Skyrim Special Edition

About this mod

Do you believe in gravity? Aren't all encounters a form of gravity? There's a reason why all encounters happen.
This mod will add a lot of new spells related to JOJO, including weapons and houses. There are also a lot of other spells that my mind could think off.
You can check the description , prints or videos for more info.

Permissions and credits
Hello Stardust Crusader.

You can read the spoiler below for a brief introduction of this mod, more details are sorted on other spoiler sections that contain descriptions of the spells.  Also THANK YOU to the amazing community that shares mod resources without BS bureaucracy , this mod uses shared assets, so please endorse these amazing content creators,this mod would be incomplete without their work. You can check the Permissions and credits section for details. There is a new mod focused on King Crimson Stand made by ngovandang, go there and endorse him!
You can find the mod here:

Oldrim port:

>Just download and drop it on vortex, mo or whatever. You can also extract the .rar file on your SkyrimSpecialEdition\Data folder, but I wouldn't recommend this. You probably know that already.


>After you install the mod, on the first time you load your game you will notice a message:"Skyrim has been JOJOFIED." This means that the mod successfully added a custom perk that won't slow down your movements during the slow time effect and also all scrolls to Sugar Mountain which will have the spells you need.
>Except the perk value, the tree on riverwood and the spots where Strength Forever land this mod  just add stuff so in theory it is compatible with everything, please note that if you never sail with Strength Forever it will never appear on the spots shown on the screenshots, this way you can avoid conflicts on those spots which might be overwritten by other mods. To be honest, since we got an amazing total of 0 complaints about Strength forever  i guess that's not an issue, i can't say the same to the tree on Riverwood, if you add a mod that overwrites that spot it's your doing, not mine.
>The spells are all inside an absolutely not suspect tree, or on sugar mountain, you can use the scroll to get there or access a door near the tree spot, which is crossing the river north near riverwood. 

Incompatibilities of this mod with other mods is not a problem (of this mod) .

OLDRIM, SKYRIM VR ARE NOT SUPPORTED, but as said above, a kind soul ported it, go thank him and give kudos.

Also I obviously don't own the sound files, the names or anything related to Jojo, but especially the sound files I had to cut from videos of the anime itself. 

This mod doesn't:

  • Have balanced costs, magnitudes or durations. Some spells are toggleable (on and off) and will last until you choose to stop, some spells cost nothing but deal an absurd amount of damage or healing, some spells prevent dying.... Some spells create lots of gold out of nowhere without costs....Etc. It's up to you to cast them, buy a d20 and roll for your own idk.
  • Have a 100% accuracy on its intentions. I wanted to build each spell as equal as possibly, but some would be rather useless on skyrim context like PT 7 Schott Key No 1, others simply cannot be reproduced exactly, like a resetting the timeline or jumping back to the past (use a quicksave dammit), or a crazy ass ship that can move walls PT 3 Strength Forever. So I made adaptations on some spells, like the earlier 2. Some stands didn't get adaptations but maybe they will someday.
  • Change or use base perks. 
  • Change  or use base quests.
  •  Change or edit anything at all on the base game.
  • Change or edit any base meshes or textures.
  • Change or edit the native cells or worldspaces native objects, see above what this mod changes.
  • Have a 3d artist working on it. I honestly don't know how nifskope works, my custom meshes are the result of trial and error.

This mod does:

  • Add an invisible ship on each of Strength Forever spots, the ship and the components are disabled until you use the spell to navigate the ship, avoiding issues with the ship loading somewhere that other mod edits, like let's say putting another ship there. 
  • Allows killing essential actors, like Green Day, and making changes on their behavior changing their actor values, like Heaven's door, for example. These effects can only possibly happen if you cast the spell so it's on your hands to choose.
  • Have overpowered spells.
  • *Skips number 4 while adding more bullets*
  • Create an Addon Node with the Node index 334. If somehow another mod also creates an addon node with node index 334 then it will conflict with the Ghostfire spells because their flame addon is registered with this ID. To avoid that, the mod with higher priority wins, i can safely say you may want to choose the other mod because the visual effect added by this addon isn't a piece of art, i'm not an artist and i have less understanding about nifskope than interest to learn it, if something conflicts with this addon node choose the other mod.
  • A complete description of the spells separated by parts, read it before asking questions please.

So about the mod:
This is my attempt to JOJOFY your Skyrim, some Stands were not added or were adapted in order to fit on Skyrim, just for an example, Hermit Purple will not look like vines, but will have a purple shock effect instead.

To adapt the stands better, they have archetypes that i used to divide them:

Fire and forget: 

Just cast it and forget it, like Gold Experience healing, CrossFire Hurricane or Hierophant Green Emerald Splash. This is the vanilla spell that once cast will do damage, or healing or whatever and stop after the cast is off. Most stands are under this archetype.


These stands can be be toggled on and last until a condition toggles it off, like Star Platinum Time Stop, Hey Ya, Foo Fighters and others.
Generally, most of them can be toggled off by recasting, giving you full control on when to start and stop the effect, but some require an specific action detailed on the Spell description. These actions can be: 
Sheathing your hands AKA raising down  your hands (star platinum and za warudo uses it). usually pressed by R.
Running, yes Running, sprinting or whatever they’re calling today, usually pressed with the ALT key. (Ghostform for example)
Sneaking aka crouching, usually by pressing CTRL key. (Stops the god mode of the Stone Mask, gods don't hide themselves).

Remote Kill Stand

These stands will add a passive effect on the target that will eventually kill them after some ingame hours, remote stands work on a loop of events that may:
Spawn bombs on them, drop enemies to floor, spawn items,  spawn enemies, spawn fish and make sounds to alert you that the remote stand is doing its job.
At the end the target will be killed and the effect will disappear, leaving any items behind.
A few examples: 
Judgment  can make wishes come true, so it can summon lots of gold, items and sometimes an angry zombie. 
Clash will spawn a fish that will pursue the target.
Empress will eat and leave bloody flesh on spot.

Spread stand.

A spread stand will add a passive ability to a target, this can be a nasty effect or an amazing buff. Remote kill stands mentioned above are spread stands, you can deactivate them by recast if you don't want it to end the victim.
Spread stands are permanent. Permanent means it will last forever or until you choose to remove it by casting again on the same target, examples of spread stands are:
Boiling water Stand - Adds a permanent stand that boils the user from inside, giving damage each second until the stand is removed or the user dies. 
Lovers - Adds a permanent effect that synchronizes your health to the target, whenever you’re hit the target also is with double the damage inflicted, causing double of the damage inflicted to you and staggering it to the floor.

