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Aeonbarr For SE! Fully ported And Safe to Use.

Permissions and credits
I ported this mod to SE for personal use but now i have permission to upload it for SE.

it is fully Ported And Compatible With SE. All Meshes Optimized. Form ID Changed. And Esp In form 44.

1) Mod description and requirements

This is a summonable horse mod with a twist: a large variety of
customization options, and full compatibility with Convenient Horses.
This mod adds a spell that will permanently summon the unique horse,
Aeonbarr. Yes, there’s plenty of summonable horse mods out there (all
with their own strengths and weaknesses), but this mod has several
unique features that I hope will make it stand out, including full
Convenient Horses compatibility.
Read on for more information.
The mod requires SKSE and SkyUI.

2) What makes this mod different from other summon horse mods?

Here is a list of reasons I think this mod is, as far as I know, unique:

Reason 1: Full Convenient Horses Compatibility
Most summoned horses are not compatible with a lot of the features of
Convenient Horses. Aeonbarr is. This is because riding summoned horses
doesn’t usually make the game register the summoned horse as “your
horse”. This mod does (for more information on how this is implemented,
see the Q&A section below). This means you can make use of all the
features in Convenient Horses, allowing you to (amongst other things):

-         Customize Aeonbarr’s follower behaviour.
-         Customize Aeonbarr’s armor using the armors provided in Convenient Horses.
-         Customize Aeonbarr’s speed, health and stamina.
-         Access Aeonbarr’s inventory.
-         Make full use of auto-looting.
-         Use mounted actions, like talking to NPCs, harvesting ingredients and rapidly dismounting.
Reason 2: Aeonbarr’s Customization Options (with MCM)
Convenient Horses adds a lot of great customization option for horses. This mod
adds several more options that are unique to Aeonbarr. Here’s a list of
some of Aeonbarr’s features you can customize:

-         Skin color
-         Eye color
-         Eye glow color
-         Equipment (i.e. armor, armor color, armor material, e.t.c.)*
-         Whether or not to make Aeonbarr ethereal
-         Ethereal color
-         Speed**
-         Size
-         Damage resistance
-         Magic resistance
-         Falling damage resistance
-         Attack damage
* This mod adds several new armors. You can use armor permutations
included in this mod, and you can also use armors provided in the
Convenient Horses mod (provided you have Convenient Horses, of course).
** If you have Convenient Horses, it’s best to edit Aeonbarr’s speed using
the settings provided in the Convenient Horses MCM, not those provided
in the
Aeonbarr MCM.
Reason 3: Simplicity
Many summoned horse mods require multiple spells to summon multiple horses
and banish them. This mod includes just one spell, which you can use to
both summon and banish Aeonbarr. Furthermore, you can receive this as
either a conjuration spell with a magicka cost (good for mages), or a
lesser power with no magicka cost (good for warriors).
Reason 4: Immersion
This won’t be a big problem for some people, but for me, I find that
summoning unique named horses deserves a more unique process than buying
a tome from a vendor (Summoning Arvak, for example, requires a special
quest in the Soul Cairn). This mod fixes this problem. 

The ability to summon Aeonbarr is now a reward for a small quest called "The
Blacksted Legacy", which is included in this mod. During the quest, you
can also discover some of Aeonbarr’s backstory.
Another problem with immersion involves the spell casting process. If you’re playing an
immersive role as a warrior, for example, you might want to avoid spell
casting. This mod avoids this problem by allowing the player to summon
Aeonbarr with a lesser power with no magicka cost instead
of a conjuration spell. How you summon Aeonbarr (either a spell or a power) can be customized in the mod's MCM.
Reason 5: Backstory and personality
Being an individual horse with a small backstory, Aeonbarr has a bit more of a
personality to him than a generic summon in much the same way that
followers like Lydia and Serana have more personality than a summoned
I have made sure that Aeonbarr’s origins are mysterious so that individual players can form their own ideas of what
Aeonbarr is and where he comes from (I have hinted, however, that
Aeonbarr is more than just a normal horse). There are three books
included in this mod, all of which add some degree of backstory to

- “Alfred and the Unknown Huntsman”, a children’s story featuring Aeonbarr. This is also a skill book that will improve your block skill. This book can be found in Blacksted Barrow. It has also been added to the
list of randomly generated books, so you may encounter it elsewhere.

- “The Blacksted Legacy”, a scholarly book that speculates on the origins of Aeonbarr. Reading this book will initiate the quest, "The Blacksted Legacy", the reward for which is the ability to summon
Aeonbarr. Two versions of this book exist: one in Blacksted Barrow, and
one in Dead Man's drink.

- “Alben’s Notes”, a four-part account of the events surrounding the new quest, the Blacksted Legacy. Part 4 is found on Alben's corpse outside Blacksted Barrow; Parts 1-3 are in the Barrow itself.
Reason 6: Hotkeys
The following features can be assigned as hotkeys:

-         Summon/banish Aeonbarr. This can only be used when you are using Summon Aeonbarr as a Lesser Power
-         Mounted Banish – when used while riding Aeonbarr, Aeonbarr will be immediately banished, allowing for a rapid dismount
-         Mark and Return - use to travel around Skyrim instantly while mounted on Aeonbarr

Reason 7: No effect on summon count

Another problem with summoning horses in most mods is that it counts towards
your summon count. In other words, you have to choose between summoning a
fire atronach (for example) and a horse. This isn’t always a problem,
but for some it could be irritating. This is not the case in this mod.
Aeonbarr does not count towards your summon count.
Furthermore, you won’t have to worry about breaking immersion by summoning two
Aeonbarr’s if you have the Twin Souls perk. Aeonbarr is an individual,
and you can only summon one of him at a time.
3) How to summon Aeonbarr

The ability to summon Aeonbarr is granted to the player as a reward for the
newly added quest, “The Blacksted Legacy”. To begin this quest, head to
Blacksted Barrow in western Falkreath (see the images above).
Alternatively, you can open the MCM menu and toggle the Complete Quest option. This
will automatically complete the Blacksted Legacy quest, even if you
haven't started it yet, immediately granting you the power to summon
Aeonbarr. The drawback here is that you miss out on the more immersive
aspects of this mod, but for some users this won’t be seen as a problem.

4) Important notes for those using Convenient Horses

If you are using the Convenient Horses (CH) mod, you should be aware of the following:

-It is highly recommended that you make Aeonbarr an essential character. If
you don’t, CH will remove Aeonbarr’s essential status, which could cause problems if he dies. I’ve added some fail safe scripts to
prevent any problems from arising, but it’s better to be on the safe

-To register Aeonbarr as “your horse”, thus allowing you to take full
advantage of all the features in CH, you will need to sit on him.

-There are two ways to customize Aeonbarr’s speed: with the Aeonbarr MCM (A MCM) and with the Convenient Horses MCM (CH MCM). You should use the CH MCM and set the A MCM speed value to 0.

-If you want to use the armors provided in the CH mod on Aeonbarr, you must
open up the A MCM and set Aeonbarr’s Equipment Type to Convenient Armor.