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About this mod

Do you believe in gravity? Aren't all encounters a form of gravity? There's a reason why all encounters happen.
This mod will add a lot of new spells related to JOJO, including weapons and houses. There are also a lot of other spells that my mind could think off.
You can check the description , prints or videos for more info.

Permissions and credits
Hello Stardust Crusader.

You can read the spoiler bellow for a brief introduction of this mod, more details are sorted on other spoiler sections that contain descriptions of the spells.  There is a new mod focused on King Crimson made by ngovandang, go there and endorse him!
You can find the mod here:


  • >Just download and drop it on vortex, mo or whatever. You can also extract the .rar file on your SkyrimSpecialEdition\Data folder, but i wouldn't recomend this. You probably know that already.


  • >After you install the mod, on the first time you load your game you will notice a message:"Daxafagan's resist movement during slow time Perk successfully added to player." This means that the mod successfully added a custom perk that won't slow down your movements during the slow time effect, which is what happens normaly.
  • >Except the perk value, the tree on riverwood and the spots where Strenght Forever land this mod  just add stuff so in theory it is compatible with everything, please note that if you never sail with Strenght Forever it will never appear on the spots shown on the screenshots, this way you can avoid conflicts on those spots which might be overwritten by other mods. To be honest, since we got an amazing total of 0 complains about Strenght forever  i guess that's not an issue, i can't say the same to the tree on Riverwood, if you add a mod that overwrites that spot it's your doing, not mine.
  • >The spells are all inside an absolutely not suspect tree, which is crossing the river north near riverwood. 

  • Incompatibilities of this mod with other mods is not a problem (of this mod) but report anyway because i want to know if something conflicts with this mod, i may find a workaround, at least in theory it shouldn't. 
  • This mod doesn't
  1. Have balanced costs, magnitudes or durations. Some spells last until you choose to stop, some spells cost nothing but deal an absurd amount of damage or healing, some spells prevent dying.... some spells create lots of gold out of nowhere without costs....Etc. It's up to you to cast them, buy a d20 and roll for your own idk.
  2. Have a 100% accuracy on its intentions. I wanted to build each spell as equal as possibly, but some would be rather useless like PT 7 Schott Key No 1, others simply cannot be reproduced exactly, like PT 3 Strenght Forever. So i made adaptions on some spells, like the earlier 2. Some stands didn't get adaptions but maybe they will someday.
  3. Change or use base perks. 
  4. Change  or use base quests.
  5.  Change or edit anything at all on the base game.
  6. Change or edit any base meshes or textures.
  7. Change or edit the native cells or worldspaces native objects, see above what this mod changes.
  8. Have a 3d artist working on it. I honestly don't know how nifskope works, my custom meshes are result of trial and error.
  • This mod does:
  1. Add an invisible ship on each of Strenght Forever spots, the ship and the components are disabled until you use the spell to navigate the ship, avoiding issues with the ship loading somewhere that other mod edits, like let's say putting another ship there. 
  2. Allows killing essential actors, like Green Day, and making changes on their behaviour changing their actor values, like Heavens door, for example. These effects can only possibly happen if you cast the spell so it's on your hands to choose.
  3. Have overpowered spells.
  4. *Skips number 4 while putting more bullets*
  5. Create an Addon Node with the Node index 334. If somehow another mod also creates an addonnode with nodeindex 334 then it will conflict with the Ghostfire spells bc their flame addon is registered with this ID. To avoid that, the mod with higher priority wins, i can safely say you may want to choose the other mod because the visual effect added by this addon isn't a piece of art, i'm not an artist and i have less understanding about nifskope than interest to learn it, if something conflits with this addon node choose the other mod.
  6. Have the time stop problem in which you're stuck during time stop for all eternity to die of boredom or until you load your game back. This happens ONLY on Roar of time spell. Za Warudo and Star Platinum lasts at least 5 seconds, the duration can be extended if you keep your hands up and the effect has a small delay to deactivate during which a voice sound is played allowing you to sheathe your weapons then quickly draw then back before the timestop ends.
  7. Have a terrible description.

