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This is a port of Wulfur's Lodge - Mistress Kira's Fine Adornments Merged at the request of the original author via Nexus PM.

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About this Mod
This mod is a merger of two of my mods, Wulftur's Lodge and Mistress Kira's Fine Adornment. It is DLC sized, fully voiced with dozens of quests. This mod, and the non-adult version 'Wulftur's Lodge', are HUGE DLC-sized additions to Skyrim. This mod contains many story-lines and narratives, original content deeply connected to the world of Skyrim and the Elder Scrolls universe. This Merged Version contains the full content of both Wulftur's Lodge and Kira's Adornment.  Kiras started as an addition to my first mod, Volthar Manor (now Volthar Manor Revisited), but Wulftur's I wanted to be about SHOR, a very overlooked deity in the pantheon of Elder Scrolls gods. This mod is intended to be a living breathing part of Skyrim, but still 'out there', like a mod should be. This mod contains all the content of Wulftur's Lodge, as well as all the adult/vampire content of Kira's Adornment. It is both a player-home/living-area mod and a quest mod. If you love a true challenge, check out this mod!

Wulftur's Lodge or WulfurKirasMerged?
To put it simply, WulfturKirasMerged is the adult version of Wulftur's Lodge and contains all the original (and considerably enhanced) Kira's Adornment vampire content. Kira's Adornment was originally a vampire-player home mod, with a livable vampire sanctuary and a working thrall system, but it was my plan from the beginning to make a non-adult version of this mod with quests to explore the vampire coven (instead of living in it). If you want this mod (as well as all the content of Kiras + Vigilant quest) but don't want the vampire-player content, check out Wulftur's Lodge here.
About Wulftur's Lodge
Seek ye food or song unending? Find welcome here, and warm your soul!  Welcome to Wulftur's Lodge, a fully voiced, fully quested, DLC sized adventure and home mod.  Wulftur's Lodge is a place of Solitude culture: the bardic arts, scholarly pursuits, a place to drink and listen to music and tell stories of old, a place to forget your worries. It is an inn for the avenue crowd of Solitude, it immerses with the residents - It's is a living, breathing part of Solitude.  Wulftur the Brave (Wulftur Longhorn of Dragonbridge) is a hero of the Great War who won acclaim during the Seige of Bravil, and the Battle of Red Ring Road. For his heroism, he was given the honorific title 'Regent of Skyrim' by Titus Mead II, and allowed to keep his properties in Haafingar. Yet there have been rumors that there is more to this proud Nord than meets the eye - they say he is favored by SHOR, and that Wulftur's Lodge is a place of special religious significance.  Those who seek the blessing of Shor should seek out Wulftur Longhorn, hero of Red Ring Road.
About Mistress Kira's Fine Adornment
Mistress Kira counts the nobility of both the Empire and Aldmeri dominion amongst\'a0her clients. For fine clothes, one should still visit Radiant Raiment; but for those who wish to invest their coin in the finest jewelry, gems, beautiful baubles and gleaming gemstones, one should visit Mistress Kira's Fine Adornments in the Solitude Avenue. But be careful - Kira is known to keep company with the court Wizard of the Blue Palace, Sybille Stentor, and neither is to be taken lightly.  Lately, Kira's Adornment has been the target of thieves, and there is talk of a great reward for anyone who can track down the thief and return Kira's merchandise...  Journey into Solitude's past and trace the legacy of Potema the Wolf Queen as she descended into her final moments of madness and desperation. Learn as she did - the forces of Oblivion are not to be trifled with. Those who know the history of Solitude may realize that Potema's Catacombs are infact a coven of fearsome vampires, yet even among\'a0the undead there is another class of vampire, one that prefers finery and luxury, who hide in plane view, seemingly able to remain seen and unseen all at once. Could it be that beneath the city there lurks another, hidden city? Perhaps they are our true rulers? It is a maddening thought. However, I don't believe those rumors my friend. Besides, it's best not to listen to such swagger.
What's Inside
~ 2 main quests, many sides quests, all sorts of various small quests
~ 200+ lines of custom dialogue from vanilla voice assets expertly edited by me in Audacity
~ Around 24 scenes of custom NPC dialogue scene events (some with vanilla NPCs)
~ Fully working inn system, dozens of NPCs with full AI immersed in Solitude life.
~ Several main characters with dialogue, minor characters, quest givers, followers, summonables
~ Dozens of new locations to explore, including 3 exterior locations, many new locations in Skyrim exterior
~ One huge epic dungeon quest upon MORINTH SUMMIT where one may prove their worth to Shor
~ Many difficult enemies and bosses, challenging gameplay inspired by my favorite video games
~ Many merchants, markets, fences, vendors, many unique items for sale you may want (see new assets)
~ Many difficult mazes, riddles, puzzles, just as it should be
~ Many living areas for both good and evil characters with displays and storage for gear
~ New spells, summons, teleport spells, shrines, new enchantments, skill books
~ Nearly 20K of written words\'a0 (yes nearly a quarter of a book) of hand written background lore by me
~ Extra lore I threw in just for fun (I put in resources) and new assets
~ Large interconnecting sewer network that connects nearly all of the Solitude Avenue
~ Many Easter\'a0eggs, hints, treasure troves, stashes, goodies and snacks

