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Replaces the Dawnbreaker and Bloodskal Blade models with The Devil's Tooth SE by InsanitySorrow.

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I really like the design of InsanitySorrow's sword, The Devil's Tooth SE, and thought it would work great as a replacer for the Dawnbreaker and the Bloodskal Blade, so I made a quick replacer plugin and split it into a few versions.

One version will replace the Dawnbreaker model with The Devil's Tooth, one will replace the Bloodskal Blade with a 2-handed version of The Devil's Tooth, and the third version replaces both.

Only the weapon models are changed, so both weapons have their original stats and enchantments.

  1. Download and install The Devil's Tooth SE by InsanitySorrow.
  2. Disable/remove the plugin for The Devil's Tooth (The Devils Tooth.esp), as only the meshes/texture files are required (unless you want his original swords to be craftable as well).
  3. Download and install a version of this mod.

The plugins are ESL flagged and very simple, so if you want you can merge them into another plugin/patch to save plugin count, but not really necessary.

InsanitySorrow for The Devil's Tooth SE