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This mod changes Lucien Lachance's equipment in order to match his appearance in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion or in The Elder Scrolls: Legends.

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The Spectral Assassin is the ghostly follower that is summoned by the spectral assassin power. He is the spirit of Lucien Lachance, the Speaker of the Dark Brotherhood during the events of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. With this mod installed, his equipment will change, depending on which version you installed. You can choose between his appearace in The Elder Scrolls: Legends (Classic) or in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (Alternative). This mod also renames the Spectral Assassin to Lucien Lachance.

Classic: He will wear the same vanilla hooded robes you can see on most priests or mages, as well and matching boots and jester gloves. He will als wield a Silver Sword, since in Oblivion he used to have a Silver Shortsword
Alternative: Really similar to what is described above, but instead of the hooded robes, he stills wears his vanilla Dark Brotherhood hood.

Use Mod Organizer 2 or Vortex. 

Skyrim Specion Edition
Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch


It should work with any mod, as long as it does not edit Lucien's equipment.

Anyone can make patches and translations, but not edit my original files nor upload to other sites without my permission.

MistValkyrie for Sovngarde - Mist's Font Replacer used on the image for this mod page.

I'm the same author from the original mod, but I've decided to recreate and improve my old mods and create a new account. If you visit the original mod page you will noticed that it was hidden and why. No need to worry about plagiarism. 

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