Skyrim Special Edition
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This is a semi-working paper map for Enderal SE (Unofficial Version) for whoever needs it.

Permissions and credits
It semi-works, meaning this mod will not move your personal marker into the Ark section of the map (lower left), however all other functionality is there.
It took a lot of trial and error to make but currently it pretty much works. More testing is needed however.

Some crashes may occur, but in my testing it happens rarely and I've been able to play from the intro to
Ark with only the occasional crash when opening the map.
The new update seems to have fixed all the crashing (for me), feedback is appreciated! Please tell me if you crash!

Requires Flat Map Markers
The paper map requires you to have both textures from Enderal: Forgotten Stories "E - Textures3.bsa" and from "L - Textures.bsa", "textures/map/" and "textures/map/", respectively.

Load this mod after all other mods to make sure nothing overwrites it or the map will not work.
The ESP file is needed to load the .ini needed for the paper map, with update 1.3 WorldMapWeather was added, if you don't have another mod that edits that weather and don't want the ESP file just add the section in "Enderal Map.ini" to your Skyrim.ini file.

Good luck, and have fun!