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Roadhouse699 - Thog from Beyond Skyrim Illiac Bay Also Sent me a Tutorial

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I guess you could say this is a remaster of my old "Imperial Ranger Armor". Armor has the same damage resistance as dragon scale, but slightly higher value and lighter weight. Newly merged/rigged vanilla meshes, retextures - basically as far as I can go without actually learning how to use blender.

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Every time I play Skyrim, I generally wind up wanting to wear different late-game armor, but not wanting to wear anything from vanilla or anything that's already been made. You think your pre-game modding process is tough with you installing 150 mods with Vortex and occasionally commenting "this doesnt work plz help" on mod pages? I make a bunch of my own stuff for every playthrough in CK, outfitstudio, and GIMP. 

Jokes aside, this mod includes a Cuirass (re-meshed, re-textured), Gauntlets (re-meshed, re-textured), Boots (re-textured), a Cowl (re-textured), a shield (mesh by NordwarUA, re-textured) a sword (mesh by NordWarUA, re-textured), a mace (re-meshed, re-textured), and a dagger (new scabbard by NordWarUA, re-textured). 

They can be crafted at a blacksmith forge with the "Dragon Smithing" (for armor) or "Ebony Smithing" (for weapons) perks, use mostly dragon scales and leather components, have high-tier protection (for light armor, at least), and use ebony weapon and dragonscale armor keywords for integration with other mods such as True Armor.

Q: Will you be releasing a version for Legendary Edition?
A: I don't play Legendary Edition anymore, personally,  but I did for a long time after Special Edition came out. While I will continue to release mods on both editions for a while, don't expect every single mod I make to come out on Skyrim LE. It has some advantages, but its run it's course for the most part. A lot of mods have been ported, and many of the ones that haven't are very easy to port.

Q: I've discovered a very minor issue with this mod! Please patch it IMMEDIATELY!
A: If there are bugs in this (don't really see how there would be), I'll patch it when I have a good number to fix instead of constantly uploading patches to the Nexus.

Q: Can I make a Caliente's Breast and Butt Enlarger conversion of this?
A: Go ahead.

Q: Why did you take down so many of your old mods?
A: They kinda sucked and were all around pointless. Plus, the FAQs for them aren't really how I want to present myself on the internet anymore. I have no intention to start actually taking myself seriously, but a lot has happened in my life since then and looking back at those description pages, a lot of the things I said in them are things I couldn't even imagine saying at this point in my life. People were finding them, commenting on them, and expecting me to stand by jokes I made 3 years ago.

Q: Man, your new descriptions are boring as fuck. I miss brash, unruly, 18-year-old Will who regularly referenced masturbation and got into arguments with himself about games.
A: Alright, alright, for old time's sake, I'll make a controversial statement: The Creation Engine doesn't need to be replaced. It needs countless bugfixes in a lot of areas, but Bethesda has no legitimate reason to change it other than PR.

Q: ...Have you played any of Bethesda's games in the past 10 years? They're completely broken.
A: I've spent about 4000 in CK and what I've seen in is that-

Q: 4000 hours? Jesus Christ, find a woman.
A: Find a woman that isn't from a slooty follower mod, Nexus guy. And that 4000 hours is from like 5 years of doing this and occasionally leaving my laptop on with CK running while I went to class or the gym or something. 

Q: So basically you're not as qualified as you say you are?
A: In all fairness, the qualifications of most people who say the CE is obsolete are that they've installed a few mods with Vortex or MO2 and maybe ran DyndoLOD or FNIS. Back to point, the reality is that most of the non-CK-fixable bugs in Fallout 4 and Skyrim result from Bethesda implementing the 2010 Havok engine very poorly, which is why they're changing the animation engine for Starfield. Most of the bugs in Fallout 76 come from the fact that they tried to make a multiplayer game in an engine that was never intended to be used for multiplayer. Some of the bugs in Skyrim and Fallout 4 were hardcoded into the CE, but many of them proved fixable. Others weren't hardcoded and could be fixed in CK, hence the reason why we have Arthmoor's unofficial patches, and were likely not fixed by Bethesda because of time/money constraints. The primary issue with the Creation Engine's age at this point in time mostly relates to how it loads cells, which seems to be inherent to the 2002 design. 

Q: So basically, you're simping for Todd Howard now?
A: Basically.

Q: I don't even know what to say about that picture. Where did you even get it?
A: Found it on the Beyond Skyrim discord once. God, I'd buy Skyrim all over Tanya Howard. I want her to seduce me at a Fleetwood Mac concert and then call me a degenerate. You know what? For all the people who requested a patch between Improved Follower Dialogue and Amorous Adventures, I'll make one when FoxFingers adds a Tanya Howard romance arc to AA. 

Q: You're disgusting. Wait a minute... you're disgusting! We've got Will from 2017 back, everyone! He's finally talking about fucked up shit in FAQs again!
A: Careful, I might decide to make another house mod that turns into a minor quest mod and I throw some game references because I think it's funny, then turn it into a major quest mod but can't take the game references out and it comes out super cringe, and then Zero Period Productions plays through it and it gets decent renown around the community and OH MY GOD WHY DID I MAKE 19 VOICE ACTORS SIT THROUGH RECORDING THAT GODAWFUL SCRIPT?!

Q: Hey... I like Valley of Outcasts...
A: Remember, I've heard every line of dialogue in it like 10 times now. It's hard for me to play through.

Q: Also, you've attributed so many of the bugs in Valley Of Outcasts and The Last Refuge to the game engine...
A: Yeah, but they'd be easily fixable if Bethesda would stop storing so much shit in save games and storing more stuff in masters, plugins, and the game itself.

That's all I have for this mod page. For my hardcore description readers who stayed to the end, the advice I have for you today is this: Take care of your body. Your overall health, which is most affected the exercise you get and the food you eat, really has an indirect effect on everything in your life, when you think about it - that said, I'm not going to sit here and say that you've won life if your body looks good.

What I am going to say is that if you're overweight or underweight, you should be trying to fix that for your own sake. If you're at a healthy weight for your sex/height/age, you should be doing something to maintain that or improve it further. I'll admit, the Fitness Industry has turned into an absolute fucking joke over the years - there are a lot of dickheads who say they gained upwards of 50 pounds of lean muscle in 4 or less years without steroids, there are a lot of quacks who will lie to you to sell their products (you might see some ads from this idiot on Youtube, for example. He's basically known as the dunce of the fitness world and you shouldn't listen to a word he says), and there are a lot of lunatics that will over-complicate fitness as a whole and promote outright dangerous things. A couple people I'd recommend - that are going to tell you the truth instead of trying to sell you a product - if you want to take my advice are Jeff Cavaliere, who's one of the smartest people in the fitness industry despite the fact that he's used fake weights in the past, Greg Doucette, a Canadian bodybuilder who screams about people not understanding basic science and is definitely not a doctor, and James Linker, a very smart English gentlemen who can help you navigate through the bullshit if you start to branch out to learning from other people in the fitness world.

I guarantee you, though - getting in better shape than you are now is generally very likely to improve the way you feel in general, both physically and emotionally - even though it's not everything. Even if your're underweight/overweight now and very happy and confident in your own skin (that's awesome), imagine how far you'd go if you were in better shape. 

Thanks for sticking around to the end, I appreciate you.