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Simple recolor of the Mage Glass Sword by Billyro. Different replacers to choose from.

Permissions and credits
Recolor of Mage Glass Sword by Billyro to turn the green to red.
Different replacers to choose from depending on your liking and needs.


  • Better Vampire NPCs Replacer
  • Replaces the Bloodglass Sword and Bloodglass Greatsword from BVNPCs with Billyro's model and my red recolor.

  • Harkon's Sword Replacer
  • Replaces Harkon's Sword with the red version of Mage Glass Sword.

  • Standalone
  • Adds a variant of the Mage Glass Sword (1h & 2h), called Mage Bloodglass Sword\Greatsword. Contains an ESL-flagged ESP.

Ideally, you should only pick one main file.
Also, Billyro's original mod's required, no matter the main files you choose.


Alternate Cubemap

While I love the shiny cubemap that Billyro uses, I personally prefer something warmer for the "blood glass" look I wanted to have, so I included an alternate cubemap you can use to replace the original one. The texture's provided by johnskyrim, and comes from their wonderful Radzig Longsword. They've given me permission to use it as long as I give credits. Note that all in-game pictures taken are using johnskyrim's cubemap.


  • Harkon's Sword - Bloodglass
  • ESL-flagged ESP that changes Harkon's Sword weapon material to Glass, and make Refined Malachite the required tempering material. Stats are copied over from Morrowloot Ultimate, similar stats to Glass Sword. I made this file so that it feels a bit more consistent with the Harkon's Sword Replacer version, without forcing anyone to apply data changes.


  • Install Mage Glass Sword by Billyro - I repeat, it's required REGARDLESS of which main file you choose.
  • Choose a main file. Overwrite if prompted.
  • If you've chosen the "Standalone Bloodglass", make sure you enable the ESP.
  • If you want, install the optional Alternate Cubemap. Overwrite if prompted - File chosen depends on which main file you picked.

billyro for the amazing sword & open permissions
johnskyrim for the alternate cubemaps & permission to use