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While Skyrim's cities are much more distinct than Oblivion's, they're still quite small, with a great deal of empty space. This mod aims to change that, adding more NPCs, buildings, and things to do in Solitude and Whiterun. The goal of this mod is to add more life to Skyrim.

Permissions and credits
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The central trading hub in Skyrim now features more merchants on a reworked mainstreet with many stalls.
Four new guard towers fortify the city and protect old and new inhabitants in the city.
Only the new lower district is less protected and houses Dunmer, Orcs and Argonians.

- 7 custom voiced NPCs in total
- 6 new merchants and many more NPCs
- New Argonian follower J'ram Zeir
- New tavern in lower district with custom music from 9pm to 2am
- More defenses and an overhauled main gate with fortifications
- Four new guard towers in the north, north west, east and south of the city
- New farm animals in backyards
- Large statue of Ysgrammor facing Jorrvaskr

The Imperial city in Skyrim now features additions to the road leading to the city.
New stores and marketstalls and an improved market plaza give the city a feel of density.
At the market plaza the Imperial chancery houses bureaucrats and ambassadors.
Castle Dour now includes barracks for auxiliary soldiers from all provinces of Tamriel.

- Based on Nernie's City and Village Expansion mod
- Uses never before seen Luftahraan assets
- 8 new stores, including jeweler, bookstore, magic store, bakery
- Road leading to the city with 2 new stores and gatehouse
- Castle Dour with two guard towers, a weapons issue, auxiliary barracks and a new bar
- New small cottage playerhouse that can be bought at the bookstore
- Beautyfied Blue Palace gardens

Interesting NPCs is compatible
Immersive NPCs is compatible, but AI might be wonky
Cutting Room Floor seems compatible
Open Cities is not compatible
Books of Skyrim is not compatible
Solitude Expansion is not compatible, but the author provides a patch for both mods!

-Bananasplit for the original Better Cities mod
-Amblingalong for starting this project on Skyrim
-Tsewe, TWarrior, Moozilbee and modders of BCS
-Rightfuture - Ideas and general support
-MasterMachiavel - Dialogue
-Whiterun Voice Actors: Tsewe, Vbleunh, JayJayMcYeah, Vulon
-Chesko, Wheeze, varakz and many other modders for teaching us crucial modding tricks
-Oaristys, Stroti and Tamira for their modder's resources used for clutter
-Nernie for her great city mods and permission to use the Solitude part for merging
-InsanitySorrow for his numerous resources including Clutter Stuffs and Washing Stuffs
-Reaperrz for beta testing
-Wheeze, SureAI team and DoubleFelix for their Luftahraan assets
-Ousnious for providing the NifOptimizer to convert meshes to SSE
-Cabal120, FrankDema, th3wick3d, Witcher5688, CDProjectRed, Omesan and Tartaross for the Wanderer Cuirass
-FranklinZunge and all other modders cooperating for Common Clothes
-Inspiration for NPC names thanks to the FantasyNameGenerator website by Emily
-ArtaiosGreybark for genereal consultation and input on the mod description