This mod is not easy at all. I added a walk-through\'a0in each mod respectively, in books in the reading area in each mod. Each mod has an introduction book in plane view, and I put the walkthrough book on top of the bookshelves in the reading areas of both Wulftur's Lodge and Kira's Adornment (respectively). I figure mods should still be... mod-like... in that they are not obvious giveaways like Skyrim tends to be. I included quest markers in most of the quests, but not all have them. I left some out on purpose. I like making the crazy areas so they are only available to those with a certain tenacity for gaming. There is a NPC named Orson that you can buy hints from.

To Start Wulftur's Lodge:

~Simply talk to Wulftur
~ There are many quests within the Lodge

To Start Kira's Adornment: 

~ Find the bounty in the Winking Skeever (or also in Kira's Adornment)
~ Read the Letter in Lord Harkon's Study
~ There are now many main quests within Kiras
Required Mods:

~This mod requires all DLC, and should have the Unofficial Patch as well, whichever one you use. I tested it with both the old Unofficial patches, and the new merged Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch, and this mod will not work as intended without it/them. Either version works fine.

To Install
~ Use a mod manager, or drag and drop into your data folder.\~ Load on a CLEAN SAVE if you can (doesn't have to be fresh start)

Issues\~ I haven't had this issue BUT - if dialogue doesn't show up at first, SAVE and RELOAD\~ Many of the NPCs you need master trader perk to trade with\~ Bards may stop playing after a while, they'll start when you reenter cell/reload save\~ There are deleted navmeshes or else NPCs would spawn clipping in the buildings. Don't run conflicting mods.\~ The Thurian Advent loads fine in clean saves - in certain unclean saves it seems to load weird


~This is a DLC sized mod , it is very very big and makes lots of changes, mostly in the Solitude Avenue. If you have mods that change Solitude or its interior locations, you should check your load order and use common sense. Obviously, anything that changes the empty space east of the Solitude windmill arch will conflict. Mods that change Solitude textures will work fine.  There are now 4 exterior locations across Skyrim as well, and the sewer network adds secret passageways to a few vanilla locations - Proudspire, Bard's College, Blue Palace, Castle Dour Emperor's Tower, Hall of the Dead, and Potema's Catacombs. They are not big changes, most just add a connecting entryway.

WULFTUR KIRAS MERGED is not to be changed or altered in any way without my permission. It is a NEXUS EXCLUSIVE and is not to be uploaded anywhere else. It is not to be ported without my permission. This mod should NOT BE UPLOADED ANYWHERE ELSE and should always be 100% FOREVER FREE.  Please message me with and comments or questions.

Resources and Assets:

This mod uses some great assets from great modders, the authors have given their permission to use on their pages: this mod now includes MT swords by Darkgondul, Elinora's Resources by Elinora, Ingrediants Wallart by Blary, Open Books by stoverjm, and now Ultimate Assortment by Favoredsoul. Another important resource in this mod was LazyVoiceFinder by bowmorelover.  The lore in this mod is nearly 95% original, I just used extras since this is free, and for my own personal creative pleasure.  The extra filler was from free literature around the web, just to beef up the books laying around (and some locations). Of course my favorite books are Tolkien books, so you'll find many references to that in certain locations, but also included is some Shakespeare Sonnets, and some esoteric literature, particularly the Emerald Tablet of Thoth. This mod is in no way focused on that, and the lore within stands on its own, I simply wanted to fill in some corners. Also, for those familiar with Favoredsoul's mod Ultimate Assortment - you may know there are some LOTR items in it, so I included them and their appropriate background lore, INCLUDING a certain item Favoredsoul never put in the game (not that I'm aware of) and that you'd only find if you had gone through the console - nevertheless in this mod I added that infamous item, as well as extra backstory to the other LOTR items. For the record, I just had fun because I really have no interest in profiting from this, which is why I only uploaded it here, so if it's anywhere else, it's really not cool, so I hope nobody ever pays for this.

Known Incompatibilities:

Holds The City Overhaul
JK's Skyrim
The Great City of Solitude

Credits & Thanks:

If you like this mod, be sure to check out my other mod:

About the Volthar
The Volthar family are Imperial vampires and the second oldest vampire clan in Skyrim. They prefer the finer things, and throughout their history have enjoyed much influence. They are worshippers of both Molag Bal and Dibella, and as such they are cunning masters of the illusory arts and possess tremendous skill when it comes to seducing and manipulating mortals. Unlike most vampires, the Volthar operate in plan view of mortal institutions, rising to stations of great power and influence over mortal affairs. The Volthar were influential in the founding of Solitude, the establishment of the EETC, and the commission and construction of the Blue Palace. Many locations all over Tamriel were originally backed by Volthar coin.