfall Repacked and Fixed.
  6. Open Campfire - Complete Camping System mod file with your archive extractor. Move these three files to your empty folder (SKSE, Campfire.bsa and Campfire.esm).
  7. Open Frostfall - Hypothermia Camping Survival mod file with your archive extractor. Move these three files to the same folder (Frostfall - Textures.bsa, Frostfall.bsa and Frostfall.esp).
  8. Open Campfire and Frostfall - Unofficial SSE Update with your archive extractor. Move these three files to the same folder (Interface, Scripts and SKSE) and let it overwrite the files.
  9. Open PapyrusUtil SE - Modders Scripting Utility Functions mod file with your archive extractor. Move these three files to the same folder (SKSE, Scripts and Source) and let it overwrite the files.
  10. Create an archive of your workaround folder and install it to your game with your mod manager.
  11. Use LOOT to automatically and correctly solve any load order problems related to your plugins.
  12. Open the game and the mods should work correctly and wait if it doesn't start as soon as you load the save, it might take sometime for the plugins to load.

Common problems and solutions

Remember to keep your game, SKSE and required mods updated at all times according to their correct game version, if not you might notice in-game problems related to these mods which might make it look like this mod guide doesn't work.

If some features won't work like for example the outfit warmth and coverage indicators or the MCM menu is distorted then this means that some other mod is overwriting your PapyrusUtil related files (most commonly the .dll file) which might break this mod's functions. Make sure that nothing overwrites your repacked mod file.

Any optional or additional mods related to these mods must be installed over these mods and after this guide. Make sure that those mods overwrite these required mods and have the higher priority on load order if intended to do so.