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Effectively disables Health Regeneration and overhauls food items to fill the void.

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Here's some things about me:

I don't like Health Regeneration. Or rather, I don't like getting back Health for doing nothing.
I love cooking and eating Food. Problem is that most foods in Skyrim are basically *really* awful Healing Potions that are also heavier.
I like the concept of "Needs" mods, but have no desire to babysit Hunger and Thirst Meters to the degree most mods require you.

Enter Stage Right: This Mod!

What Subsistence Does:

  • Health Regeneration is effectively disabled. (Reduced from 0.7 to 0.01)
  • Base Stamina Regeneration is lowered by 25%
  • Most Prepared Foods provide +1HP over a long Duration. (In reality, it's slightly lower than +1 due to Math Magic)
  • Many Prepared Foods increase Stamina Regeneration by 25% or More.
  • The effects of certain Vanilla Foods are buffed so as not to be pointless. (Braided Bread: Carry Weight +5 for 30 seconds? Really?)
  • All "Restore Stamina" effects on Food are replaced with "Fortify Stamina Regen" to work around the Infinite Power Attack exploit.

What Subsistence Does *Not* Do:

  • You are not Required to eat any food. There are no Meters that will kill you should they be left unsatisfied.
  • Food is *not* made a replacement for Potions or Magic. Food provides long-term support. Potions and Magic, as they do in vanilla, provide instant benefit and provide more powerful Fortifications.
  • Subsistence does not affect Magic Regeneration, because Magic is bad enough in Skyrim as it is.
  • Subsistence does not add or alter any Cooking Recipes

umably Asked Questions:

"Why is Health Regeneration not fully disabled?"

-Health Regen (Or Healrate) Is necessary for Heal-Over-Time Effects to function. Also, this means staying at an Inn still has a benefit besides the XP bonus.

"How do Regeneration Potions work in this Mod?"

-Potions of Regeneration act as powerful Heals-Over-Time for 30 seconds. The Max Quality Regen Potion is similar in effectiveness to the Argonian Histskin Power.

"Can't I still Wait for a couple hours and instantly Heal myself? Or just use the Default Healing Spell? What's the Point of this mod?"

-Self-Control is a Virtue. This mod is merely here to provide an effecient, and viable option for Out of Combat healing when Health Regen is disabled.

Leave a Comment for any reports of issues. Happy Cooking!