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Adds rare Akaviri weapons. Sai, Naginata, Dai Katana and a rare trinket some may find familiar.

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This Mod adds Ancient Akaviri weapons

Rare Akaviri Artifacts have been stolen from the Carvain Family Collection in Cyrodiil. 

Three Sai Daggers- in two configurations to dual wield or block with. (Two as weapons, one as a shield)

One Naginata - a two handed pole arm.

The Draconian Madstone - Rare Akaviri artifact.

The Collection is believed to have been sent to Skyrim. It is rumored the thieves guild there has procured it for a wealthy individual in Riften.

This is my first mod. It started as just some Japanese style Sai as a standalone dagger, but then snowballed to the blocking Sai and then the Naginata. When I was thinking how to implement them in a lore friendly way I got the idea for the Akaviri collection in the Lifting the Vale quest from Oblivion. I then spent twice ten times as long creating the madstone and creating a hiding place.

There is no quest, but It's hidden in Riften somewhere fairly obvious.

*update* 1.1

The madstone is now wearable, I've readjusted the position of the sai to stop them clipping through the hands and I've added an Ancient Dai Katana. Check under the bed.