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This mod changes Traitor's Post into an immigration office after clearing it.
A continuation on the Refugees' Rest mod!

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Skyrim Realistic Conquering All-In-One Pack

Once you defeat the bandits at Traitor's Post the location is turned into an immigration office, known as Refugees' Respite. A continuation of the previous installment: Refugees' Rest. Immigration from Morrowind will now be controlled by the controlling faction.

Traitor's Post is renamed into Refugees' Respite after clearing it. It contains exterior protection and a completely rebuilt immigration office where refugees are registered. Guards will also start patrolling the roads once Refugees' Rest has been cleared as well.

Due to the unrest in Morrowind, many refugees are still crossing the border. The Jarl of Eastmarch decided it was time to take more control of the situation and ordered the creation of an immigration office. The road from Morrowind to the city of Windhelm is now being watched day and night, as every immigration will need to register themselves first. These immigrants will need to fill out a form for easier observation.

Most immigrants are allowed access to Skyrim, but some are denied access or even locked up. Not always for the right reasons..

Note from the author
I'm trying to make lightweight changes to forts and such places to become more immersive using the Fort Takeovers mod. 
As of now I am not really making overhauls, but once I have done quite a few, I might start making Full versions. The current versions would become Lite versions.

If you have any suggestions for locations to makeover, or changes to the current locations, please contact me, I am eager to listen. 
Doesn't mean I will do it but you know, we'll see.

This mod NEEDS Fort Takeovers by Apocrypher00.

Thanks to