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Because nothing screams "Paladin!" like launching a shiny ball of exploding sun powered death at the undead....

Permissions and credits
What is this?
A mod that takes Ordinator's absolutely amazing Sun Spells (Holy Hands, Sunblast, and Stellar Core), injects them with Mysticism/Adamant's keywords and conditions and adds them to the proper level list.

Why does this exist?
Way back in 2015 when Enai Siaion released Ordinator, a whole new realm of possibilities was opened up for play styles. Arcane Archer, Necrodancer, Poisoner, and so much more were made possible by the sheer diversity and uniqueness of the perk trees. One thing in particular that I personally loved was the Restoration Tree. No other perk mod at that time truly added the ability to play a Paladin style character, and in that perk tree I met my one true love (as far as sun spells are concerned) Stellar Core. However, much like everything else in life, things change, and I slowly began moving away from sprawling perk mods to smaller more focused ones. First Vokrii and now Adamant, but deep down I missed those wonderful sun spells, that exploding ball of sunny death, the fist of justice, and that sweet ray on burning sunlight. Thankfully, I was not alone in my sadness.....

Standing on the Shoulders of Giants (again).
(Aka who really did all the work....)
Since Enai Siaion is awesome and has open permissions for all his mods, Gojirazilla surgically removed Holy Hands, Sunblast, and Stellar Core from Ordinator and created a simple yet effective mod called Ordinator's Solar Spells that simply added the spells to the player. Then cthunsthrall took it a step further by adding all the bells and whistles necessary for the spells to appear in proper level list (via clever usage of Apocalypse form lists) and added Vokrii's keywords and conditions creating the mod Ordinator sun spells in Vokrii - affected by Sun's Judgment. Then I stepped in a changed all the things.

What was added and changed?
A lot. More specifically I removed all the Vokrii keywords, the Apocalypse dependency, and the isUndead conditions (more on what that means in a bit). I then added the Sun Damage keyword, added the Divine Glory condition, and finally injected the spell tomes into the proper Mysticism level list.

Now I'm sure you're saying "Corey, what the hell does all of that mean?" It means that the spells will now scale properly with Adamant's Restoration skill scaling AND upon gaining the Divine Glory perk, the spells will damage the living, daedra, and automatons (which is a massive change from the Ordinator version of the spells). 

Restoration Skill Level that the spells will begin to appear are:
Level 25 - Holy Hands (melee touch spell)
Level 50 - Sunblast (beam of sunlight)
Level 75 - Stellar Core (ball of sunny death)

Due to the fact this mod piggybacks Mysticism's level list it will be incompatible with other mods that change the same level list without a Bashed/Smashed/Custom patch. However, since I'm awesome, I created an optional patch for the mod Simple Paladin, ensuring all three mods play well with each other(don't forget the Simple Paladin Mysticism/Adamant patch). Other than that there shouldn't  be any compatibility issues.

Hard Requirements:
OPTIONAL: Simple Paladin

Soft Requirments:
Everything Simon Magus has made.

Just like every other mod on this site. Click download and install using your favorite mod manager.

Load Order:
Without Simple Paladin
Ordinator Solar Spells.esp

With Simple Paladin

Simple Paladin
Ordinator Solar Spells.esp

Mysticism - Simple Paladin - Ordinator Sun Spells LL Patch.esp

Just like installing, but in reverse.


A: You're missing a master.

Q: OMG you're long winded as hell.
A: Comes with age kiddo, you'll get there soon enough.

Q: I have a legit bug report.
A: That's what the bug reports tab is for.

Q: You literally copy and pasted one of your patch page descriptions didn't you?
A: Yep.

Q: How is there a F.A.Q. if you just released the mod?
A. That's a good question.

Q: The spells are OVERPOWERED!!!!! REEEEE!!!!!
A: This might be a legit complaint. These are Ordinator based spells and  might be OP at higher skill levels. If enough humans complain about it, I might consider releasing a couple of nerfed versions. Maybe. However, in my play testing I found them to be perfectly reasonable. Though in hindsight removing the isUndead condition from Stellar Core might have been a bit much. I guess time will tell. 

Q: WIll you do a Mysticism/Adamant patch for X mod?
A: Maybe.

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