  • There is NO  support for Skyrim VR, Oldrim or whatever that isn't SSE, this mod is SSE only, at least i can guarantee it works in SSE, if you want to port it i totally encourage you, but that's the best i can do, i don't own skyrim vr or oldrim, can't test it and i don't even know what to do to port it to those games. Srsly i don't even ask for credits just port it if you know how to do it if you need help i can also lend a hand, but i don't own or plan to do it by myself because i can't test and won't use.
  • I removed the report bug tab and i will add it back only when a new update comes and only for a few weeks, known issues are listed bellow and on the comments. Honestly, i'm tired of every week someone complaining that can't find the tree without even making tests using only this mod and the base game. If you have issues make a comment but take in consideration that if your answer is on this description an answer may not come.
About this mod:

This is my attempt to JOJOFY your Skyrim, some Stands were not added or were adapted in order to fit on Skyrim, just for an example, Hermit Purple will not look like vines, but will have a purple shock effect instead.

I obviously don't own the sound files, the names or anything related to Jojo, but especially the sound files i had to cut from videos of the anime itself,  i tried to carefully select scenes with a better quality audio but on some of them you can hear the background if you pay attention.

Anyway, here's what this mod adds to your game:

5 weapons:

4 Armors:

Part 1: Phantom Blood

Part 2: Battle Tendency

Part 3: Stardust Crusaders


Part 4: Diamond Is Unbreakable

Part 5: Golden Wind

Part 6: Stone Ocean

Part 7:Steel Ball Run

Steel ball
Launches a steel ball that damages targets
Ball breaker
Damage and induce dramatic senescence in a target.
Tusk 1
Shoot spin nails. Does a lot of damage. Spin can affect higher (and lower) dimensions aetherizing daedra and dragons.
Tusk 2
Golden rectangle nails deals massive damage and spawns a blackhole that follows target. You can remove the effect by recasting if you want, if not the blackhole will follow target until it dies.
Tusk 3
"Spatial wormhole. Create a blackhole at target spot, you are launched there and enters the event horizon. Effetivly disappearing from the world and stoping combat. You return after a few seconds.
Tusk 4
Traps target in an infinite rotation. Deals damage accordly to the golden ratio (10%, 20%, 30%, 50%, 80% of target max health)
Ticket to Ride
 Toggleable. While active enemies and misfortune will run away from you. You're also immune to everything.
Cream starter Meat spray
Launches a flesh and blood spray at target. If ally heals it, if enemy causes paralyze and crippling damage. The effect can only be stopped on enemies by recasting the spell.
Mandom can reset all actors time in a few area you also heal your stats.This is the closest i can get to "reset time"
D4CSpawns a clone of target actor. If this clone gets close enough from the original they're pulled towards each other Then dies.
Immunity for 12 seconds
Wrecking Ball
Damage + Paralyze for 5 sec
Oh Lonesome me
ROPE TRANSFER separate segments of your body allowing to reach a far away spot. You become invisible and muffled on this rope form.
Boku no Rhytm wo kiitekure
Create a bomb hazard, enemies that step on it explode.
Catch the Rainbow
Allows flying whenever you’re with hands up, also gains more speed.  When you sheathe your hands the flying  return to normal. Only turn off the spell when you’re on the ground with collisions ON. 
Tattoo you!
When attacked, spawn a clone, those clones disappear at the end of combat
Tubular bells
Spawn an inflated lockpick with the form of a wolf, the wolf charge upon enemies, if it reaches them it explodes, launching lockpicks under targets skin and dealing massive damage.
20th century boy
When you sneak you're immune, that's it
Civil war
Remote kill brings ghosts
Chocolate disco
Spawns an invisible marker, whenever you’re hit by a spell, the marker casts the spell targeting the original caster. Markers disappear after 15 seconds.;
Hey ya: Super Luck!
Makes you essential, you can’t die while using Hey Ya. When your health reaches almost 0 you will fully recover, out of nowhere besides luck. Hey Ya also changes the initial spot of your picklocks, basically every picklock starts at their sweet spot. Enemies that hit you, sometimes, drop additional loot. Additionally, sometimes when you’re walking Hey Ya may ask you to sneak, doing so will find a treasure dig on ground. IDK lol. Finally, sometimes during walks and changes of locations Hey Ya may say something to lift you up.
Scary monsters: Infection:
Kills target actor and spawns a dragon "dinosaur" on their spot, the dragon obeys you but never leaves the cell.
WiredPlace a bait on the target spot. Whenever someone steps onto it they will be violently launched towards you. Target is paralyzed for 5 seconds.
Scary Monsters
Transforms you into a dinosaur (argonian lol) You gain increased speed, health, stamina, regenerations and attack speed. It also equips you with "Claws" an unarmed weapon that has a fast attack speed.

