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This mod uses scripts to actively change the colors of racemenu overlays based on conditions selected in the MCM.

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LE Version

Upgrading to V0.2 requires a clean save.


This mod uses scripts to modify the color of racemenu overlays depending on a variety of MCM driven factors.  For each overlay slot you can capture 3 colors, a minimum, a maximum, and a "pulse".  Based on which driver and min/max you select for each slot the corresponding script will adjust the color of that slot, either continuously updating if a stat is selected, or updated via triggers so that it's less resource intensive.  The "pulse" comes as a separate condition that can be selected, this will apply the "pulse" color and then fade down once the condition is no longer met.  I've included a "get all" button in the MCM for each so that you can pre set min / max / pulse in racemenu and pull all of each type at once since doing otherwise would take forever.  I currently accommodate up to 30 body slots, 12 hand slots, 12 feet slots and 12 face slots, with checks run at game load to see if this number has changed.  Has FISS integration once you have things set where you like them.  This mod currently does not check if other mods are working on the slots chosen, so please be mindful of other mods when picking your slots as things could get messy if you're using another mod that changes slot colors.

Warning: there is currently no restore previous color button so if you turn off the mod after colors have been changed they will remain at their current colors, you'll have to redo any overlay colors via racemenu at that point.  Also, this being my first attempt at scripting, use at your own risk.

I've tested the SE version but I've been mostly playing LE lately.  Please let me know if you find anything game breaking.  Most effects are spell based and the menu script removes all of them and adds them back if the main switch is active each time you load and each time you close the MCM, so to remove the mod just turn off the main switch in the MCM and you should be good to uninstall.


The color drivers are:
  • Any skill
  • Character level
  • Armor level
  • Any stat
  • Magic resist (V0.2)
  • Game time increase / decrease (V0.2)
  • Frostfall player exposure (V0.2)
The pulse conditions are:
  • None (default)
  • On skill level increase, only if the slot driver is a skill, only when that skill increases
  • On character level up
  • On combat, including drawing weapon, spell or just entering combat
  • On being hit
  • On casting a spell
  • Continuous (V0.2)


This is the first mod I've made that I'm putting out there, also my first foray into scripting.  As such I would appreciate feedback if anybody takes a peek under the hood on ways to improve / optimize things.  I couldn't find any mods out there that did anything like this when I had the idea so I started coding.  I've probably re-written these scripts 5 times each as I figured out how things worked.

SkyUI - for MCM
RaceMenu - for the overlays
FISS - technically optional

I've built in compatibility for some mods found on LL.

Conflicts with any other mod that plays with overlay colors, like RaceMenu - Animated Overlays.  This mod can be made to play nice with that one by leaving any slots controlled by Animated Overlays deactivated in this mod.  The same goes for any other mods, like Bathing in Skyrim, that adjust color or alpha of an overlay slot.

Known Bugs:
  • For some reason the color swatch doesn't always recognize certain values from the blue color component slider, but the slot color definition works anyway, no idea why this sometimes happens.
  • There are certain occasions where the pulse function will miss a condition, such as pulling out and putting away a weapon several times too rapidly.  To fix this simply cycle through weapon out / away giving a second pause after each action.
  • If you are casting spells in rapid succession the script monitoring that may miss a trigger and you might end up holding a spell without the pulse active.  To fix this put the spell away or finish casting, the script should catch the next iteration.
  • Even though I deleted all the spell names so they didn't generate notification spam I still get a single instance of a notification " added " that happens, not sure how to stop that.

Thanks to Hawk9969 , and Monoman1.  And I'm not sure who all else, I dug through so many scripts trying to figure out what I was doing.