Hammon additional effects.


In addition to  casting spells, if you have Hamon! Breath! active (check part 1 spell) some spells will have different effects. Hermit purple, for example, will annihilate an undead target if hold for enough time, killing it and transforming it in glitter dust.
Bubblebeam will cause more damage to undead and explodes on impact, without hamon it’s just bubbles that give small damage.

So let’s proceed to the description of each item and spell added.

5 weapons:

Anubis: Greatsword  2h
Can be bound via spell, it's a superfast greatsword, a non-bound version is also available on the tree.

Pluck Sword: Greatsword 2h
A moderated fast greatsword which has an enchantment that will deal increasing solar damage based on how much undead you killed with the blade.

MudaMuda Fists - Unarmed 2h- Want to roleplay Dio? I got you. Using these fists you're going to hit fast strikes shouting Dio's line. Bound spell available.

OraOra Fists - Unarmed 2h - So you want to ORAORA your foes? Ok I got you too. Bound spell available.

Shehai - I made this for my redguard and decided to include it just in case someone wants. A spirit sword just for you. Bound spell available.

4 Armors:

The Stone Mask
If you are wearing the stone mask and at some point look at the sun you will activate god mode, an invisible explosion will push some people and stuff near you when the time returns. You can  deactivate the effect by crouching on the console if you want to revert the effect. To do that use the ‘ button or “  to open the console and type TGM.

Dark Clothes - A Miraak version without enchantments, so you can enchant with your broken stuff. I did this because the robes are fabulous, don't you agree?
Dark Gloves and boots- The gloves aren't so nice, the boots also, but here they are just in case.

Part 1: Phantom Blood

Dio’s Bite - Lesser Power
If target health is less than 20% this spell will kill the actor by biting its neck, doing so will increase your health, magicka and stamina by 1. If not paralyzes a target for 1 second

Dio’s Laser - Lesser Power
Start shooting lasers from your eyes, the laser deals moderate damage. Sheathe to dispel.

Dio’s Mesmerize - Lesser Power
Seduce the target , making it peaceful towards you again.

Dio's Thrall - Lesser Power
A dead thrall lesser power.

Hamon Breathing - Lesser Power
Through self-controlled respiration you manifest Hamon energy, drastically increasing your stamina regeneration. Enables special effects to some spells. You will also walk on water. Lasts until toggled off.

Hamon Scarlet Overdrive - Lesser Power
Ignites yourself in fire and become cloaked by it,  it deals moderate fire damage to nearby targets.

Hamon Turquoise Blue Overdrive - Lesser Power
“While underwater” you can channel Hamon to  release high powered tempests  the water will throw actors away. Since this mod doesn't requires SKSE i can't check if you're really underwater, so you’re always underwater 

Sunlight Yellow Overdrive - Lesser Power
Upon activation it doubles your attack speed. If a target hits you with a weapon Hamon will leak to the weapon activating Metal Silver Overdrive, damaging the weapon wielder and knocking it down. If it’s an undead, a Sun Mark will be added to the target actor. Attacking targets with Sun Marks will launch Sunlight Yellow Overdrive, exploding the target undead and violently launching it as its corpse disintegrates. Take care of where the body will fall so you can loot it safely. Lasts until toggled off.

Hamon Smite - Restoration 1h
Smite targets with hamon. Undead take triple damage and add a sun mark used by other spells.

Hamon Heal -
A healing spell that doesn't add experience. Nice...i guess.

Hamon Resonate! - Lesser Power Toggleable
Resonates hamon on your body increasing your total stamina. Power attacks cast a hamon wave. Weapon attack speed is increased. Lasts until toggled off.
HamonHallow - Lesser power
Grants 100% spell absorption for 30 seconds.

Part 2: Battle Tendency

BubbleBeam - Destruction 2H
Continually shoots bubbles at target, the bubbles damages both health and Stamina

BubbleBeam Hamon - Destruction 2H
In addition to the damage the bubbles will explode and push actors to the ground. This is automatically swapped with the above spell if you have the Hamon! Breath! toggled on.

Divine Sandstorm - Lesser Power
Creates a huge hurricane at the target spot, the hurricane will pull nearby actors to its center, dealing damage.

Hamon Cackler - Lesser Power
Shoots a Cackler with Hamon energy, the light ball will deal more damage to undead targets. Adds a Sun Mark if the target is undead used by other spells.

Red Flame Erratic Blaze King - Lesser Power
Covers you on heat waves. It will heat nearby targets and absorb their health. I can’t stretch your blood vessels, sorry.

Kars Doppelganger - Lesser Power
Spawns a shadow clone of you, the clone is immune to everything and will exist until you sheathe your hands. In theory it can use any spell you know, so probably it will use your best one, which surely is Flames.

KARLS SPACE Launch - Alteration 1h
Stagger a target and push it towards space, let vacuum take care of it. Upon reaching the skies a Plim will be heard. The target will eventually fall down, good luck finding the body or if the fall damage doesn't take care of it, good luck finding the target again.

Part 3: Stardust Crusaders

Star Platinum - Lesser Power 
Stop time for at least 5 sec then time will continue stopped until you sheathe your hands.

Summon Star Platinum - Lesser Power
Summons Star Platinum, which by default is equipped with the Ora Ora Fists that you can bind on yourself with another spell.

Magician's Red Cross Fire Hurricane - Lesser Power and Destruction 1H
Shoots a cross of flame at target leaving a trail of flames, if the cross hits a target successfully it will spawn a Fire Hurricane that will damage nearby actors and explode after a while.

Hermit Purple - Alteration 1h 
Launches a “vine” and grabs the target actor. If you have Hamon and Hermit Purple hit an undead target it will add a Sun Mark to target undead. Holding the target with a sun mark for 3 seconds will cast Hermit Purple Hamon Overdrive which will OHKO an undead target.

Hierophant Green Emerald Splash - Destruction 1H
This is it, a machine gun of “Emeralds”

Silver Chariot - Lesser Power
Summons Silver Chariot who will fight for you.  It attacks with great speed and moves very fast. Like all summonable stands, they are invulnerable.

The Fool - Sand Stream - Alteration 1H
Shoot a sand stream at your front, enemies caught will be paralyzed for a while and will receive moderate damage.

