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Fixes typos, corrects grammar oddities, squashes a few subtitle-related bugs, and rewrites some player dialogue in the Sofia mod. ESL-flagged.

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Requires Sofia - The Funny Fully Voiced Follower!

Just a patch I made for myself. I spent enough time on it that I thought it would be worth sharing.

Corrects various typos and grammar errors in all of Sofia's subtitles and fixes a few bugs, such as one of her trade dialogues having an extra silent line (shown in the last image). It should also fix the issue of squares appearing in the subtitles.

It also rewrites some of the player dialogue to help flow and sound more in-character with the vanilla experience.

It is, of course, flagged as an ESL.


This was made in small chunks over a period of time, so it's possible that I missed some things, or some of the player dialogue doesn't sound as good as I thought it did. I'm fairly certain I touched on everything, but if you notice any more spelling/grammar mistakes, or have any better suggestions for player dialogue, do let me know. I will not be changing Sofia's spoken dialogue.

This mod does not change Sofia's appearance - the screenshots simply show my personal version of her.


Special Thanks

A massive shout out to djjohnjarvis for making Sofia.

Another massive shout out to Christine Slagman for providing Sofia's voice. She wouldn't be the same without you.