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A vampire overhaul designed for stackability with other vampire overhauls. Adds 13 perks in a brand new perk tree, 7 vampire ranks which each add their own new powers, alternatives to vampirism like becoming a kresnik or dhampir, and an optional overhaul to Skyrim's traditional vampire strain.

Permissions and credits

Expanded Dhampirs. details in feature overview.
Vampyrium's Volkihar strain's bloodlust system was expanded to cover stage 2 and 3.
Hood of Transmogrification that hides your crimes similar to the Grey Cowl added to Fort Dawnguard Dungeon.
You can now become a pure blood vampire by dying with the Mace of Molag Bal equipped in your right hand.
Vampyrium's vampires, Kresnik and Volkihar, now absorb skills when feeding on live victims.
Blood bowl in the vampire dream world can now be used to exchange 3 Vampire Perks for 1 regular perk.
Vampire Perks can now be enabled and disabled after having been unlocked.
Fixed some issues with Dark Servant.
Vampyrium's vampires can now breathe underwater.


This mod was designed to add depth to vampires, while also not filling up your character's powers list. using mainly new powers that can be activated without having to be equiped.
It also adds some alternatives to normal vampirism; such as kresniks, vampires natural predators, as well as dhampirism, allowing you to gain vampire perks while not being a vampire.
This mod is stackable with other vampire overhauls, use the Vampyrium Configuration Book to switch between my mod's Volkihar vampirism strain and the traditional strain/some other mods version of it.


13 new vampire perks that are unlocked by hibernating at valid coffins you can rest at. Perk points are earned by feeding. Hibernating takes you to a dream world where you can spend perk points.

Vampire ranks that are unlocked after every 5 player levels since you became a vampire by resting at a valid coffin each adding a new Vampiric power.

Vampire dreams that occasionally happen when sleeping at a coffin as a vampire.

Vampires can craft blood potions at a cooking pot

New strain of vampirism, the Kresnik, vampires that feed on other vampires. to become a Kresnik head into Fort Dawnguard, at one of the stair cases there's a hatch on the ground that leads to the Fort Dawnguard Basement. All the way through the basement in the hut at the main cave chamber there's a potion that'll turn you into a Kresnik.

Become a Dhampir. after being cured of vampirism you'll have the Recently Cured effect, contracting Sanguinare Vampiris while this is active will turn you into a Dhampire. Dhampir have a 2 stage hunger system and their own Dhampir ranks based on player level.

Several artifacts can be found in the Dawnguard Dungeon.

Coffins have been added to several of the Hall's of the Dead.

Configuration book with options to choose: whether to use this mods Volkihar strain or not, become a vampire, kresnik, or Dhampir instantly, cure vampirism, kresnikism, or dhampirism instantly, add perk points, and turn on or off sun blindness for this mods vampires.


Advanced Feeding: Adds the ability to feed on targets below 25% health or that are fleeing, dealing damage equal to your max health. (Only satisfies hunger for Vampyrium vampires.)

Echolocation: adds the Echolocation power, sending out a pulse that detects nearby creatures.

Moonlight Healing: while in direct moonlight, heals 2 points of health per second. +1 point of health per vampire rank.

Bat: adds the bats power, allowing you to dash a short distance in a swarm of bats at the cost of 60 magicka. -10 magicka cost per vampire rank.

Unnatural Strength: power attacks have a 40% chance to send targets flying. +10 chance per vampire rank.

Night Step: while at 100% stamina, any melee attacks against you slow time for everyone except you. -15% stamina requirement per vampire rank.

King of Bats: add the King of Bats spell, send out a swarm of bats absorbing 8 health, magicka, and stamina per second from your target. Also while blocking bats feed on nearby targets.

Guise of Mortality: adds the spell Guise of Mortality. Use to temporarily appear mortal, keeping those who might notice from being able to tell what you really are. Also fortifies your speech skill.

Hypnosis: standing still with your weapons put away slowly breaks the will of your target, eventually pacifying them.

Shadow Soul: become one with the shadows while sneaking in darkness, becoming invisible and equipping the Shadow Walk power, teleporting you to your target location when used.

Dark Servant: Sacrifice 35 points of max health to resurrect your target for 3 days. Targets revived by this don't count toward your summon limit. -5 points of max health cost per vampire rank.

Bat Form: transform into a swarm of bats draining 12 points of health per second until you reach 20% by crouching while looking up. -2 points of damage per vampire rank.

Immortal: you're unable to die; turning into an invincible mist for 30 seconds when you receive fatal damage. 2 minute cooldown. This effect reduces your vampire stage and can only activate if fully fed if using a Vampyrium vampire. -15 seconds per vampire rank.


Fledgling Vampire/Rank 0
No abilities.

Vampire/Rank 1
Blood Awakening lesser power: tap into your Vampiric blood, increasing your supernatural physiology's strength. While active you can choose to sire others, turning them into vampires and rewarding you with extra perk progress. Max of 16 new vampires, each new vampire reduces your max health by 20 points. This power reduces your stage by 1 for Vampyrium vampires or deals damage equal to 25% of your max health for traditional vampires.
Master's Call passive: when your health drops below 50% there is a chance one of your turned vampires will show up to aid you in combat.
Blood Cleansing spell: cures those you've turned.

Blood Vampire/Rank 2
Blood Fortification passive: resting in a coffin will increase your health, magicka, and stamina by 1 point for every feeding you've had within 24 hours of your last feeding.
Summon Coffin power: once a day summon a coffin at your target location that can be used to rest at.

Nightstalker/Rank 3
Call of the Night lesser power: animals and creatures will fight for you if used during the night.
Glide passive: reduces fall damage by 100%.

Master Vampire/Rank 4
Enthrall passive: you can enthrall targets that are bleeding out, turning them into your thralls. You can feed on thralls at will and they can be brought with you as followers.

Vampire Lord/Rank 5
Vampire Lord lesser power: the same one you'd normally get from Harkon/Serana.
Summon Gargoyle spell: summons a gargoyle that'll fight beside you for 60 seconds.

Progenitor/Rank 6
Lifeless King lesser power: command all undead to serve you for 60 seconds.
Lord of Terror passive: weaker enemies flee at your approach.
New Life passive: the recently deceased can now be resurrected as a sired vampire. If you've reached your limit of sires your blood will reject them, burning them for 1 minute.


Tested and works with: VanTal, Better Vampires, Sacrosanct, Curse of the Vampire, and Sanguinair Vampirism
Should work with any other vampire overhauls theoretically but these are all the ones I've tested.
This mod makes a small change to the "Player" actor and is likely to be incompatible with other mods that also make changes to that actor.
Vampyrium vampire strains won't be effected by mods that make changes to magic effects that effect vampires or mods that rely on any of Skyrim's scripts for vampirism and vampire feeding.
Wintersun Faith's of Skyrim has an issue where you can be killed when becoming one of Vampyrium's vampires while you're a worshiper of Molag Bal.


Place before/above other vampire overhauls so that they can override anything if needed.


Chesko - for the perk art plane, perk star, and perk line resources.
Proverbs15Thirty - for the Bat Form perk.

Suggestions are welcome!