The Fool Cyclone - Destruction 1h
Fires a small cyclone that will throw people away.

The Fool Sand Cloak - Lesser Power
A cloak made of a whirlwind of sand. Enemies that get too close will be pushed away.

Tower of Gray · Conjuration 1H
Summons Tower of Gray, a quick and lethal bug stand. The stand will fly quickly and will always try to decapitate your enemies. Sometimes the bodies will remain standing and you can’t loot them, if you get out of the cell and come back this will be solved, quick saving and loading sometimes solves it too. I don’t know why this happens so i don’t know what i should do really. Just assume it will do and use caution.

Dark Blue Moon · Lesser Power
Dark Blue Moon will increase your “Swim” speed. Due to the fact that I'm not using SKSE (for now) I can't check if your player is swimming, which makes the effect valid on land too.

Strength Forever Teleport Home - Lesser Power
Who said that all stands needed to have a fighting purpose? This will teleport you to your ship home stand. The ship includes a navigation system to some places, please see images, the ship will not be on two locations at the same time and you can always teleport back to your ship if you forget where you landed it. Using the door will make a save game every time you use it. Beware that using tha teleport will mark the place where you cast it, the nex time you cast the spell you will return back to the place. Hopefully this will make it easy for you to go home and drop your stuff.

Ebony Devil- Conjuration 1h
Cast Ebony Devil on target actor, this is a remote stand that will kill its target after some time, it will make 2 - 3 attacks on target before killing it. With a chance of a critical hit. Each attack will place an oil pool and on the last one a flame pot will detonate on target, killing it . Like all Remote Stands, you will hear when your stand makes an attack.

Yellow Temperance - Lesser Power Toggleable
Yellow Temperance is a toggleable stand, by turning it on you become essentially immune to damage, beware that this does not include some types of damage, like drowning damage.

Hanged Man ·Lesser Power
I can’t predict if you hit a reflective object or not, just blink away. Teleports you wherever you aim it.

Emperor · Lesser Power
I don’t know how to create a gun. Sorry. Instead take this crossbow which reloads fast and shoots even faster.

Empress · Conjuration 1h
Like Ebony Devil this is a remote stand, it will kill the target after some random ingame HOURS. It will throw bloody bones as it devours the target.  Like all Remote Stands, you will hear when your stand makes an attack.

Wheel of Fortune · Conjuration 1h
Well I didn't make a car, instead you get an overpowered horse. Like all Skyrim horses it can climb mountains, I guess this makes the horse a perfect substitute for a car. The horse will not bother you in your fights because its fighting behavior is set to run like a critter. This horse runs so fast that you will quickly accept it as your new friend. Also, it can walk on water and has amazing stamina.

Justice · Lesser Power
This is the ritual stone that will also place a mist. The mist will not move and will be deleted after some minutes (300 seconds actually, these seconds only count if you're not on a menu).

Lovers ·Conjuration 1h
Spread Lovers on target, when you take damage, the infected target will fall on ground and take double damage.

The Sun · Destruction 1h
Spawns the sun above your head, it will shoot lasers on nearby targets, beware that it will not select a target, anyone that is not you can be a potential target. The Sun will switch targets constantly.

Death 13 ·Conjuration 1h
Remote stand that will kill the target next time he/she sleeps.

Judgment · Conjuration 1h
Another Remote Stand, it will kill targets after some tries. First it will spawn a zombie then it will drown the target in gold, if the zombie wasn't enough to kill it, of course. Like all Remote Stands, you will hear when your stand makes an attack.

High Priestess ·Lesser Power
High Priestess will create a mineral tool you can use. If you choose her to create a lockpick for 10 seconds the lockpick will always find the correct position to open the door or chest or whatever.

Geb · Conjuration 1H
This is another Remote Stand, it will kill the target after some hours pursuing it. You can hear the waters moving which tells you when the stand attempted a kill or an attack.

Thoth · Lesser Power
Toggles Thoth, which will show the way to your current quest. Cast again to turn off.

Anubis ·Conjuration 1h
Bound a superfast sword, non bound weapon also available.

Bastet Alteration 1h
I can't check which nearby items are magnetic or not, but I can make actors magnetic, so that's what I did. Casting it again on an infected actor will remove the effect. Killing it should do it too.

Osiris · Lesser Power
Soul Trap effect, you don't need a soul gem tho. If the target dies you will get a soul chip.

Horus · Destruction 1h
Omg much ice, many explosions.
Launch a whirlwind of ice that will freeze targets. A blizzard effect will appear if it hits someone, it also affects you too, i don't know why, the effect won't do much damage to you but will freeze targets and damage them during the frozen effect. 

Horus ·Blizzard
Summons a blizzard next to you

Atum ·Lesser Power
Soul Trap effect, you don't need a soul gem tho. If the target dies you will get a soul doll.

Tenor Sax· Alteration 2h
Create nice furniture which will last for 1 ingame hour. Check prints for the list

Cream ·Alteration 1H
Kill everyone in an area and remove their bodies from existence (aka sends them to a hidden cell), sometimes it removes targets that are far away from the circle, so beware that sometimes it will happen and that this spell can break quests by removing essential actors from the game.

The World
?? ??'? ??? ???? ???? ?? ????? ?? ???? ℙ???????

Khnum - Illusion
Khnum can shape your face, making you look like a guard, or the owner of some object.While active crime is ignored guards can hit anyone and owners can get any item, or something

BoundOra - Conjuration 1h
Ok you don’t want anything but to use your fists? I got you. Here it is, with these you can ORAORAORAORA Nirn.

Bound MudaMuda - Just like Bound ORAORA this is an unarmed bound weapon spell, the weapon non power attack sound is just like Dio's MUDA MUDA MUDA.

ZaWarudoSummon - Just like star platinum, this will summon Za Warudo to fight, Za Warudo wields MUDA MUDA fists by default. (Suggestion made on comments section)

Part 4: Diamond Is Unbreakable

Crazy Diamond ·Restoration 1h
Heals target actor.

The Hand ·Conjuration 1h
Kill target actor in range, the body will disappear (and the loot)

The Hand Pull- Conjuration 1h
Erase space and bring your enemy (or ally) close to you, the pull is very fast. (Suggestion made on comments section)

Echoes Act 3! Freeze! Alteration 1h
Freezes the target actor, the effect is stronger the closer you are to your target. Go far away to dispel the effect.

