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Unique, full size, real time female dragon follower that can transform. Silah is not your average follower.

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 Female Dragon Follower v1.5
Inspired by: Faallokaar SSE & Eragon by: Christopher Paolini

-Can transform into the spirit form of Alessia now!

-New model and textures (Skinnier variant of the frost dragon)
Now with more alternate textures

Galaxy skin

Night Skin

Storm Skin

Pink Skin

-Custom Follower Framework & Custom Dragon AI 

-Can call her down to land or orbit around you

-Does extra leveled damage to other dragons

-Unique combat style (breathes fire and ice)

-Custom leveled shouts & Dragon ability

-20% faster than other dragons.

-Has some deeper voice lines

-Auto level & Essential


She is found near the Throat of the World's peak. DON'T FORGET TO TAKE HER TOMES!

Uses female sultry voicelines & Custom Dragon race now


Silah stands for "Soul Hunter" in the dragon tongue. Her full lore friendly name would be "Silahbrii" Soul - Hunter - Beauty. She's a mythical dragon believed to be the reincarnation of St. Alessia sent by Akatosh to aid the Dragonborn against the return of the dragons.

Custom standalone follower built from the ground up. Using a new quest and custom AI to bring new dragon behaviors for the player to experience.

She should be compatible with almost everything. The only thing that can modify her is other quests or scripts. She will auto level with the player and has a leveled list of shouts to use as well. You can still have your favorite companion with you too. You cannot marry her unfortunately.

Update 1.4+

After many, many requests it is finally here! And it works! The transformational update.

The Spirit form is proof of concept and the prototype to the humanoid version. Which might end up being a regular NPC follower version.

When changing form, it will use the default Nord race head. Idk how to do specific face data without using a seperate NPC. A custom race will probably work best for this method.

While in spirit form she has an additional topic "Refresh" to re-apply the FX to her if it stops.

1.4.1 Fixes the CTD while sneaking and trying to transform Silah.
Adds a new actor script to Silah for Land/Take off dust FX and no camera shake flyby sound.

Please see the article for more details on how this was achieved.

Custom Ability:
Resists 20% Fire, Frost, Shock | Resist 100% disease | 25% weakness to magic
Resists physical damage from NPCs & Does extra damage to other dragons

Custom Shout Summon Minion:
Silah can summon a leveled list of Draugr minions

Silah Come Down:
A lesser power to call Silah down. She will look for a spot to land and then move to your position.
You will see an effect to let you know she is landing.

Silah to Skies:
Another power to make Silah start flying again if you are unable to speak to her.

Silah Transform:
This power will transform Silah into her "Nedic Spirit" form.
(Only works while grounded and outside.)

Summon Silah:
While she is on the ground you can summon her to you. (When outside)

-By default dragons roar when you look directly at them. 
-When on the ground and not waiting she will try her best to follow the player. When inside a city worldspace she will hover over and perch by the player.
-If you call her down while perched she will remain in her spot indefinitely until you tell her to fly again.
-Can command her to orbit you when shes on the ground. If you have the appropriate shout you can mount her.
-Does not affect stealthy characters and sneaks rather well for a dragon.
-Will not chase other dragons unless player is in combat with it.
-She will return to her spot when you dismiss her.
-She will wait forever.

Enjoy your new dragoness companion and please share your screenshots with her :)

Install / Uninstall
Extract .bsa & only one .esp option to Data folder. Extract all core files (Inside 00MeshesAndTextures) to your Skyrim Data Folder.

Unselect and delete .esp & .bsa files from data folder. Delete her dialogue folder in Sounds and "Silah--" scripts from scripts folder

-Dragon overhauls.
Intuitive Dragon Ride Control
Shapeshifter Follower Framework SSE
-Any Follower overhaul can work alongside her (new options will not appear for Silah.)
-New model doesn't edit the Skeleton so Immersive dragons works on her.
Some behaviors will not work with Open Cities (does not harm functionality.)
-My home is your home. Use at own risk on Silah.
-She should not trigger RFYL when not in combat.

Known Issues
-When fast traveling it will take a few moments for her to fly to you. (Wait 1 hour for her to catch up)
-Sometimes she flies straight up after combat. She will come back.
-Sometimes if she can't find a perch spot she will land on top of you.
-In Spirit form the effect can stop working (Use refresh topic)
-HDT armors or hair may CTD on transform.
-Transforming while sneaking will crash the game

Modder's Comments

I realize now why there isn't as many dragon followers as I thought there would be. Getting her behavior to work right was trail and error.

I'm a huge fan of Eragon and Silah is very much like her counter part Saphira. This was my original goal.

Custom roar was a pain, hence the alternate silent version. I got annoyed that they spam roaring you whenever you look at I ended up setting a condition on the roar idle anim to not run on her for the silent version.

The frost breath has no slow down modifier to prevent slow mo flying dragons

Her dragon fire does not affect the player at all to avoid friendly fire

Dragon navmesh on the ground is the worst so she will probably teleport to you more often than not.

The scripts only fire and end on dialogue topics and spells used. Very simple and lightweight.

Some custom lines do not have the .lip file for lip sync.

-She may be gone while flying if you enter an interior & exit. She should return eventually. Best way to prevent is call her down and tell her to wait.

If for whatever reason she disappears from you, make sure she isn't waiting for you somewhere, wait 1-2 hours or check the original spot where you found her.

I've spent hours with her on multiple play through's (start to finish) and haven't experienced any game breaking issues or save bloat.

Tools used & Credits:
BSA Browser (with .BA2 support) | 
Yakitori Audio Converter | SSEEdit | xVASynth 2
Nifskope | Audacity | GIMP 2.0

Creating custom Follower Framework
Almost a decade experience with the TES kits...
and Google.