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Don't Roll In That lets you customize your chances of being able to loot your enemy's equipped weapons, armor, and inventory items after killing them.

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After slashing through your enemies with a blow that Ysgramor himself would struggle to survive, you decide to roll in the blood of your enemies and wear their recently crushed armor to commemorate your victory... wait, what? No, Don't roll in that!

DRIT is a simple, light-weight, and configurable solution to prevent you from fully looting the trashed bodies of the dead

How It Works:
- Sets a chance to destroy armor, weapons, and items on NPCs that die
- Two modes, Standard & Diablo
- Standard removes the items that were destroyed and replaces them with raw materials (if you wish, see 'Replace Destroyed Items With Materials')
- Diablo causes only relevant items to drop to the ground (or in a knapsack), the rest get locked away on the actor (see 'Diablo Mode')

Applies To:
- Applies to all actors on death and has separate options for placed dead bodies (as of v4.0)
- Can toggle all races or just ones that equip weapons and / or armor
- All races may have odd things drop in diablo mode, just let me know as long as its a vanilla item (i.e. not a mod-added one)


- Select which body slots to consider in the MCM when DRIT assesses equipment
- Slot defaults are set to cover all possible slots
- Can set separate chances for chest armor, peripheral armor (i.e. everything else equipped), weapons, and enchanted items
- Inventory items have different options in Standard in Diablo mode

Armor Inaccessibility Options:
- Three options for deciding which pieces are removed (as of 4.0). You can also decide which to use for killed NPCs vs placed dead bodies:
- Pure Chance
- Set the chance an npc equipped item will be made inaccessible (either removed in standard mode, or not dropped in Diablo mode)
- Set chest armor, peripheral armor, and enchanted armor separately
- Set weapons and enchanted weapons separately
- Inventory chances are in diablo mode only
- Player Skill
- Can make your chance for acquiring loot based on your skill in that discipline, where a higher skill level in an ability means you are more likely to acquire an item where that skill is required
- example: your enemy has a bow, you don't know much about bows, so in killing your enemy you're likely more likely to damage the bow. So if your marksman is 15 and your cap is 100, you have a 15% chance of acquiring that bow.
- Can invert this so higher skill makes it harder
- Considers one-handed, two-handed, block, marksman, light armor, heavy armor, and enchantment
- If multiple skills need consideration (light armor + shield), skills are averaged (so 15 in light armor and 45 in block would give you a 30% chance)
- Set your skill cap in the mcm
- Object Health

- The most realistic option
- Objects below the health threshold you set won't be available
- Strategic kills will provide you with more loot than a long grinding hack-and-slash
- Requires a degradation mod that manipulates using the vanilla health system like Service Your Gear (SYG) or Breakable Equipment System (BES).

Prevent Naked Victims:
- Destroyed armor can be replaced with an inaccessible destroyed version to keep the immersion
- This is based off their material keywords, so all major game armors are supported and non-vanilla armors will be somewhat supported
- Rags will be added if no keywords are found, or if the armor is in fact clothing
- Damaged armor is not lootable, consider it smashed in to your victim's body
- NOTE: There can be a delay for the replacement armor appearing and in some circumstances it'll be permanently removed by the mod. I've worked more hours on trying to fix that than for the rest of the mod combined and there's nothing I can do. Set the peripheral chance to 0 to reduce the likelihood of this happening as it seems to be the culprit.
- NOTE ON THE NOTE: I have to test this more, but I started using bitwise comparisons on the slots so I may be able to improve this in the future


- Assessed based on chance and category
- Options for preventing gold and lockpick access
- Unique options available depending on Standard or Diablo Mode (See MCM in game)


Replace Destroyed Items With Materials:
- Can replace broken weapons and chest armor (not peripheral armor) with
material of that type (i.e. iron for iron items, ebony for ebony items,
- Can set the chance for replacement with ore vs ingots so as not to unbalance the game (default 25% ingot chance).
- clothes, hide, scaled, etc. uses leather / leather strips as replacement material