Heaven's Door · Lesser Power
A ridiculous powerful pacifier effect. Forces actors to like you.

Aqua Necklace · Lesser Power
Take control of the target NPC, other NPCs will attempt to attack it, you can't attack while controlling the target but you can move, the target will attack by itself. Sheathe to dispel.

Bad Company ·Lesser Power
Spawn 5 mini soldiers that will fight for you on the spot you are. Sheathe to dispel.

Red Hot Chili Pepper · Lesser Power
This will cloak you with an electric aura, you absorb all shock damage which will increase your speed. Cast again to remove the effect (and the speed).

The Lock · Conjuration
A remote kill stand that will fill the target with regrets before finally killing it.

Surface ·Illusion 1h
Forces target to move when you move. The movement is mirrored so it's a bit complicated to control the target, as a tip: Try to look to where the target is facing.

Love Deluxe ·Lesser Power
Love Deluxe will spread terror and fear as you force people to love you.

Pearl Jam ·Lesser Power
I could make some awesome foods using one of the various amazing resources but it will probably require compatibility with other mods that use food like survival mods and stuff. I don't want to have compatibility problems so let's just give you a nice buff shall we? When you activate it will add a spell. The next time you eat a food, if this food has a keyword (Vendor something food) you will get a nice buff. 

Ratt ·Lesser Power
Ratt will add a buff that will last until you shoot an arrow. This buff enables a great zoom when using bows and will shoot along the arrow a superfast poison projectile. If the poison kills the target the body will be replaced by a ghostly goo.

Harvest ·Conjuration 1h
Harvest will open target inventory so you can steal stuff.

Cinderella ·Lesser Power
Opens a limited visual menu.

Highway Star · Destruction 1h
A drain life spell that actually is useful.

Superfly ·Lesser Power
Spawns Superfly Totem and immediately spreads a magnet effect on everyone nearby. If the magnet effect is successfully spread on target a shock effect will appear on its body, the victim cannot move away from the totem while it has the effect. Activating the totem will cast the spread again, which will release actors with the effect and capture actors without.

Enigma ·Lesser Power
Soul Trap effect, you don't need a soul gem tho. If the target dies you will get a soul paper.

Atom Heart Father ·Lesser Power
Add a buff that will last for 24 hours or until you die. The next time you would die it makes you invisible, removes you from combat and fully restores you. Then remove the invisibility.

Stray Cat ·Restoration 1h
A wind magic ward that will completely negate spells. Almost no cost.

Killer Queen First Bomb Destruction 1h
This spell will place a bomb on target spot, on the next cast the bomb will detonate dealing severe damage to nearby actors.

Killer Queen Bomb Transmutation Destruction 1h
This spell will transform the target actor into a bomb, then detonate it. Instantly killing the target and leaving no remains.
Achtung BabyUpon - Lesser power
Activate you become invisible and muffled, the effect lasts for 1 minute and attacking ends the invisibility.
Highway star - Destruction 1h
Absorb 10 health for 10 seconds from the target.

Part 5: Golden Wind

Gold Experience 
This is a complicated stand, virtually it can create any Alchemy ingredient and spawn any animal or life. This stand has so many possibilities and solutions that honestly it would be awesome to make a mod only with Gold Experience spells but in a nutshell it would be a summon creature mod.Instead I present you 3 spells + 1 Spell for Requiem, hopefully they will be interesting enough for you. 

Gold Experience Animal Spawn Restoration 1h
Spawns a random animal to fight for you on target, the animal will not leave the place until it gets killed, the beast will not attack you tho, unless...

Gold Experience Heal Lesser Power
Heals you by 30 for 3 seconds

Gold Experience Vegetal Spawn Restoration 1h
Spawns an ingredient plant on target actor, effect will depend on which ingredient is spawned. 
The effect can vary between damaging a little health with nirnroot or OHKO with Jarrin Root.

Gold Experience Requiem ·Alteration 1h
Trap a target actor on a forever loop. The target will keep paralyzed and pulled to random directions until you deactivate the spell or kill the target.
The projectile will reach the actor then teleports you and Gold Experience, which will not shut up. Sorry, I don't know what I did wrong.

Sticky Fingers ·Lesser Power
Sticky fingers will move you behind the target actor.

Sex Pistols ·Lesser Power
This is one of my favorite spells, check the video for more detail. Upon activation Sex Pistols will add and equip an arrow, on the spot your arrow hits Sex Pistols will try to find up to 5 targets and shoot them, they will keep searching until it hits 5 shoots or you sheathe your hand, whatever happens first. But is so quick and so FUUUUUUUUUUUUNNNNNNN

Spice Girl ·Lesser Power
A toggleable buff that makes you immune to fall damage, i wanted to increase jump height but it will require SKSE.

Purple Haze Lesser Power
Cloaks you with a powerful cloud of virus that will kill anything near, I mean it, this virus doesn't care if it's undead or not. The victims will become a ghostly goo and bloody bones will be scattered.

Black Sabbath · Conjuration 1h
Adds a "Stand" to the target actor.

Soft Machine · Alteration 1h
Soft Machine will increase your carry capacity by withering your items, lasting for 1 hour.

Kraftwerk · Lesser Power
Cast to create an arrow that will aim to target. The arrow will be floating on air and you can spawn as many arrows as you want, they will only be shot when you sheathe. The arrow will shoot aiming for its original target, so even if the target moves when you release your arrows they will try to hit the target on its new place. If you're on the path of the projectile this will hit try not to kill yourself.

Little Feet · Alteration 1h
Reduce target size, pure cosmetical lasts for only some seconds.

Man in the Mirror · Lesser Power
Spawn an impenetrable barrier near you, activate it to dispel;

Mister President  Home cell - Lesser Power
Teleport you to Mr President. Mister President Home Cell, an adapted version of the room with an additional bedroom from the door and also the Mafia’s treasure.

Mister President Storage - Lesser Power
Access a non-respawn Safe to store your items. 

White Album - Lesser Power
White album activates an aura that will freeze everyone near you, also you will be covered by ice.

White Album  Iceform -  Lesser Power
Launch a freezing whirlwind, actors on its way will be frozen solid and covered in an icy block. 

Clash ·Conjuration 1h
Remote kill stand, watch as the killer fish kills the target, will require some time to kill.

Talking Head · Lesser Power
This is the same as a standard Rage illusion spell, but can hit anyone.

