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Symphonic Soundtrack adds (or replaces) over 3 hours of music across over 50 tracks composed specifically for Skyrim, blending seamlessly with the original game and original music

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The Symphonic Soundtrack features over 3 hours of new, original music composed by me. Each track was inspired by a corresponding track from the original soundtrack to ensure the music feels seamless and fits perfectly into the world.
There’s new music for almost everything (some of these categories overlap):
-a new main theme (Currently working on PC, but not Xbox)
-5 new scene and location-specific tracks (opening scene, Sovngarde, etc.)
-3 new castle tracks
-11 new general dungeon tracks
-4 new DLC location-specific dungeon tracks
-8 new general combat tracks
-4 new boss-specific combat tracks
-20 new general exploration tracks
-13 DLC location-specific exploration tracks for the Forgotten Vale and Solstheim
-5 new tavern tracks
-5 new town and 3 new town discovery tracks
This mod is available in two versions – Replacement and Extension. The Replacement version directly replaces music of the original, so you’ll only hear the new music. The extension version adds the new music but keeps the old, so you’ll hear both.
You can listen to the music here:
**About the Music**
I’ve been writing a series of symphonies based on tarot cards for a few years now. While this music was written specifically for Skyrim, I organized it into 2 symphonies (The Empress and The Emperor) to share elsewhere. After losing so much during the pandemic, I’m happy that I was able to create something productive. Most of this music was written in about 4 weeks across June and July of 2020.
This music is symphonic in the sense that more motifs are developed throughout many pieces. In my view, this infuses an extra layer of emotion as you hear the music develop throughout different tracks.
I love Jeremy Soule’s original soundtrack, and while I didn’t try to copy his style, I did use his work as a starting point. Many tracks sound similar to their original counterparts before developing into something new. Many tracks do take on a more overtly symphonic feel than the original soundtrack, but to my ears it is gradual and still fits within the game's style. It can be difficult to balance the old and the new, but I did my best!
While I cannot claim to be a professional and I wish to further improve my skills, I sincerely hope you enjoy the music.

Use vortex or manually extract to Skyrim/Data folder.

Not fully compatible with other music mods, but there is a potential workaround. Install the "manual Override" files into Skyrim/Data/Music - then my soundtrack will play instead of the vanilla soundtrack and another music mod that adds (but doesn't replace) music can be used on top of it. I don't know of a simple way to do this without replacing the vanilla music. I've done very limited testing with this method, but it seems to work so far. Also, this method doesn't delete any vanilla files, so uninstalling is relatively simple. 

**Other Details and Future Possibilities**
The palette music from the original has not been replaced. These pieces are typically less than a minute long – on the soundtrack, they were edited together into Skyrim Atmospheres – I do not have plans to recreate these at this time. Also, I did not write new music for certain types of tracks and sound effects (level up, death, word walls, generic location discovery, stingers, etc.). Again, these are so short and contextual that I don’t plan on creating new ones, but I might change my mind.
There is new original music for the locations in Dawnguard (the forgotten vale, castle, and soul cairn). I also included extra music for the Dragonborn DLC, but for now, it’s music from some of my previous projects, not new original music. For the time being, I felt this was appropriate since the music on Solstheim is from Morrowind. However, I may replace these with new compositions in the future.
In my testing, the volume seems fine on most tracks since I matched it to the original music. But, you may need to adjust the volume sliders in settings. If you encounter any volume issues, please leave a comment and let me know.  I'm new to modding, so I apologize for any trouble.