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Restores the vanilla behaviour of the 'Marked for Death' shout, but fixes the persistent damage resistance reduction (and optionally removes unbalanced damage stacking).

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== Background ==
The 'Marked for Death' shout in the vanilla game is powerful, in that it damages the health and damage resistance stats of the target every second for 60 seconds. However, it comes with a rather serious bug. Damage resistance as an attribute never recovers, and so any actors that are hit with the shout have their damage resistance permanently reduced. This is an issue, as not only can the player shout again (stacking the effect and further reducing the actor's damage resistance), but the reduction in damage resistance also remains for respawned actors. This means that regularly using the shout will permanently reduce the damage resistance of enemies, to the point that they'll respawn and be able to be killed with one hit.

The Unofficial Patch "fixes" this problem by setting the 'recovers' flag, which makes sense. However, as a side effect, the damage resistance reduction no longer happens every second, and is instead simply applied at the start of the shout. As the damage health element of the shout isn't particularly strong on its own, this seriously reduces the usefulness of the shout.

== The Solution ==
This mod restores the vanilla behaviour of the shout (damage both health and damage resistance every second for 60 seconds), however fixes the issue of the persistent damage resistance reduction.

Once the spell effect ends (either through the target's death, the player fast travelling or 60 seconds passing), the actor's 'damage resistance' stat is restored to its original value. Additionally, as of version 1.1, the damage shout no longer stacks with itself. This means that shouting over and over at the same enemy doesn't reduce its damage resistance to ridiculously low levels, but the intended, constant effect still runs as normal. This is how I imagine Bethesda envisioned the shout to work.

Version 1.0 is still available, which doesn't require SKSE and allows the shout to stack with itself. However due to the way the stacking works, any active effects regarding armour rating could be dispelled when the shout ends. It won't break anything at all, but it may cause some spells to end earlier than planned (if you shout at them after casting the spell).

== Installation ==
Simply install using your favourite mod manager. It simply contains one ESP file (which is tagged as an ESL), the script itself and the source code. It can be installed at any time, as long as the shout isn't active on an actor at the time that you install.
If installed on a game where the shout has already been used, it has the added benefit of fixing any enemies that have had their damage resistance permanently reduced. Simply cast the shout on them, and it'll fix things once it wears off.

== Uninstallation ==
Whilst I don't recommend uninstalling any mods mid-game, as long as the effect isn't active on any actors when you uninstall, you shouldn't have any problems.

== Compatibility ==
Whilst I made this to change how the USSEP modifies the shout, it doesn't require it. You can use it on any game to fix the behaviour of the shout. Just make sure it's loaded after the USSEP, if you have it.

The only incompatibility will be with mods that change shout behaviour or effects.