Metallica · Invisibility Lesser Power
Toggleable.Makes you invisible and muffled, you can activate stuff, open doors, pickpocket, hit and kill actors and the effect will persist, the invisibility will last until you deactivate the effect by casting the spell again which is my version of toggleable stuff.

Metallica ·Iron Magnet- Lesser Power 
Metallica will pull iron from everyone nearby, dropping them to the ground and spawning small iron objects.

Green Day · Destruction 1h
This spell can kill everyone in a city including essential actors, it will add a debuff that will check target height position, if it drops too much target will get heavy damage and spread the effect to nearby actors, if damage kills it sometimes the victim's body will be reduced to a ghostly goo. The spread effect is so strong that it can hit an entire city in a few minutes. 

Green Day · Lesser Power
The same of the above, but this one will not make others notice that you are spreading the effect.

Oasis · TCL Lesser Power
Just the same as using TCL on the console, it lasts until you sheathe.

Oasis-Destruction 1h
Throw mud at the target, the mud solidifies and falls as heavy boulders.

Rolling Stone · Conjuration 1h
Remote stand kill, the stone will pursue the target until it's dead. Like all Remote Stands, you will hear when your stand makes an attack except this one doesn't make sounds so....

Silver Chariot Requiem · Lesser Power
Activate Silver Chariot Requiem, while active you're immune to combat, cast again to turn off.

King Crimson - Lesser Power
Don't cast this several times in a row. Especially if the effect didn't end. Basically it will make you a ghost and slow time, lasts for 10 seconds or until you attack or activate something.

Aerosmith - Lesser power - Toggleable. While active you can detect allies, enemies and corpses . Ok I finally had an idea for Narancia (took a long time eh?). Using its radar it can find out every actor on the surroundings, bringing different colors for: Living, Undead, Machine, Daedra and Corpses.
Beach boy  - Alteration 1h 
Beach boy can grab an actor and bring it to you. Beach boy is essentially telekinesis. I tried to make a cool spell that rips hearts out but I couldn't because someone thought it would be a good idea to define telekinesis as a spell cast on yourself and not on targets. Sorry.

Part 6: Stone Ocean

Stone Free Web Pull - Lesser Power
This will create a web under you that will pull nearby actors towards its center

Stone Free ·String navigate - Lesser Power
Convert yourself into a string, you’re invisible and can walk around, if the distance limit is reached you return back to the initial spot. Cast again to return to the original spot. By doing so you will recover some wounds.

Stone Free ·String Shot -Alteration 1h
Shoots a string at the target spot, then moves to the location. Pretty much a hook spell.

Kiss · Alteration 1h
Create a clone of a target actor that will fight for you, if you sheathe both actors will be attracted to each other, which will push them towards then remove the clone.

·Burning Down the House · Lesser Power
Teleports you to your prison home cell, you won't have a bed here, sleep on the piano. Just kidding, I play the piano.

Foo Fighters · Lesser Power
Toggles an aura, while active you get a nice armor buff and also is more resilient to some elements.

·Weather Report · Lesser Power
Weather report menu will open a menu that you can select the weather

Weather Report Thunderstorms - Lesser Power
This spell will start a thunderstorm, the sky will shoot several lightning bolts on everyone.

Diver Down - Destruction 1h
OHKO spell that will literally dismember the target actor.

Goo Goo Dolls - Alteration 1h
Increase or decrease your size. Lower size has a bonus on sneaking and Higher size moves faster.

Manhattan Transfer - Lesser Power
Summon a dwarven spider and take control of it, you can move the spider to check places, the spider won't walk long before the game stops rendering the place, sheathe to dispel.

Jumpin' Jack Flash ·Lesser Power
Applies a 0g effect on everyone near, gas will accumulate which sometimes will start explosions, if several people are together the explosions can begin a domino effect.

Limp Bizkit ·Lesser Power
Reanimates a ghost for each corpse nearby. The ghosts are immune to everything and will last until you sheathe.

Survivor · Lesser power
Massive area Rage effect.

Planet Waves ·Lesser Power
Summons a rain of meteors.

Dragon's Dream · Lesser Power
Summon Dragon’s Dream, a powerful Dragon

Dragon’s Dream Command - Lesser Power
Commands Dragon’s Dream, this allows you to ride it. (And other dragons too, lol)

JailHouse Lock · Lesser Power
Cast on yourself, will last for some seconds (30), while active, by removing parts of one's memory  you can sell any type of item to a merchant and also stolen goods, the price of your sale will also increase.

Underworld ·Conjuration 1h
Remote Kill stand that will spawn a lot of explosions and war related items.

Whitesnake ·Destruction 1h
Steals target actor spell, then removes their magicka. This is to prevent them from casting again, because I can't actually remove a spell from an actor.

Whitesnake - Lesser Power
The same of the above, but a power

C-Moon -Lesser Power
Sends everyone in a large area flying, when you sheathe victims will be violently pushed to the ground

C-Moon Target - Lesser Power
The same but with only one victim.

Made in Heaven - Lesser Power
Opens a menu in which you can set the game timescale. Values higher than 60 will apply a shader on you.

Boiling water stand - Destruction 1h 
Add a permanent passive stand that boils its own user from the inside, damaging health constantly until the stand is removed by casting again.
Shifting gravity C-moon will push everyone away from you.

Green Green Grass of HomeCast to make everyone near you small. The effect is removed by distance.
Highway to hell
Marks an actor. Whenever you take damage, the target takes that damage as well, similar to The Lovers stand.

Melt your heart
Puts all nearby targets in a delusional dream-state covering them with authentic acids.

Sky High - Localized freeze.
Touch a target to steal the heat, deals  ice damage and slows the target for up to 10 seconds.

