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You can gain more experience with eating foods.

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・You can increase your experience gain more and more with eating appropriate foods.
・Effects of increase skill experiences are asigned along types of foods.
・All effects has level (LV1 ~ LV3), Bigger level gives much more experience.

Carbohydrate (Bread, ash yam, sweetroll etc):Increase all skill experience slightly
Protein (Cooked meat):Increase skill experience of "One handed", "Two handed", "Block", "Archery", "Smithing"
DHA (Cooked salmon, clam etc):Increase skill experience of "Magic skill", "Enchanting", "Alchemy"
Milk protein (Cheese , milk etc):Increase skill experience of "Light Armor", "Heavy Armor"
Loyal jelly (Mead, honey etc):Increase skill experience of "Lock picking", "Sneak", "Pick pockets"
Vitamin (Vegetable):Advance health, stamina recover, and you gain resistance against disease. 
Alcohol:Increase skill experience of "Speech"

Buff effects continues for average 6 ~ 10 mins.

Some foods have multiple effects of skill experience.
ex:Honey nut treat has "Main meal [LV1]" and "Loyal jelly [LV1]"

Eating foods of same effect, same level, disable former effect.
You should eat various level foods to gain more experience buff.
ex :
Cooked Vension(Protein[LV2] ) + Cooked Beef(Protein[Lv2]) >  Protein[LV2]
Cooked Vension(Protein[LV2] ) + Peasant roast(Protein[Lv1])  >  Protein[LV2] * Protein[LV1] 

This MOD makes change in almost all food in Skyrim.