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Immersive College of Winterhold DynDOLOD error fix
resolves Error: File not found textures\landscape\trees\ Used by Meshes\cwi\flora\hoddminir\trees\hodrowantreegkb03wflowers.nif CollegeOfWinterholdImmersive.esp CWIHodRowan [TREE:xx28E5EB]

ClefJ Winterhold and Immersive Laundry patch
Fixes the clipping laundry.

FN ENB Weather Plugin and resources.
The required weather plugin (NLA SSE.esp) and various weather related meshes and textures required for FN ENB.

Clef J Winterhold and WARP patch.
Moves the shack and stall

Breezehome TNF Expanded SSE
BHTNFX.esp repaired Deleted Nav. - This mod had 3 deleted ITM nav, so I fixed it. 
One of the deleted NAV [NAVM:000CB4F3] is already deleted in Hearthfires.esm, so I left that one as is. 
The other two got fixed.

Fun Flags Blubbo Whiterun
Removed some flags to make it more immersive
Converted to esl

Mihails Sheep Flocks esl
Converted the plugin to esl and updated the facegen.
You still need the original mod. Use my stuff to overwrite

Trees for Capital Whiterun Expansion
Places vanilla tree models in Whiterun and is done sparingly and selectively to retain vistas and performance.  Compatible with JK, DoS Capital Whiterun Expansion etc.

Destrier Winery and Mill SSE K747
Original Mod >
Ported and updated utilising a unique windmill mesh from Renthal.

Mountains Enhanced SSE
The original mod was made by AceeQ and was eventually integrated into Enhanced Landscapes. Fortunately I grabbed a copy because it's agreat mod that adds extra mountain meshes to mountains, and makes them more jagged and is a must have. This is similair to Jonny Wangs Z Fighting patch but not quite as intense. Also inludes HD LODs for glaciers and mountains. They require DynDOLOD.

Enhanced Interiors Taverns with ELFX
Original Mod>
Just the Taverns component from Enhanced Interiors. Requires ELFX.

Crestys Distant Mists for ENB
Updated meshes which work with ENB. Edit them in game in the ENB GUI Particle settings.  Various mist thickness options included in the download with further instructions in the included Readme. You still require the original mod from here >  Use my meshes to overwrite. Thanks to CrestyComb for permission and Mindflux for the sage words.

Volumteric Mists for ENB with Weather Support
Updated meshes for Volumteric Mists mod which work with ENB and ENB Weather Support, instructions for Mod Authors in the included readme. You tweak them in game via ENB GUI Particle settings. Thanks to Kitsuune for the wise words and Credits to Robanco and Rcdcce for the original mod.

Nightshade Haven K747
This is a fixed version of Sokkvabeks excellent Nightshade Haven.  I've repaired the meshes so no more crazy flickering.  Ive also made some edits for my own game. In my version, the upstairs door exits out into the ratway.  However, it needs a Riften mod like Blues Skyrim/Dawn Of Skyrim, which places a ramp/walkway in the ratway at the correct position for my new door.  If you don't want that feature, just get the original plugin from Sokkvabeks page.  I've PM'd Sokkvabek with this file and the details, and once I hear back from him and see the he has uploaded the fixed stuff to his own page, I will take this file down.

Green Tundra Shrub Lods.
Use this to replace the yellow tundra shrub billboards, with green, summery versions.

Edhildil XP327 Spacesuit K747 SSE
uploading this here until EdHildil ports it, then i'll take this version down. I ported this to SSE, fixed the navmesh, made the crash site larger, tested working. Credits to Edhildil for the original mod.

Quantifiable Love
Alpha version WIP quest mod

Riften Jail Fix SSE K747
Ported to SSE and fixed the tile gap above the sewer doorway.