Part 7:Steel Ball Run

Steel ball
Launches a steel ball that damages targets
Ball breaker
Damage and induce dramatic senescence in a target.
Tusk 1
Shoot spin nails. Does a lot of damage. Spin can affect higher (and lower) dimensions aetherizing daedra and dragons.
Tusk 2
Golden rectangle nails deal massive damage and spawns a blackhole that follows the target. You can remove the effect by recasting if you want, if not the blackhole will follow the target until it dies.
Tusk 3
"Spatial wormhole. Create a blackhole at the target spot, you are launched there and enter the event horizon. Effectively disappearing from the world and stopping combat. You return after a few seconds.
Tusk 4
Traps target in an infinite rotation. Deals damage according to the golden ratio (10%, 20%, 30%, 50%, 80% of target max health)
Ticket to Ride
Toggleable. While active enemies and misfortune will run away from you. You're also immune to everything and misfortunes will keep happening to hostile actors.
Cream starter Meat spray
Launches a flesh and blood spray at target. If ally heals it, if enemy causes paralyze and crippling damage. The effect can only be stopped on enemies by recasting the spell.
Mandom can reset all actors time in a few area you also heal your stats.This is the closest i can get to "reset time"
Spawns a clone of the target actor. If this clone gets close enough from the original they're pulled towards each other Then dies.
Love Train
Immunity for 12 seconds
Wrecking Ball
Damage + Paralyze for 5 sec
Oh Lonesome me
ROPE TRANSFER separate segments of your body allowing you to reach a far away spot. You become invisible and muffled on this rope form.
Boku no Rhytm wo kiitekure
Create a bomb hazard, enemies that step on it explode.
Catch the Rainbow
Allows flying whenever you’re with hands up, and also gains more speed.  When you sheathe your hands the flying  returns to normal. Only turn off the spell when you’re on the ground with collisions ON. 
Tattoo you!
When attacked, spawn a clone, those clones disappear at the end of combat
Tubular bells
Spawn an inflated lockpick with the form of a wolf, the wolf charges upon enemies, if it reaches them it explodes, launching lockpicks under targets skin and dealing massive damage.
20th century boy
When you sneak you're immune to everything, that's it
Civil war
Remote kill brings ghosts
Chocolate disco
Spawns an invisible marker, whenever you’re hit by a spell, the marker casts the spell targeting the original caster. Markers disappear after 15 seconds.;
Hey ya: Super Luck!
Makes you essential, you can’t die while using Hey Ya. When your health reaches almost 0 you will fully recover, out of nowhere besides luck. Hey Ya also changes the initial spot of your picklocks, basically every picklock starts at their sweet spot. Enemies that hit you, sometimes, drop additional loot. Additionally, sometimes when you’re walking Hey Ya may ask you to sneak, doing so will find a treasure dig on the ground. IDK lol. Finally, sometimes during walks and changes of locations Hey Ya may say something to lift you up.
Scary monsters: Infection:
Kills target actor and spawns a dragon "dinosaur" on their spot, the dragon obeys you but never leaves the cell.
WiredPlace a bait on the target spot. Whenever someone steps onto it they will be violently launched towards you. Target is paralyzed for 5 seconds.
Scary Monsters
Transforms you into a dinosaur (argonian lol) You gain increased speed, health, stamina, regenerations and attack speed. It also equips you with "Claws" , an unarmed weapon that has a fast attack speed.
Mrs. Robinson
Spawns a goat of insects that deals 30 damage on targets per second. 

Part 8 - Jojolion

Paisley Park
Hack and Control technology - Convince dwarven stuff to fight by your side.
Doggy Style
Pell yourself in strings and quickly travel to the target spot. If you find any enemies a mark is left on your original spot then pursuits enemies on the target area, for each enemy you teleport behind it and attack, tying knots  on them that pushes and gives damage. Then you return back, hit and quit. If you don't find any enemies you'll just teleport there.
California king bed
Steal memories of the target. Then erases any bounty you have adding any gold needed to pay the debts.
Born this way
Create a powerful forcewave filled with frost magicka energy. This wave freezes targets and gives a reasonable amount of damage.
Killer queen part 7
bubble projectile with explosion
Nut king call
Disassemble target joints...especially his neck
Paper moon king
Summon an origami, the origami finds its way to the target and applies a random illusion effect like fear, rage or calm.
King nothing
Marks an actor on cast. On recast, teleport you to him. Only usable on Unique targets.
Speed king
Creates a flame hazard on the target spot. Enemies that touch it catch flames
Love Love Deluxe
Spawns a hair at target spot.Enemies that touch it take damage.
Space trucking
Spawns your safe to store stuff.
Awaking 3 leaves 
Changes target position to a random one.
Spawn leaves on the spot. Enemies that touch them are marked. After 2 seconds, they return to the leaves, if the leaves still exist, reapply the mark.
I'm a rock
Marks target that starts attracting rocks, giving damage and pushing . 
Brain Storm is a bacterial-like Stand that Urban Guerrilla sends out of his hands, which can melt the flesh of anyone touching it.

Ozon Baby
Spawns the whitehouse or something.  automatically begins to cause atmospheric pressure anomalies and pushes actors to the direction of the house, giving several damage to closer targets. 
Doctor Wu
Grave transformation: Transforms you into gravels. Those gravels form a dust cloud that damages nearby enemies. You're invisible, silenced and can fly. Toggleable.
Fun Fun Fun
Convince target actor to fight by your side
Doobie Wah
Doobie Wah! manifests itself inside a small but highly destructive tornado and implacably pursues a target. The cyclones activate or deactivate the effect and the target keeps casting them relentlessly
Schott Key no 1
Schott Key no 1 can only be cast from your right hand. This spell will cast the spell on the left hand for free. For 5 seconds spells have no costs and concentration spells on your left hand will be cast for this duration.
Schott Key no 2
Schott Key no 2 will spawn a poison gas bomb on the area.
Vitamin C
Liquify target making a pool of goo.
Milagro Man
Marks a target with Milagro Man, the effect will remain for days,randomly pushing the victim away and spawning a lot of gold on the spot.
Blue Hawaii 
Possess target body. For your convenience, the target then enters on a berserk mode attacking anyone.
Walking heart
By increasing the size of your…. heels.. you sprint forward. Costs a little stamina to cast. Similar to Whirlwind Sprint Shout.

Not related to JoJo 

Aetherize - Lesser Power
Makes you invulnerable for 1 minute or until you activate or atack.

Aurify - 1h alteration
Trasmutes a victim into gold ore. All loot will disappear, only the gold will remain.

Black Hole - Lesser Power
Essentially the same as cream.

Blink Hand - Alteration 1h
Essentially the same as Hanged man.

Blink - Lesser Power
Essentially the same as Hanged man.

Chaos Bolt - Destruction 1h
Fires a bolt in the form of a wyrm, when the projectile reaches the target it will explode, then search for a new target. The projectile can get stuck on walls and objects, in that case it will repeat the launches but they will never leave the spot. Sheathe to stop the chaos.

Drain essence - Destruction 1h
Ok, honestly i always wanted a spell that did and looked exactly the same as the staff of magnus, i learned to mod to do this so here it is: My first spell. More broken, I must say.

