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Adds 2 hours of original & immersive music to the game. This includes unique themes for each major city, epic & aggressive combat music (inspired by Bloodborne, God of War & Assassins Creed) day/night exploration, dungeon music as well as medieval Tavern music. Comes with both replacer and non-replacer vers

Permissions and credits
Update: For anyone wondering if i'm still making skyrim music, the answer is: yes! I'm currently working on a complete music overhaul (like Yggdrasil) which will feature a lot of new tracks (already have a lot). My final goal is to replace every vanilla track with something new and self made, which is a lot of work but i'm having fun and am highly motivated. Expecially considering the incedrible feedback i received so far. If you have any requests, feel free to share them.


Important: Most of the bugs you may encounter (like music not playing in cities) are most probably related to mod conflicts. Since this mod comes with an esp that edits cellls, conflicts with other mods (especially lighting mods, city or landscape overhauls/changes) are actually quite common. A temporary solution is to load this mod's plugin last/at the bottom of you load order to priotize it, which should at least make sure that my mod is working correctly. But, especially if you have a big mod setup, i'd recommend using something like SSEEdit to identify such mod conflicts and fix them with your method of choice (which you should do anyways if you have like 200+ mods)
. Also refer to the bugs & issues section at the bottom.

Since my 1rst music mod "Dreams & Nightmares" received a lot of great feedback, i decided to make another one. This one features combat, exploration, tavern and dungeon music, inspired by various game soundtracks (Bloodborne, Dark Souls, God of War, Assassins Creed, The Witcher). Each major city in Skyrim now has its very own unique theme. This mod also includes themes for both stormcloak & imperial castles & much more.
Here is a list of all the tracks for each region/time/interior currently included in the mod:

  • College of Winterhold: 1
  • Combat: 8
  • Combat - Dragon: 3
  • Apocrypha (Dragonborn DLC): 1
  • Dungeon: 1
  • Dungeon - Fort: 1
  • Explore - Day: 2
  • Explore - Evening: 2
  • Explore - Forest: 2
  • Explore - Mountain: 1
  • Explore - Night: 1
  • Tavern: 3
  • Markarth: 1
  • Riften: 1
  • Solitude: 1
  • Whiterun: 1
  • Windhelm: 1
  • Castle Volkihar: 1
  • Imperial Castle: 1
  • Stormcloak Castle: 1

Since this is a music mod it's probably best to just listen to the music, that's why i've created a compilation on YouTube which includes almost all the tracks.
Tracks are also available on BANDCAMP. (If you're looking forward to support my work, you can do so by purchasing the album.)


In theory this mod should be compatible with other music mods, however it requires a Mator Smash patch.
(You can also use 'Merge Plugins' if you want)


Known bugs & issues:

  • Combat music doesn't play / plays too often
     This has to do with the 'threat ratio' (determines how high the level of an enemy has to be in order to
       trigger combat music) and can be fixed/changed with this mod.

  • Dungeon music plays in Taverns

      I have no idea why this happens, but it's easy to fix:
      Once you are in a tavern, open the console and type this:


  • removemusic musdungeon 
      If that doesn't work, try one of these:
  • removemusic musdungeonfort
  • removemusic musdungeonice
  • removemusic musdungeoncleared

  • Track stops / Vanilla tracks play even though you've downloaded the "No Vanilla Music" version

       Fast travel, or just basically wait for the issue to go away (always worked for me)
Otherwise it's most probably a conflict with another mod. Tools like xEdit are good to find such conflicts which can then be fixed with a smash patch (or by merging etc.) 

If you happen to notice any other bugs/problems or the given solution doesn't work for you, make sure to tell me and i'll find a way to fix it (hopefully).