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This mod aims to make magic more volatile and dangerous by re-creating and expanding upon the Wild Magic system from D&D in Skyrim

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NEW UPDATE AVAILABLE! Added 22 new Surges to the list and added a "Phobia-Friendly" file, which removes two of the new Surges from the list because they could elicit a negative response from those with severe arachnophobia or acrophobia. Also added a "Fixer" power (which will be automatically added upon starting the game with the update installed) for those who run into the vampire lord/werewolf bug.
When installing the phobia-friendly file, you do not need the other main file too. The phobia-friendly file is the same as the other file, just with the two removed Surges.


A huge thank you to Tommas666 for helping to add MCM functionality and optimizations to the mod!

Hello, all! This mod is one that I have recently developed, mostly by myself, and am really excited to upload, as it is the first mod, which involves scripting, that I have released! This mod is Wild Magic Surge, a mod which aims to re-create the Wild Magic system from D&D in Skyrim.

For those of you who are not familiar with the concept of D&D's Wild Magic, let me just give you a rundown: Wild Magic is one of the options for Sorcerers to base the origin of their power on; it is very volatile, and can sometimes result in unpredictable effects whilst casting spells, due to its "wild" nature, and these effects can be beneficial, detrimental, or just humorous. Whenever a Wild Magic Sorcerer casts a spell, they have a small chance, a 1/20 chance in D&D, to have their spell go haywire with one of these unpredictable effects.

This mod adds a configurable chance that you will get a Wild Magic Surge whenever you cast a spell. When you do, your initial spell will be interrupted, and the mod will pull one of the effects from the list of 71 and cast it.

Anyways, just so you know what you are getting into, here is a mod preview video showing some of the Wild Magic Surges you can get in-game. For the sake of the video, I upped the probability of getting a Surge and only allowed the mod to pull from a small pool of the Surges, hence why there are some repeat Surges, and hence why it gets so chaotic. Please keep that in mind whilst watching; it will not be this chaotic in-game.

Fizzle-Out Update preview:

MCM Update Preview:

Something to note: while the possible Wild Magic Surges are based on D&D, there were quite a few effects from the D&D Wild Magic Surge Table that I could not re-create, so I had to take a lot of creative liberties in making new spells and utilizing some vanilla spells that will fire when you get a Surge. I've also added plenty of Surges that are of my own design and unrelated to the Surge table in order to expand upon the concept and add more variety.

Anyways, here is a list of some of the Willd Magic Surges you can expect to encounter with this mod installed. I will not be giving all of them away, so that there is a sense of mystery as you get into the mod, so I will give you guys a few, plus what is in the video above:

A fireball is cast on the caster (bad surge)
You restore a significant amount of magicka (good surge, appears in video)
Your vision is turned green (humorous surge, appears in video)
An ale will appear in your inventory (humorous surge)
Every NPC within range will be turned invisible (could be classified as any of the 3, depending on if it effects allies or enemies, shown in video)
You vomit a corrosive liquid on NPCs you are aiming at (could be classified as any of the 3, depending on if it effects allies or enemies, shown in video)
You poison NPCs within range (could be classified as any of the 3, depending on if it effects allies or enemies)
The caster is paralyzed for 1 second (Bad / humorous surge, appears in video)
The caster and all NPCs within range are paralyzed for 5 seconds (Bad / humorous surge, appears in video)
The caster is temporarily invulnerable and ethereal (Good surge, shown in video)
The caster regains some HP through the usage of the Close Wounds spell (Good surge)
A ward is summoned in front of the caster for a minute (Good surge, appears in video)

And that is all you get for the time being. ;) The pool of Wild Magic Surges is much lengthier than this, so there are still plenty ready to be discovered!


-Any mod requirements?
SkyUI and SKSE64 (any version) for MCM functionality. :)

-Will the frequency of surges decrease as the caster becomes more adept with magic?
No. This was a feature I wanted to introduce before, but now that the mod has a probability slider in the MCM, I don't see a need for it. If you want Surges to be more infrequent as you level up, you can adjust the probability in the MCM to your personal preferences. :)

-I don't think the MCM is working! I set the slider all the way to 100, and I am not getting Wild Magic Surges!
The slider value represents 1/x, not the percent, meaning that lower numbers will give you a higher chance of getting Surges. Setting the slider to 100 will set your chance at 1/100, whereas setting it to 2 will set your chance to 1/2. :) 

-Will you make NPCs who use Wild Magic?
Maybe as an optional file. I want to experiment with the concept a bit more before releasing it to the public.

-Will I have Wild Magic the moment I load up the game with the mod, or do I have to get it somehow?
You have to activate it in the new MCM :)

-Can I edit your mod and improve upon your code? Perhaps help develop some of your future features?
Absolutely, just send the file to me via DMs on the Nexus, so I can preview it and let you know whether or not it has my approval; I will take any help I can get.

-Can I translate and upload your mod?
This is a recent request I got, which I wanted to add to my FAQ, in case anyone else asks. Yes, you may, if you let me know you are doing so in advance, give me credit on your mod page, and do not attempt to make money off of it. :)