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SkyrimVR too blurry? Feels like your character needs Lasik? Use this, turn down your supersampling, and install that graphics mod you've been eyeing but never had the headroom for.

Or maybe you're playing SE and want better sharpening without Reshade - this should help you too.

Permissions and credits

About a year ago AMD released an algorithm called Contrast Adaptive Sharpening (CAS) which respects local contrast, so it sharpens blurry parts of the image and has a lighter touch on parts that are already sharp. This is especially useful when a game uses TAA ( There's an open-sourced ReShade shader from Marty McFly here: (he deserves most of the credit for this!)

This mod is a conversion of that sharpener to ENB. It can be added on to almost any ENB to get that ENB's color grading and effects with a sharper picture.

I primarily made this for Skyrim VR, which has a really aggressive TAA filter that makes you feel nearsighted. (SkyrimVR supports ENB, but not Reshade). It could also be useful in Skyrim SE if you don't want to run Reshade on top of your ENB just for sharpening.

How to Use

  • This isn't a full ENB, it's just a (modular) shader, so you'll need to have an ENB installed already
  • Download the mod. Copy the enbeffectpostpass.fx and enbeffectpostpass.fx.ini files into your enbseries/ folder,
    overwriting the existing ones
  • Open ENB settings in the game
  • In the game, make sure to check "EnablePostpassShader" in the left column under "Effect". If you want the sharpener to be more/less aggressive, expand "Enbeffectpostpass.fx" in the right column and adjust the sharpness amount to your taste.
  • Optional but recommended: Skyrim VR users can squeeze some more sharpness out of the image by tweaking their TAA settings. Detailed guide here:

Compatibility Notes

  • This works with most ENBs since by default all they do in the postpass shader is blur+sharpen the image (and this shader is a better version of that for SkyrimVR).
  • The High Fidelity ENB from SGSRules also does sharpening by default. It's quite good too :) If you want to try my sharpener with it, disable its sharpener so you're not sharpening the image twice.

Q: I'm playing SkyrimVR, which ENB do you recommend?
A: The best setup I've found is the Luminous ENB + this sharpener. Detailed instructions here:

Q: My ENB preset has effects in enbeffectpostpass.fx that I want to keep, can I still use this sharpener?
A: You'd have to merge the code instead of replacing the whole file.


  • Boris Vorontsov for ENB
  • AMD and Marty McFly for CAS.fx
  • Cangar for feedback, and for publishing a setup using this sharpener with the Luminous ENB in VR
  • Parpinator for feedback, and proposing a clamp to reduce noise around foliage