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Save game with the houses that are possible to acquire in level 1.

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Little savegame without mods (I hope so. I used profile creation from Vortex)

The player is level 1 and with some houses acquired. I completed some missions related to the house

- Honeyside - Riften 
  Missions: Helping HandThe Raid and Supply and Demand

- Proudspire Manor - Solitude
  Missions: The Man Who Cried Wolf and Elisif's Tribute

- Lake View Manor - Falkreath
  Missions: Just one "kill bandits" mission

- Windstad Manor - Morthal
  Missions: Laid to Rest

And what happen with the others houses? There are some reasons

- Breezehome: You need to do main missions.

- Vlindrell Hall: Need to do the mission Dungeon Delving available at lvl 20

- Hjerim: You need to advance the civil war. Text from UESP: Hjerim can be purchased having sided with either the Imperial Legion or Stormcloaks. Once allied with the Stormcloaks, the 'Battle For Fort Sungard' quest must be completed before Jorleif will make the house available for sale. However, if Falkreath Hold has been given to the Stormcloaks as part of Season Unending, it may be necessary to liberate Hjaalmarch before Jorleif will make this house available. If the Imperial Legion is chosen as an ally, then the defeat of the Stormcloaks is required before it is available to buy.

And do the most buggy mission from Skyrim Blood on the Ice 

- Heljarchen Hall: Need the quests Waking Nightmare and Kill the Giant (available at lvl 22)


- There is a mission to complete "Riften Thane". If you play without the "Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch" you will recieve a common enchanted weapon instead the "Blade of the Rift".

- There is an optional save with the mission Blood on the Ice completed.