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The most immersive main menu for civil war themed playthrough - Stormcloak version. This main menu is composed by a background image, a close view of Stormcloaks holding on at civil war, it also have two different songs (Bravehearth and Age of Oppression), background sound effects of war and battles and a few other effects...

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Hi and welcome!

I created this main menu because I was looking an immersive way to reflect what it means to be in conflict, in oppression figthing for what you think is right for your folks...

This main menu is themed for a Stormcloak civil war camaign playthrough, I hope you enjoy it :)!

"But they may take our lives, but they'll never take our FREEDOM!!!"

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I suggest use NMM for easy installation or another simple mod manager. You can install it manually too, just decompress the file and put Data folder into the game folder (/Data ... xP)

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Very thanks and well deserved credits to the authors of the resources used to make possible this very immersive main menu, thank you so much for your talented work from images to music and sound effects.

I really hope this mod also helps you to promote you and your work.

Main menu game resources
Mod name: Main Menu Replacer The Dragonborn Comes
Author: KittenKingexe
Mod resources:
\Data\Textures\interface\objects\ (blank)

Image: Background main menu "Stormcloaks holding on"
Tittle of the image: Capture Solitude!
Author: LordHayabusa357

Tittle: Braveheart Meets Metal
Author: 331Erock

Title:OST TES V: Skyrim - The Age of Oppression (Fingerstyle Guitar Cover)

Sound effects
Sound: Medieval Siege Battle
Tittle: D&D Ambience | Medieval Siege Battle | Catapults, Balistas, Walls Attacked
Author: Michael Ghelfi - RPG Ambiences & Music

Sound: Thunder02
author: Edvin25

Bethesda for TES V: Skyrim SE

By Maredark3D