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A Fix for the Stormcloak Hero Armoury Greatsword.

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Honestly guys I'll keep it short and sweet.

This a simple fix for the Stormcloak Hero Armoury Greatsword by Suran329, it basically gets rid of the massive shadow like sword that would appear above the great sword when drawn and sheathed....and do need the Stormcloak Hero Armoury mod:

Installs simple just unpack the .rar, drag and drop to your install folder and then overwrite the OG file of that name. Or use whatever mod installer you want...should work. ;) You will also need to use CC's to get hold of the sword still.

And before anyone says anything! I asked for permission from Suran329 but I've had zero response from them and that was like 2 months ago, so if your seeing this Suran329 i'm sorry if I've offended you by releasing the fix and if you want me to take it down, I completely understand. :)