Part 8 - jojolion

Paisley Park
Hack and Control technology - Convince dwarven stuff to fight by your side.
Doggy Style
Pell yourself in strings and quickly travel to target spot. If you find any enemies a mark is left on your original spot then pursuits enemies on the target area, for each enemie you teleport behind it and attack tying knots  on them that pushes and gives damages. Then you return back, hit and quit. If you don't find any enemies you'll just teleport there.
California king bed
Steal memories of target. Then erases any bounty you have adding any gold needed to pay the debts.
Born this way
Create a powerful forcewave filled with frost magicka energy. This wave freezes targets and gives a reasonable amount of damage.
Killer queen part 7
bubble projectile with explosion
Nut king call
Dissamble target joints...specially his neck
Paper moon king
Summon an origami, the origami finds its way to the target and applies a random illusion effect like fear, rage or calm.
King nothing
Marks an actor on cast. On recast, teleport you to him. Only usable on Unique targets.
Speed king
Creates a flame hazard on target spot. Enemies that touch it catch flames
Love Love Deluxe
Spawns a hair at target spot.Enemies that touch it take damage.
Space trucking
Spawns your safe to store stuff.
Awaking 3 leaves 
Changes target position to a random one.
Spawn leaves on the spot. Enemies that touch them are marked. After 2 seconds, they return to the leaves, if the leaves still exist, reapply the mark.
I'm a rock
Marks target that starts attracting rocks, giving damage and pushing . 
Brain storm 
Brain Storm is a bacterial-like Stand that Urban Guerrilla sends out of his hands, which can melt the flesh of anyone touching it.

Ozon Baby
Spawns the whitehouse or something.  automatically begins to cause atmospheric pressure anomalies and pushes actors to direction of the house, giving several damage to closer targets. 
Doctor Wu
Grave transformation: Transforms you into gravels. Those gravels form a dust cloud that damages near enemies. You're invisible, silenced and can fly. Toggleable.
Fun Fun Fun
Convince target actor to fight by your side
Doobie Wah! manifests itself inside a small but highly destructive tornado and implacably pursues a target. The cyclones activate or deactivate the effect and the target keeps casting them relentlessly
Schott Key no 1
Schott Key no 1 can only be cast from your right hand. This spell will cast the spell on the left hand for free. For 5 seconds spells have no costs and concentration spells on your left hand will be cast for this duration.
Schott Key no 2
Schott Key no 2 will spawn a poison gas bomb on the area.
Vitamin C
Liquidify target making a pool of goo.
Milagro Man
Marks a target with Milagro Man, the effect will remain for days,randomly pushing the victim away and spawning a lot of gold on the spot.
Blue Hawaii 
Posses target body. For you convinience, the target then enters on a berserk mode attacking anyone.

Not related to JoJo 

Version 1.1:

Known Issues:

1-Sometimes, the corpses laid by remote kill stands cannot be looted or remain standing. You can quick save/load this sometimes work, or exit the cell and enter back(This always fixed the issue for me) . Killing essential actors is obviously a mistake, but hey i also hate some essential NPCs so i won't stop you from killing them.

2-Shadow of Sithis and Grey Tower sometimes makes the target tremble in a weird way. I don’t know why this happens so honestly I don't know how to fix, anyway, it should be no problem after the shaking body lies on the ground.

3-Sometimes you can’t deactivate the Roar of Time. Quick save/load might solve the problem, this happens to almost all Stop Time mods, just use Za Warudo or Star Platinum if you want a better timestop spell, read the description of it. This problem won’t happen on Star Platinum or Za Warudo because on them there is a condition to stop both spells, which is sheathing your hands after the initial 5 sec passed.


5- ...

6-Your description is terrible.
I confess i didn't try my best but i also confess that even if i did, it wouldn't look awesome like some other mods here.


Why the FAQ is empty?
Apparently no one reads the FAQ anyway, I literally placed the problems on the start of this description and i found no other issue during tests with the base game so just to make sure it's easy to understand:
Besides the problems listed above on the known issues there is NO problems found until now using only the base game and this mod which is exactly what i planned.

If you ask questions that are answered on this description i may answer but no guarantee that this will happen in our lifetime, you can't expect me to bother answering the same questions if you can't bother to read the description or the comments tab.