Falling Star - Lesser Power
The Sky goes gray and several golden projectiles start falling from the dark clouds, healing actors on impact. By default the projectiles will try to target you.

Planeswalk - Lesser Power
Teleport to the N mark, which is one of your 9 marks.

Planeswalk Mark - Lesser Power
Place a mark with number N on the target spot. By default they are all inside the Strength Forever Ship.

Psystrike - Alteration 1h
Essentially the same as a telekinesis, but this works on actors.

Random - Destruction 1h
The effect of the Wabbajack as a spell for you.

Roar Of Time - Lesser Power
This is the toggleable version of the stop time. As an advice, if you’re going to use this spell please also use Star Platinum or Za Warudo, just to make sure you can deactivate the slow time effect. Reloading will do most times if you have issues.

Sacred Fire - Lesser Power
Ho-oh signature move but has nothing to do with it. Starts an overpowered regeneration spell that will keep recovering your health quickly.

ShadowForce - Lesser Power
Another Pokémon spell. ShadowForce will capture an actor’s soul and send it to a special dimension, you can access the dimension with the spell Teleport Soul Gem. Don’t expect much, I didn't create the distortion world, yet.

Slow Magelight - Lesser Power
Essentially the same as Magelight, but the projectile travels slowly.

Snap - Lesser Power
Essentially the same as Sticky Fingers.

Solar beam - Destruction 2h
You realize I like Pokémon by now, perhaps I'll add more spells of the subject, who knows?  Hamon will trigger a special type of Solar Beam.

Soul Fire - Lesser Power
Start a fire on the target actor, the fire will never stop until the target is dead.

Soul Gem Teleport - Lesser Power
Teleports you to “The distortion world” where the souls captured by the Shadow Force are trapped. Sometimes the ghost effect disappears from them, there is an activator on the middle pillar that will reapply it, if needed. Sorry for the inconvenience, I didn't find any solution for this.

Spacial Rend - Destruction 1h
Palkia’s signature move. Shoot a projectile that on explosion will violently push targets away. 

Bound Shehai- I was playing on nifskope and i made a bound scimitar mixing its mesh with the bound sword one, maybe this will fit your redguard character?

Ghostfire- A white flames spell that actually does damage.

Ghost Fireball- A fireball that doesn't cost all your magicka.(Both are overpowered, actually it's hard to name one spell here which isn't.)

Magnus Eye Beam - A VERY long range beam that does massive damage. 

Summon Eye Of Magnus- Both hands, Ritual effect, Toggleable.
 Summon the eye and while it's next to you it grants a massive regeneration on health, stamina and magicka, this last one i didn't even know why i regenerate because the eye will also grant you a 100% spell reduction on all your spells, basically a toggle god mode without toggling a god mode. Anyway, sheathe to dispel.

All is Dust-
A large explosion that will reduce anyone caught in its grasp to dust.

Pankratosword-The forbidden technique the Ansei used to "cut the atomos" kill the laws of nature itself by cutting  the uncuttable.  If your weapon isn't sheathed you will attack, which starts charging an explosion, when the charge reaches its limit time is stopped for a moment then a massive explosion reduces anyone caught in its grasp to dust.

Wrath of God - 
Massive explosion that deals sun damage to everyone nearby, undead will run for their lives, get it? LMAO..oh ok. sorry.

Lok’tar Ogar
Victory or death, for 1 minute you take half damage and do double damage.

Continuous Fireball
A barrage of fireballs that pushes everyone away dealing <mag> damage.

Launches a fireball that will explode either enemies or dead bodies, removing them from the world.

Artful Escape
Upon activation all allies become invisible and muffled, the effect lasts for 1 minute and attacking ends the invisibility.

Dramatic Reversal
Upon hit you will switch position and health with the target.


Pain Split
Sums your health with the target's health. Then each of you get a half of it.

Slow target movement by 80% for 15 seconds

Slows time and increases your attack and move speed.

Eldritch Spells:
Eldritch spells are ominous and focused on giving raw damage. They often take the color green because they're inspired on WoW's fel magic + D&D eldritch magic.

Unleash a massive felfire torrent at your enemies, this will do a lot of damage.

Ignites target actor with felfire, paralyzing them and draining their magicka for 5 seconds.

Eldritch Blast
A beam of crackling energy streaks toward a creature or spot within range. On hit the beam spreads searching for other targets.

Fel blast
A blast of crackling energy that pushes the target far away and gives <mag> damage.
Fel bolt
A bolt of crackling energy that pushes the target far away and gives <mag> damage.

Fel Chaos Bolt
A chaotic crackling  but very slow  draconic projectile is launched that explodes giving <mag> damage.

Fel corruption
Deals <mag> damage. If a daedric target is hit instead it is put under your will for 30 seconds.

Fel Flames
A gout of chaotic energy that burns <mag> damage per second. 

Fel Flesh
Cover your skin in a fel flesh. Increasing armor and absorbing magic spells while healing you in 15 per second.

Fel Hellfire
Channel a hellish fire igniting the area around you, damaging both you and everyone near.

Fel Infusion
Infuses target with fel magic. If an ally is infused this way, it gains a massive health regeneration and a fel cloak spell for 15 seconds. If an enemy, it becomes frenzied, cloaked by the same effect but taking damage constantly for 15 seconds.

Fel Slash
A vicious slash of crackling  energy that damages magicka and health.

Fel sparks
Crackling lightning that does 8 points of shock damage to Health and Magicka per second.

Summons a thunderstorm of crackling energy that gives heavy damage to anyone unlucky enough to get hit.

For 15 seconds dramatically decreases armor and spell resistance.

Summon infernal
Conjure a fel atronarch. It has amazing eldritch  powers and Fel Mastery buff.

Fel mastery
You become covered in chaotic energy, absorbing all spells dramatically increasing attack speed. Whenever you're hit by a spell you'll cast for free a fel spell on your sight.

Fel Pact

Fel Star
Spawns an eldritch circle that electrifies nearby targets with crackling energy.

Glares at target, intimidating them to not move.

Aetheric Spells:
Aetheric spells are colorful and are often associated with the sun, stars and the day. There is nothing in lore detailing how auroras are made on skyrim, so i guess it comes from the sun as well. Either way, they often recover magicka or boost regeneration, heals living allies and do heavy damage on daedra. Some of them can silence the enemy.

