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Includes ~7 hours of original music (98 music tracks + palette music and more). Features a generally darker sound that doesn't stray too far from vanilla. This is not just a random compilation of music, but a new (personal) take on the music of skyrim, meaning every track was specificially written for this mod.

Permissions and credits

The newest version of this mod adds 7 hours of new and original music and "musicFX".

It features a generally darker, melancholic sound, while not feeling too different from the original soundtrack. The main goal of this mod however, is not to replicate the compositional style of Jeremy Soule (there are already mods which do a much better job in that regard), but to create and explore different moods and atmospheres to make Skyrim feel a little bit more different from what you are used to.

Includes location specific and general Exploration music (day, night, evening, morning), Combat, Dungeon, and Tavern Music, as well as Town specific music and more.

Below are a some of my newest tracks and a compilation to give you a good idea of the style of this music mod.
Some of the tracks are also available on Bandcamp, if you want to support my work. The newest tracks will be added there soon.

For those interested: i have also uploaded the music files (from Version 1.93) in wave format (look under Miscellaneous in the Files section) Feel free to use them for whatever you want, but please give credit if possible.

Some tracks from Nyghtfall are also available as a music mod for Starfield now, thanks to DinDisco

If you want you can also check out my Youtube and Soundcloud for new stuff. 

Here is a tracklist including all the music tracks from version 2.o, click on a track to listen to it (the rest will be added with time).


Here are some bugs and issues you may encounter and some possible solutions (if they exist)

Combat music doesn't play or plays too often    
This has to do with the 'threat ratio' (determines how high the level of an enemy has to be in order to trigger combat music) and can be changed with this mod
. Read the description before downloading.

Doungeon Music in Houses, Taverns etc.

Inside of the house or tavern, open the console and type this:
removemusic musdungeon
removemusic musdungeonice
removemusic musdungeonfort
removemusic musdungeoncave
The same would work in case exploration music plays, for the different music types see here
Unless you know exactly which music type is playing it is basically try and error

Combat music overlaps with other music
Use the removemusic command like above to either remove the combat music or the one overlapping with it

Vanilla music still prevalent even though i downloaded the replacer
Unless you're using an older version (<2.0), this can only happen when you have another music mod, or a mod that changes the music type of a cell for some reason. The simplest way to identify such conflict is to use SSEdit. With all the potential plugins loaded, click on my mod an look under Music Type, if you see something red, there is a conflict etc.

Some parts and locations also stayed untouched (Dragonborn DLC, Sovngarde), so will will hear vanilla music as usual there.

For the best compatibilty, use the neweset versions > 2.0, since they only edit music type and music track.

Music mods are in general NOT compatible with each other. Even a replacer and non replacer are NOT compatible, unless the replacer only replaces the music files without any edits in the Creation Kit (so if the comes without an esp plugin).

However, music mods can be easily merged/patched together, there are plenty of guides on Nexus and the internet. I may upload a guide as well someday, but only if there are enough people interested in that.