- A more hardcore loot reduction option. Inspired from recently watching a playthrough of the first Diablo.
- Instead of items being removed from the NPC and the player being able to loot what's remaining, loot is limited and tossed to the ground when the NPC dies.
- Knapsack option (v3.3) available so dropped items will be collected in a knapsack beside the corpse
- Choose when the knapsacks can populate as either when the actor dies or when you activate them
- Activating a dead actor with a knapsack will cause the knapsack to reposition, for if it gets placed in a weird area
- Non-equipped inventory items are tossed on the ground based on the chance set in the MCM
- The mod uses a form list to prevent Quest items from not dropping (as of v2.5 curtesy of Shizof). 
- Items with no gold value will always drop
- Gold and lockpicks will automatically enter the players inventory if the NPC is killed by the player or a follower. Set the chance in the MCM.
- Settings allow so that only a body is only lootable if the player and / or followers kill the individual

- Diablo mode is also good for if NPCs are using custom armor as the bodies will keep that armor on when dead (unless its tossed to the ground, then the default replacement will occur)
- Suggested Settings: Set chance for armor and weapons to be destroyed to a high value (90%) and enchanted to a low chance (30%) to mimic the Diablo feel.

Diablo Mode - Force Loot Bodies
- Activation of NPCs is predominantly blocked
- Add the "Loot the Dead" spell via the MCM and cast it to temporarily allow looting the dead, at the cost of a skill or dragon soul.
- can choose to run normal DRIT effect when looting diablo bodies
- Material replacement options are only available in standard mode

Diablo Mode - Drop What Was Stolen (new in v3.0) (removed temporarily in 4.0)
- If an enemy picks up something that wasn't on them when the script was first initiated, its added to a list of up to 10 items that may drop using a separate chance modifier
- Useful for if you're using a mod where someone stole your stuff and you want to kill them to get it back, well, at least some of it back


Patch It
- Using a mod where quest items aren't dropping? Create a patch!
- add the keyword DRIT_AlwaysDrop to the item to force it to drop / not be destroyed
- add the keyword DRIT_NoDiablo on an actor to prevent the Diablo from applying to them
- modify the form lists if you would like to customize further behaviours

Modify It In Game:
- As of 4.0. Added the ability for you to create a custom always drop list using the MCM
- Accesses your inventory via category (potions, armor, weapons, etc)
- List saves and loads independent of your profile
- Very slow, give it patience. You can speed it up with less on your character.
- For those who can't or don't want to make a patch

Should be good with almost anything. But to answer your specific questions:

- SYG (Service Your Gear)
- My degradation mod. The health system was tested with this mod exclusively.
- Fine with breakable equipment system, part of my old setup before I made SYG.
- L&D
- Yes, Loot and Degradation should be fine. L&D does player and follower armor, this mod does NPCs. I'm not sure if its compatible with the health system. Its an old mod.
- Few reasons to use this old mod, but I can see why some may still stick with it.
- I used to love using Mortal Weapons and Armor (MWA), but found when using the suitability system, that a lot of the gear I crafted and stored would get mislabeled as being the wrong size, which was frustrating. I also got a lot of crashes from MWA during gameplay. I designed Don't Roll In That to work along side MWA so that the two could be used in combination, but with less performance issues.
- The only conflict I've found with MWA is that an item will fail to be set as 'destroyed' (ie. removed)  if that slot is also being edited by MWA at the same time. To stop that, toggle off 'Scan Enemy NPCs' under the general settings in MWA's MCM. Otherwise, it was great.
- A lot of people have asked for features in MWA. Please use MWA for the MWA features. This is a light weight mod with a specific goal. 

- Special thanks to Shizof for sending me a version with updated form lists for a diablo_alwaysDrop problem alternative and for upgrading the mod to use SPID. It also helped me get my butt in gear to fix a few bugs from <v2.5.