Cosmic Power - Lesser Power Toggleable
Increases magicka restoration

Future Sight
Launches a delayed aedric blast to the target, but on the future. After ten seconds, or when the effect ends, the target is pushed upwards in a colored explosion

Aurora Barrage
A barrage of aetheric power that does low damage but damages magic resistance.Low damage but drastically reduces magic resistance

Aurora Beam
A beam channeling raw aether power, dealing massive damage and blasting killed targets to dust.A beam that brings the power of aurora. The raw power of stars will silence your enemies for 24 sec, making them unable to cast spells by dramatically increasing the costs for a while. Summoned daedra are sent back to oblivion.

Aurora Circle
Spawns a circle of aether healing every non hostile living actor near the circle. It burns daedra with pure aether, making them suffer terribly and face mortality pushing them away from the ring.Creates a circle of aurora that heals every non hostile actor near the circle. It burns daedra with pure aether, making them suffer terribly and face mortality the role pushes them away constantly, preventing proper movement.

Aurora embrace
Automatic ability that appears when you hold aurora spells during night. Increase Magicka regen and decrease costs.  Only active during the night.

Aurora Flames
Channel a torrent of raw aetheric flames. Burning targets. Daedra takes dramatically more damage.

Aurora force
A massive aetheric explosion that blinds everyone near you, targets stop still and can't attack. Mass blind. Lock targets in spot while active. Enemies can't attack or react. Targets that die trigger Prismatic Ending.

Aurora Hole
Rips a reality hole with the power of stars. Non-hostile actors are constantly healed, daedra are damaged and stuck in weakness, if summoned then banished. While daedra are stuck they emit colorful waves when near them standing next to them will heal yourself.

Aurora Nova
A raw aetheric blast that damages and silences all enemies on radius and pushes them away. If a summoned daedra is hit, it's banished instead.Damages and silences all enemies on radius and pushes them away. If a summoned daedra is hit, it's banished instead.

Aurora Sphere
Casts a sphere of aetheric power dealing <mag> damage and dropping enemies on ground. Also dramatically damages their magic resistance.Deals moderate damage in area and drops victims on ground. It also permanently decreases the magic resistance of targets by exposing them to pure aether.

Shadow Spells:

Snuff Out - 
Kill target actor. If target health was greater than yours you will be paralyzed for 4 seconds and your health will be reduced to 1. Otherwise you take damage equal to the target's health.

Drain life
An eldritch beam drains life from targets hit.

Siphon life
Steals life force from all targets next to you.

Absorbs magicka of the target by stealing their thoughts.

Drain soul
Steals life force from all targets next to you, killed targets grant a black soul gem filled if they are humanoids.

Ghost Form
Enters on ghostform, RUN to dispel. You can't be touched or hit by any attack or spell.

Soul release
Remove the soul from the body, leaving the dead body on the ground. The ghost will be dominated by your will.  If a ghost is hit, instead it disappears.

Ad nauseam
Dramatically increase skills of the magic school at the cost of 10  life per second.

Shadow Ball
Hurls an ominous blob at the target. Damaging and pushing them away.

Soul Shriek
Channels a soul through its host corpse while you don't sheathe the ghost will fight for you.

Vampiric Touch
Absorbs <mag> health from second.

Door to Nothing - Lesser Power
Basically spawns door to nothing which will start sucking the target up. When the target reaches the center of the portal it will explode, vanishing and removing the target. A black soul gem will appear  falling from where the door was, I guess that’s a deal, right?

Hypnosis - Illusion 1h
Force the target actor into a hypnotic trance making them enter in a sleep-like state. Enables dream eater. I love Pokémon Blue so much and this sound effect amuses me so much I needed to do this.

Hypnosis - Lesser Power
The same of the above but it’s a lesser power.

Dream Eater - Illusion 1h
Eats target actor dreams, damaging them and recovering your health. Only works on sleeping or hypnotized targets.

Shadow of Sithis - Destruction 1h
Teleports behind the target then applies a shadow shader. Then decapitates the target.

Dark Ritual - 
Trade Health for magicka, overpowered for your convenience of course.

Using gross tentacles you steal your target's health.

My selection of stands that will be used on this mod quest…on a next version maybem, like jojo stands they're based on musics or artists.

Starman - 1h 
Channel stars on target giving moderate damage.

Watch the world burn- Lesser power Toggleable
Toggles lasers from your eyes. While active you constantly cast laser beams as long as your hands are up. You can sheathe to stop the lasers but you need to cast again to  toggle off.

I am the fire - Lesser power
Toggleable. Cast again to turn off. While active, you are completely immune to fire damage and do fire damage to anyone near you.

Off with her head
A golden gaze paralyzes everyone near.

Why'd you bring a shotgun to the party - destruction 1h
Marks a target. A door to aetherius opens in the sky and a massive meteor is hurled to target. On impact it explodes and deals massive damage to anyone in the area.  Why would you kill a laser with a missile and an elf with a meteor? Idk try it i guess.
You can also summon the meteor directly on your hand....but that's not fun.

Red Star - Lesser Power
Charge at the target actor, upon arriving, explodes and throws her/him up.

This means war
Taunts target you by starting a fight with you.

Known Issues:
Issus reported here either can't be fixed or are an issue of the base game itself.

1-Sometimes, the corpses laid by remote kill stands cannot be looted or remain standing. You can quick save/load this sometimes work, or exit the cell and enter back(This always fixed the issue for me) . Killing essential actors is obviously a mistake, but hey i also hate some essential NPCs so i won't stop you from killing them.

2-Shadow of Sithis and Grey Tower sometimes makes the target tremble in a weird way. I don’t know why this happens so honestly I don't know how to fix, anyway, it should be no problem after the shaking body lies on the ground. FIXED

3-Sometimes you can’t deactivate the Roar of Time. Quick save/load might solve the problem, this happens to almost all Stop Time mods, just use Za Warudo or Star Platinum if you want a better time stop spell, read the description of it. This problem won’t happen on Star Platinum or Za Warudo because on them there is a condition to stop both spells, which is sheathing your hands after the initial 5 sec passed. FIXED Roar of time now has a passive ability to stop time, you need only to hold it.


5- Time stop spells doesn't actually stop time, they reduce its scale to 0.01, this is not an issue, it's a limitation of the base game, i can't do anything about it.

Besides the problems listed above on the known issues there are NO problems found until now using only the base game and this mod which is exactly what i planned.
Feel free to ask questions but please read the description first, your answer is probably there.