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Changes the music in Belethor's General Goods Store to be a short loop by Skyrim's composer Jeremy Soule, from a different game, as well as (optionally) changing Belethor and his assistant's outfits.

Permissions and credits
After finding out that the composer of Skyrim's soundtrack also did the music for one of my childhood games, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets for the PS2 I decided to make a mod using some of that music.
So here it is. Gambol and Japes Wizarding Joke Shop.

I loved the short loop that place had. It's so goofy while still feeling authentic. The somewhat distant sound it has really adds to the feeling that it's a silly store tucked away somewhere in Diagon Alley as well. 

[What this mod does]
The main file also changes Belethor's outfit to resemble that of the shop owner a little more, however the second file only changes the music.

(I didn't use the extended version, I just made the original 40 second version loop)

[Technical details]
Neither main file is ahead of the other, regardless of version number. (as long as it isn't marked as an old file)
Belethor also pays Sigurd to embarrass himself even more now, making him reluctantly wear part of the company's new uniform.
Since version 2.0 the full version makes it so they wear new, unique versions of their outfits, they are now unenchanted with new names.
Updating should be 100% safe, but if using the full version Sigurd and Belethor will wear their old version until resurrected with the console. If you don't plan on doing that, there's no point in updating.

  • It should be compatible with all mods, even music mods if you create a smashed patch. (or a bashed patch if you're using Wrye Bash, but if you are, you might want to check out Mator Smash. It resolves more conflicts. You might also want to keep an eye out for the author's upcoming zSmash.)
  • This mod changes the WhiterunBelethorsGeneralGoods cell and the main file also changes Belethor and Sigurd's references.
  • The clothing models in version 2.0 of the full version still point to the same ones, so any texture and model replacers will still affect Belethor and Sigurd.